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Week St Mary

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Devon memories

Richard Spry And Mary Palmer

Richard Spry and Mary Palmer married in Marhamchurch in 1825. In 1856, John Spry, their son married Grace Jewell. Two sons, Henry Jewell and William J. Spry were born there before the family emigrated to Ontario, Canada. John and Grace would have been my great-great grandparents...

Sharon Spry

Parish Chest

I have just come into part of the Parish Chest going back to the late 1600 and the 1700 for Marhamchurch Church. This is just under 50 documents and Identures, moving parishes and bastard children. In addition I have various Church books of committee meetings.
In addition there is a Marehamchurch book on highways with people's names and wages and repair costs etc.
These were found in a skip in 1974 being thrown out.
Some of the documents are in tatters but are readable and are ideal for family historians.
I have got them all onto the computer and propose to put them on CDs when I have sorted them out.

My School And Village Life Memories

In the 1970s I was a school girl at the old school building, in the 70s a small two classroom premises.  Those of us there, living in the village, were taught by the Head Mistress, my mother Mrs Jennifer Newport. My sister Naomi and brother Bruce were also there. Our school was small, and no more than 53 pupils from reception through to Year 6. It was primarily a farming community. Many of the young girls in the village belonged to a club called G.F.S. or Girls Friendly Society, run by senior village ladies overseen by Miss Jones. We were very much integrated into village life, and contributed to the Horticultural Clubs held at the Bray Institute. My happy memories include the floral dance and seeing the village queen crowned at the revel in August.  I was so excited one year to become one of the queen's maids.  My mother made the dresses, sitting up for hours patiently sewing on buttons and making them all to match.  The school later... Read more

St Genny's School

During the Second World War I was evacuated from Harrow and stayed with my relatives in Crackington Haven. I was only 6 years old at the time and went to St Genny's School for about 6-7 months before returning home. The headmaster at the school was Mr Bloomer, and his wife also taught there. If there is anyone who remembers me please email me at '' for the exchange of some memories.

Graham Ward  

Such Happy Memories.

The Beach c1960, Crackington Haven
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In 1941 when I was 10 years old we lost our home in the Plymouth blitz. Having been to Crackington before the war on holiday and staying at Baypark Farm (Mr and Mrs Coombs) we arranged to go there again. Living as holiday guests for any length of time was unsustainable so we very very fortunate to be able to share a bungalow with a wonderful couple (Mr and Mrs Henry Knight). Mr Knight was the local carpenter and undertaker. For a short while I attended a very small private school at Higher Crackington - Harvenna House. That didn't last very long so I then attended St. Gennys school until the end of the war. Mr Bloomer was the Head and his wife also taught there. They had two young daughters - I think Ruth and Christine, the younger one born while I was at the school. School dinners were cooked in the vicarage garage by Mrs Pearce and were transported up through the vicarage rose garden in a tea-chest... Read more

My Time at Penkenna House in 1973.

The Village c1955, Crackington Haven
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I lived in Penkenna House in 1973, for a few months. I was only about 8 or 9 years old then so I lived with my mum and dad and my younger brother and sister. I think the property was then owned by a Mr Whitehouse who lived in Bude. During the summer months the house was used as a bed and breakfast but during the winter months the property was let out for short term stays.

Whilst staying at Crackington Heaven I attended a two-room-house school, which I think was in Church Road. The school had an outside toilet and the school was next door to a church. The school was run by two old lady teachers, a Miss Francis and a Miss Lane. Miss Lane taught the older children in one room and the younger children were taught in another room by Miss Francis.

We used to travel to school by the local school bus which I think was a mini bus and was... Read more

Memories of 1943

The Beach c1960, Crackington Haven
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In 1943 at the height of the Second World War, I was an evacuee and I stayed with my relatives who lived in Crackingtom Haven. Although I was only 6 years old at the time I have vivid memories of the six months I stayed there. If there is anyone who remembers me and would like to exchange some memories please email me at ''

Graham Ward  

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