Wellington, High Street c.1960

Wellington, High Street c.1960

Neg. W45078

Memories of Wellington

Anna''S Outing To The Wellington Monument

I have driven up and down the M5 so many times and seen a monument on top of the Blackdown Hills.  Each time I passed I wondered what it was and so eventually I got hold of an Ordnance ...Read full memory

Stories Coming To Life.

What a find!! My great and great great grandparents lived in South Street, Wellington. I couldn't believe it when I had a closer look at this photo, on the right hand side of this there is a drapery shop and ...Read full memory


My memories of Wellington are ones of feeling very homesick. I went there in November 1940. I stayed at the Vintage Hotel. I believe Mr & Mrs Joseph were the proprieters and they were very kind to me. They had a daughter ...Read full memory

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Wellington's East Street was widened to become the High Street in the 19th century. The ornate, ballustraded Tone Libraries shop on the right was built onto the front of the old Swan Inn in 1907, and the Town Mills continued operating in the street until 1969.

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