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Whaley Thorns

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Nottinghamshire memories

School Days

I lived in Ridgeway, Langwith Junction. Mum would give me a shilling to go to the pictures matinee at the Empire on Saturday morning. It cost 7 pence to go in and 5 pence for sweets, it would be packed with kids, you coudn't hear the film for noise, but what fun. Then out of the pictures and up to railway loco on Eland Road to watch the wagons go up the tipper and emptied into the engines below. Then home, to put on old cloths and get swimming trunks on, a bottle of water, bread and drippimg sarnies and go up to the railway station, on to the bridge and watch trains go under the bridge, and we would stink of smoke. Then into the quarry for a swim, we would make a raft and dive in off it. There would be newts in the water and frogs, but we just played, ate our sarnies and had loads of fun.
Graham Launders

The Sad Day my Mamma Died

We, the family, had expected to be going to a wedding, as my Mamma had been a widow since she was 39 years. She was now 60 years old, she had two daughter Ethel and Emma, 15 years and 13 years, when their father died. She had met with Tom, who was a lovely man, and she loved him very much. The day started with me going off to school (the Hardwick Street Junior School). My mother was taking my Mamma to try on some dresses for her wedding at Alice Clarke's on Outram Street. They both found something that suited and had them put aside. They then went shopping to The Market and Co-op shop. On the way home they were going to call at Forest Lodge Council Office, to see about a bungalow they had been offered by the council, for Mamma and Uncle Tom to live in, he already had a council House near Willow Bridge Lane. My mother, father (Mr and Mrs R Beresford) and of... Read more

VGA Foodmarket

Worked at VG from 1969 to 1972. Mrs Rayner was the manageress and Wednesday night was scrubbing the floor night. Lovely place to work. Happy memories. Started nurse training at Mansfield General in January 1973.

Welbeck Colliery Village, Now Know as Meden Vale

My Grandparents moved to Welbeck Colliery Village about 1926, when my mother was 10 years old, and stayed in the same house at the bottom of Elkesley Road until they went into care in the 1970s.
My parents did their courting round Carburton Lakes in the 1930s and got married in Warsop Church in June 1945. I was born in January 1947, and my mother was stranded at her parents' house for a few weeks because of the snow with me sleeping in a drawer.
During the 1950s I sometimes went to Welbeck School for a week or two if my mother was ill. Grandma would turn my cold school milk into hot Horlicks, passing it through the railings as their garden adjoined the school playground.
We always spent Christmas at Welbeck, coal fires, side oven, saucepans on the fire, a cold pantry under the stairs with a "meat safe" (they didn't get a fridge until the mid-60s), a freezing cold outside toilet next to the enormous... Read more

Younger Days

I lived on Northfield farm in a tied cottage, the farm owner was Frank Wignall who sold it to Bill Sykes who I believe still lives there. I went to Robin Hood infant school, 3 of us had a taxi to take us to school every day. My best friend, David, lived in a terraced row along the riverside in Pleasley Vale. I remember the old man called Johnny who kept all the hedges in trim, everywhere seemed to be so clean, tidy and well kept.


When I was a teenager, staying with my aunt, she took me for a drive through Pleasley Vale and told me that her grandmother, Jane Sanderson, was born in one of the terraced cottages by the Mill. I recently went exploring to show my daughter the birth place of her great-great grandmother. The place was just as beautiful as I remembered it. I wonder if any of Jane Sanderson's descendents still live in the area. I have a large portrait potograph of her.


High Street c1955, Mansfield Woodhouse
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I can distinctly remember visiting Marsdens with my gran, she used to buy loose butter and loose lard, it was cut from a large block. Te guy who worked there had been there years, I think his name was Geoffrey. Greens shoe shop, where I was measured and fitted for new school shoes, was run by Mrs Green, that was the shop next door (the other side of the jitty). Pure simple times, pure memories.

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