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2 Weeks at Church Cottage

I believe it was 1974. I was invited to my friends wedding. She and her fiance had come to Canada to live and decided to go back to Whatcote to be married, and I was to be a bridesmaid. Two other friends went as well. What fabulous memories I have of those two weeks, getting to know the little town and the surrounding areas! What a country, a taste of the old world and a real delight to get to know the locals at the Royal Oak, where I was renamed 'Double Diamond Lil'. I did enjoy your beer. My favourite lunch was the Plowman's Lunch - loved it! I think a couple named Jack and Elaine were the owners then. I have their picture somewhere. My mind often goes back to that place. When I think about it, I think of the warm weather, the beautiful gardens, the unhurried way of life and the people. I recall picking flowers for the vases in the church for the wedding,... Read more

Warwickshire memories

Old School

I was a pupil at the old school and remember the Coronation well. My teacher was Miss Tate and the older pupils were taught by Miss Aires. I remember the maypole and the toilets. I remember the layout of the classrooms, and the garden on higher ground at the back, from where we could scrump apples. We lived on Fossway Cresent but I can't remember the house number, at the bottom of the garden was the pub. My farther worked for the council and he was the plasterer when the houses were built around 1952. I have spoken briefly to the present owners who also schooled there. I would love to meet up with my old school friends. My skype name is mackrel basher, look forward to meeting up some time. Dave Hines

A Wartime Nursery School in Newbold on Stour

In 1944 I was three and was placed in a boarding nursery in Newbold. It was managed/owned by Miss Crott (or similar) and her sister. It must have been a large house with a big garden. One day some American servicemen made a goodwill visit and gave all of us a piece of gum, probably to the horror of the Crotts. We all gave it a brief chew and swallowed this wonderful sweet and looked for more! All that is except for one girl who was aged about six and very sophisticated and knew grown up things. We all turned and watched as she chewed on and on. We stood learning and regretting! I ran away once or rather I walked through the gate and set off to my grandparents house in Moreton in Marsh. A policeman found me and I said what I was doing. He took me to his home where his wife and daughter fed me and gave me toys to play with. He then got a telephone... Read more

Mini Fishing

The Bridge c1960, Shipston-On-Stour
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I remember fishing here with our mini bottles. Catching minows with wine bottles with the bottom knocked out ( hard to find ). Remember once being trapped under these arches with the river rising and being surrounded by the cows that came down from the field. Very fond memories - shame kids don't get the chance these days to experience such things.     

Researching my Dad

The Bridge c1960, Shipston-On-Stour
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Hi, I'm trying to trace my dad's family history. He lived in Shipston on Stour and his mother was Patricia Lygo (nee Wheatcroft) and his father Charles Lygo. My dad's name was Richard Andrew Lygo born 1961. He had four brothers; Nicholas, Jonathan, Patrick, Christopher and a sister called Melanie. If anyone has any information, please could you share it. Thank you.

Happy Days

I lived at the Post Office/shop and went to the school which is now the village hall. Opposite us lived two Sicillian families both surnames were Parisi. I was friends with Giovanna, and it was the happiest time of my life; long days and evenings during the summer holidays roaming the village and fields especially by the lake which considering I was only about 8 years old at the time doesn't bear thinking about, you certainly couldn't do it these days! The other thing I vividly remember was Giovanna's dad kept pigs which he occasionally killed - I can still hear the terrible sqealling now! Her dad worked on a farm so we would go to the farmhouse with an enamel milk can to collect some milk, which I presume was part of his wages. Although I only lived there for 2 or 3 years I must have been there in 1960 because I remember going to someone's house to watch a new tv program called Coronation Street (presumably because... Read more

My Family

The Mansbridges were my great grandparents. My grandmother, Elizabeth M Card is buried in the church yard and lived for many many years in the thatched cottage just outside the church gates. I spent many holidays there as I only lived in Lighthorne. The cottage was sold by the estate for £12500 and was originally bought by a BA pilot and his wife who modernized the cottage and bought next door (Mansbridge residence) - they found a bedroom that had been sealed up that noone knew about for many years, in my grandmother's. No pub, just a post office and stores run by Mrs Venville. The Hunts had a farm towards the fosse end on the same side as the P O. My cousin, Alan, was seeing the daughter at one time (she was stunning). The school was still open then and the Wakeleys lived opposite. Down towards the Broad well lived the Adams' and Bill Sturdy a keen gardener. I was always told to stay away... Read more

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