Windsor, Castle c.1960

Windsor, Castle c.1960

Neg. W111301

Memories of Windsor, Castle c1960

Aerial View Windsor Castle 1960

This is the view you get from your plane as it circles to land at Heathrow Airport. It is awesome from this height and seems to go on forever.

A memory of Windsor by Carolyn Babin

Memories of Windsor

Eton Side Bridge House Hotel 1937

I believe this is still in operation as a hotel, to the left are the boathouses where the Eton rowing club was housed.

A memory of Windsor by Carolyn Babin

Castle From Eton Boathouses 1929

Still hadn't changed by the 1960's.

A memory of Windsor by Carolyn Babin

Back To Windsor

I've been here - to this very spot, with the precious women of my life - my Mom when I was a child, and with my children when they were women.  How can it be that it looks exactly the same in 1890, 1971 and 2001?  I can feel the cool brick under my hand, and see the flowers over the edge.  I wanted to jump down ...Read full memory

A memory of Windsor by Kelly Mitchell

To Kelly With Love

Windsor Castle, such precious memories come to mind when I think of this place. It connects me to the people I love, and even though they're gone now - the feelings, the thoughts, their presence is real and tangible when I'm there. What a great gift England has given me.

A memory of Windsor by Kelly Mitchell

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