Windsor, Castle Hill 1937

Windsor, Castle Hill 1937

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Memories of Windsor

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I've been here - to this very spot, with the precious women of my life - my Mom when I was a child, and with my children when they were women.  How can it be that it looks exactly the same in 1890, 1971 and 2001?  I can ...Read full memory

A memory of Windsor by Kelly Mitchell

To Kelly With Love

Windsor Castle, such precious memories come to mind when I think of this place. It connects me to the people I love, and even though they're gone now - the feelings, the thoughts, their presence is real and tangible when I'm there. What a great gift England has given me.

A memory of Windsor by Kelly Mitchell

Brunel's Railway Bridge 2004

Still in use 2010 - a great example of his work.

A memory of Windsor by Carolyn Babin

My Dad

My dad's uncles purchased a horse and cart with their gratuity from WWI and travelled from Cippenham to the market in the Guildhall. They sold crockery they bought from barges on the Grand Union canal direct from the Potteries, you ...Read full memory

A memory of Windsor by Dave Hill

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