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Going to The College

Denbighshire Technical College c1965, Wrexham
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I recall attending this college from 1964 to 1968 first on a secretarial course, "O" levels course and finally a National Diploma course which got me into the University of Manchester. I remember a Mr Bunn (I think that was his name) being a head of department and Bob Watkins being an inspirational English teacher. I also recall PE with a Mr Griffiths which I hated. Went to night school there to study Accounting. The food there was pretty rough too. Anyway, educationally it offered a way to progress and I am very grateful for all that the Tech gave me and enabled me to do and achieve.

My First Home

High Street From Winstay Arms 1895, Wrexham
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I remember York Street very well, Saturday night people rolling out of The Ship pub singing for all their worth, I was a child of only 3 years. We left there when I was 4 years old that's why I can be so exact about the year. Sunday morning peering through the window loving every minute of the Salvation Army band. We lived 3 storeys up at 21 York Street and we shared outside toilets with the Chinese who ran the laundry downstairs. A friend and I used to play on the church steps and we never came to any harm... very happy days.

Wrexham Dairies. 1960-1970

Denbighshire Technical College c1965, Wrexham
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Dear Sir, my uncle, Billy (William) Ellis) used to own Wrexham Dairies. I used to come to stay with him and his wife (Auntie Flo) when they lived at 8 Pant Olwen in Gresford. Many a time I have been out with my favourite lorry driver collecting and delivering the milk churns to and from farms in the area, I also helped a guy called Santa make the Cheshire Cheeses at the dairy which I think was in Pandy, ( you used to be able to see the name Godwins, from the Wrexham bypass. Godwins of Liverpool took over the dairy). My grandfather, Algernon Smith, was a professional photograher in Wrexham. I had an aunt who lived in Rossett, they looked out on to the railway. She was married to a Jimmy Farmer Boydall. After divorcing him, she lived at Gresford for about 10 years, then she met and married an ex Archdeacon & they later lived at Berriew, nr Welshpool. I would like to know if any one... Read more

Happy Birthday

Hand Inn 1895, Wrexham
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My grandmother's sister, Eveline Mabel Massey was born at The Hand Inn, Town Hill, Wrexham on 20th May 1901 to Thomas and Emirrah Massey. Thomas was the hotel manager according to her birth certificate.
Just realised that's 111 years ago today!

My grandmother was born 2 years later at The Woolpack Inn, Llangollen where Thomas was the innkeeper.

BAKERY Department.

Denbighshire Technical College c1965, Wrexham
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I attended the Bakery Department Denbighshire Tech. from 1960 to 1962. Mr Nash and Mr Hawkins were the tutors. I went to the Tech rather than getting a job in a bakery because my Youth Employment officer said I was too small for bakery work and needed to gain weight and strength! I won the Burton cup and the Renshaw cup during my time there. I can remember all my classmates but not all their names! Tom Dooley gave me a ride back to Ellesmere Port with my big silver cup on his scooter! Wild ride! I remember a girl with tight curly hair called Angie, also Gwyneth, Brenda, Mike, John Ptitchard, and Donald Mac Master from Rhyl where I worked 2 holiday jobs and lived at his house (his dad was the local vet), he had a sister called Margaret. I remember vividly the big red dragons on the tiles up the staircase at Tech. The Queen visited Wrexham one year and we made the cakes for the... Read more

Opposite The Majestic Cinema

Brynyffynnon Wesleyan Church 1895, Wrexham
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I remember this beautiful church standing opposite the Majestic cinema with the church hall to the right & St Marks steeple behind. Tragically torn down to make way for an ugly row of concrete shops! Typical Wrexham!


The Cemetery 1895, Wrexham
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This is actually the chapel in the Ruabon Road cemetery used until about 1995 for burial services.

Convent High School. Grosvenor Road.

The school was in fact three buildings. The convent itself, the house next door and the main school in Gerald? Street. There was also a large prefab type building in the grounds that housed Sister Marie Claires Business Class and the Assembly Room. My memoires are of the smell of polish in the Convent, the silence. The top two forms were in this building. The Nuns chapel was here, the only time we were allowed in was to say a prayer before we entered the school certificate exam rooms! Memories of Sister Salome veil allying, playing Hockey on the field, near to where Aston Hall was. As we shared this field with Grove Park Boys school we were at long last allowed to wear shorts for games instead of tucking our gym slips into our large brown knickers! Thoughts of the terrifing Miss Costello (Latin and English) and tiny Sister Oswald who would rather let you help her make 'charity sale goods' than teach you music,... Read more

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