Memories of Bargoed

The Y Graig Junior School Bargoed

I attended the Y Graig Junior School that was in Llancayo Street in Bargoed from September 1976 to July 1980. The head master at that time was Mr Borrot. I started off in Mrs Williams class and I can still remember the pupils in my class! I can also still remember Mr Nicholas, Mr Tim Jones, Mr Ashton, Mrs ...Read full memory

A memory of Bargoed by Andrew Dexter

The Cameo Cinema Bargoed

I grew up in the Bargoed area, in Cardiff Road to be precise! It was Gladestone Villa which is now known as the Parc Hotel or Reds. My parents were divorced and my mam and I lived with my grandparents there. Every Saturday my father used to come to see me and take me out to places, one of them was the Cameo Cinema at ...Read full memory

A memory of Bargoed by Andrew Dexter

A Child Was Born In Bargoed

Born on the 15th April 1950 in my grandparents front room in Bristol Terrace I didn't realize until now what we had in those " good old days". I am a self made millionaire but I would trade all what I have now for those wonderful days of living in the Rhymney valley . Memories you ask for and here are just some of ...Read full memory

A memory of Bargoed by rthomas

East View And Munich

I lived at East View, Number 31 with Edgar and Myfannwy Howells from 1955 onwards. They were my aunt and Uncle. They looked after me when my parents died when I was 5 years of age. East View was a great street to be brought up in. Parents didn`t want kids in their homes during daytime. They were too busy cleaning coal ...Read full memory

A memory of Bargoed by dave

South Bargoed Infants.

I started at South Bargoed Infants School in Park Crescent in Bargoed in September 1973. It was just a two minute walk away from where I lived at Gladstone Villa in Cardiff Road. Mrs Owen was the head mistress and I remember one of my first teachers, Mrs Jean Morgan. I also remember Mrs Vera Davies, sadly she died in ...Read full memory

A memory of Bargoed by Andrew Dexter

The Friend I Never Knew

I hope this doesn´t distress anyone - that is not my intention, but does anyone recall the name of the young boy from east view who shot himself ? The reason I ask is, that for many years I lived and played there and hung out with him now and again down Bridge Street, but I never remember his name for the life of me. ...Read full memory

A memory of Bargoed by Jack Hayward


I lived at Gilfach Street during the 70s+80s and remember all the fun + games we had. Some of the most happiest days of my life and I met a very good friend Biily Macauliffe from New Tredegar. I wonder where he is these days and would love to hear any details of where I may find him now that I am back livng in Cardiff area. Well Taffs Well to be precise.

Bargoed Hall Bargoed

Does anyone remember the doctor at Bargoed Hall? First it was Dr Thomas E Richards and then later his son, Dr Arthur Richards who died in 1970. My husband used to visit his great grandma at Bargoed Hall in the 60s when he was a very small boy. He says Bargoed Hall (to him) was huge, dark and scary. His great grandma ...Read full memory

A memory of Bargoed

School In Llancayo St

My sister and I moved into my nan's (Mrs A Morgan ) in 1972 to 1976 and remember the school well, we have a lot of happy memories living in Llancayo Street in the 1970s, it was a nice place to live then and there was plenty to do.

A memory of Bargoed by Glenis Skelton

The Lakes Coffee Shop Deri Bargoed

Friday the 8th of April, 1984. The day I met the actor Jon Pertwee when he opened the visiting centre in Deri. I arrived around 10.30 am, the weather was dreadfull, raining, typical,..and Jon Pertwee was 90 minutes late! There were a load of people there and some obvious 'Doctor Who' fans, one dressed in ...Read full memory

A memory of Bargoed by Andrew Dexter

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