Old Maps of Bargoed

Historic Maps of Bargoed and the local area.

I lived at 92 west st with my grandparents Nellie and moses board.and my brother Adrian,My name is Andrew Jenkins. I Was born in 1947 and grew up in the 1950s I have a lot of memories of going up the mountain,up the park.to the swimming pool in summer.the lads Brian Evans,Lionel Jones.Peter Griffiths,Laurence Brobyn,and the schooldays. And we walked everywere,such good days.

My father, Tom Wesley Upjohn (1921-1995) also remembered going across the road to the farm for a jug of milk and sometimes eggs . He died more than 20 years ago but a few months ago I heard he may have fathered a boy before he married my mother. He and his family lived in John street. He became a submariner in the second (...Read full memory)