Memories of Barnsley

Barnsley Girls High School 1962 1967

I was a student at BGHS an all girls school but I met my best friend /boyfriend at a family night held at the school for our respective sisters and other classmates. They had been on a school trip to Switzerland and we (the families) were being treated to a slide show of their trip. My daily walk to and ...Read full memory

A memory of Barnsley by Sharon Potts

Barnsley Bus Station 1955

This photo is taken from the old Court House Railway Station at the bottom of Regent Street, the only railway station in this country to have that name. There was a stone viaduct following this plate girder bridge, entrance to the goods just where the man is walking. There was a newsagent under one of the arches ...Read full memory

The Wire Trellis

I was something of a naughty boy back in those years: there were four of us young lads who were to bus it to Barnsley from Royston where we were barely old enough to go sampling Barnsley Bitter. If we were sixteen let alone eighteen we went into the pub which was where the In-door Market stands. although the Landlord asked ...Read full memory

The Coronation.. Memories From Wombwell.

My twin sister and I were recalling the day of the Coronation all those years ago. Jane and I were 8 years old. That morning we walked to Diggle's gargage next to the Co-operative on Hough Lane. We were' allowed' to watch the Coronation through a big window at the front of the house/building. It was ...Read full memory

School Days At Barnsley Girls High School

I remember travelling by bus from Wombwell to Barnsley Bus Station to go to school, I then had to go through town past the Town Hall and up to the top of Huddersfield Road where Barnsley Girls High School was situated. I met lots of new people there and made friends with a few, one of them was ...Read full memory

Paper Trail

Lundhill is a steep hill that leads into Royston, where the Monkton coking plant lies. Just at the side of Lundhill was Monkton Row, it was to be demolished in the 1980s. But before then a big flat bed lorry failed to take the corner of the hill and ploughed into the wall - there was hardly any give in the wall because there was ...Read full memory

‘Barnsley Beauty’ – The Re Discovered Ancestry Of A Violin!

‘BARNSLEY BEAUTY’ – THE RE-DISCOVERED ANCESTRY OF A VIOLIN! from KEN SILVER Since my early years as a music teacher in the district of Hunslet Carr, South Leeds in about 1970 I have been - thanks to the kindness of a ‘mystery’ caller at my school, the owner of a violin bearing, ...Read full memory

A memory of Barnsley by ken.silver

Wrights Chemist / Goodworths Bread Shop

Most of my working life, to this day I have walked daily down Market Hill. In the 1960s I worked at Wrights chemist. I remember Guest's provisions shop, very classy, wonderful smells of fresh coffee. I remember Goodworth's bread shop, where you could buy real, 'proper bread.' It was difficult to get the ...Read full memory

A memory of Barnsley

Memories Of Childhood

I also queued in the shop for bread with my gran. Can anyone remember going in the public hall for dinner and Raynors cafe? Ooh, those pies...

A memory of Barnsley by Jenny Cave

Barnsley Town Hall 1955 The Year I Started To Work There.

I was two weeks short of my 16th birthday, when I started work in the motor tax office which was situated in Barnsley Town Hall. Although we were employed by the Borough Treasurer's Deptment, we were an agency for the Ministry of Transport we reimburse our wages to Barnsley CBC. I ...Read full memory

A memory of Barnsley by Mary Lipscombe

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