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Let's get sentimental

February is the month of St Valentine's Day, and all things romantic! This post features photographs from The Francis Frith Collection, and some memories triggered by the photographs, all about love, romance and courtship.

My first love was Susan Sainty who, at this time, lived in London Road, Kings Lynn with sister Alison, and mum and dad. Her gran lived in Cley and the family probably had the chalet bungalow in West Runton at the time. We met at Kings Lynn tech in about 1963 /1964 and I was heartbroken when we parted in about 1965. I married in 1968 to Angela Pattison and we have two children and currently 4 grandchildren and we are still together after over 44 years. Sue and I went down to West Runton beach once when we were young and a Sand Martin scored a direct hit on me which I thought must be lucky. I have often wondered what happened to Sue and hope that she has been very happy. I am 70 now and it does not seem possible.

Photo: West Runton, Roman Camping Site c.1960.
Memory: An Old Flame

Photo: Oxford, View On The Cherwell 1906.

These are the cottages where my first "love" lived her name was Barbara and I had a school boy crush on this lovely young lady in my early teens.
I also fell off my bike just round the corner of this bridge and grazed my knee!

Photo: Water End, The Village c.1955.
Memory: First Love

Photo: Dorchester, Hangman's Cottage 1913.

I am just looking this picture of St Mary's Church and tears are coming to my eyes as I remember the wonderful wedding that I had in this church. I am from Greece but as I fell in love with this lovely girl from Littlehaven I came to England in 1997 and I got married to her.
But what shall I say? Our marriage didn't work out as she was only 17 years old and I was a foreigner and only 25 years old. We got divorced in one year's time, but I have never forgotten her, neither have I forgotten this lovely place, Horsham.

Photo: Horsham, St Mary's Church 1929.
Memory: I Was Married In St Mary's Church In The Year 1997

Photo: Bolton Abbey, Couple By The Abbey c.1886.

I met my wife Lorna on Broadway while she was shopping there with a couple of friends in January 1950. Seeing the picture of Broadway brought back many memories. Our first date we went to the cinema near the Clock Tower and saw 'The Captain and Mrs Muir'. We were married in Dartford in December 1953 and sailed for the USA a few days later and have lived here for the past 58 years.

Photo: Bexleyheath, The Clock Tower c.1950.
Memory: Romance On Broadway

Photo: St Mary's, Flower Farming, Daffodils c.1891.

What happy times, on holiday with my parents and my brother Ray in a little caravan site just down this road over looking the Creek itself.
Next door to us 3 lads from Birmingham had come to stay, us being from Surrey it was quite amusing to hear them talk.
I was just 15 when Derek asked me if I could go for a ride on his motorbike. My dad went to talk to him, as they did in those days.
We went off to the ferry and went over to the other side and spent a day motoring around, my heart filled with the love that has lasted 45 years.
Derek & I married in 1967 in Guildford then moved shortly after to Birmingham and now to Worcester where we have two lovely sons and 5 grandchildren, Joshua, Jack, Matthew, Eadie & Iris.
They say that holiday romances do not work! We went back down last year to have a look at the area and remember the good old days.

Photo: Hayling Island, Creek Road c.1960.
Memory: This Is Where I Met My Husband....

Photo: Eastbourne, From The Wish Tower 1925.

Published on February 8th, 2017.

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Join the thousands who receive our regular doses of warming nostalgia!
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