Memories of Bursledon

Bursledon, The Hospital

I do not think this ever was a hospital in the usual sense.  I am pretty sure it was a house called Brixedene (Brixedone?) in Blundell Lane, owned and lived in by a family called Thistlethwaite. During the war it was a children's home, although I do not know anything about who it was run by and I think after the ...Read full memory

Mother Nursed There

I think this was the first year I can recall of my Mother being a nurse there. When she worked nights sometimes I stayed in the room on the top floor. She worked there for many years until it closed, sadly. It was for children who were recovering from various problems and sometimes as what we would now call a hospice. ...Read full memory

A memory of Bursledon by Roy Joseph

Vague Memories

I was in the Bursledon Hospital twice, first in 1949 and again in 1950. I was remitted there from the Childrens Hospital in Southampton; I was only 5 or 6 years old and have only vague memories of my visits. However, 2 things have stuck in my mind. I lay in a ward that was directly behind the steps shown in the photograph ...Read full memory

A memory of Bursledon by Dudley Hicks

Bursledon Hostital

I was here in approx November 1965 after having Rheumatic Fever. I remember being in a ward which was second on the right off the great entrance hall where we ate and if good were allowed to watch telly some evenings. I recall watching Batman there! I think it was a ten bed ward with a large cot in the bay window. The ...Read full memory

My Time In Bursledon Hospital

I was in this hospital as a patient at 10 years old - I dont know why. I went to school there with numerous amounts of children. I remember my bedroom was on the ground floor, just as you walk in the front door on your right, about 10 of us shared this room. I recall another ward at the back of the house ...Read full memory

My Home For 7 Years

This is just how I remember the hospital which I first went into in 1955 and stayed in for 7 years. It was a marvellous place and I have many memories from those days including a visit by Billy Smarts Circus, taking my 11 plus on my own in an upstairs room, being close to death and wheeled into the hall to be more ...Read full memory

Watts Sea School

On leaving school, at fourteen years of age, I received basic training at a wartime school established by Captain O M Watts, of the well known ship chanderly firm. The school was based at Old Bursledon and its main function was to train army officers of the War Department fleet in seamanship, navigation and stevedoring. ...Read full memory

A memory of Bursledon by Roland Drake

Bursledon Railway Bridge

This picture is of the railway bridge over the Hamble, looking up stream from the road bridge which carried the A27 over the river. A little way to the right of where this picture was taken was the Red Lion Inn. I remember watching steam trains crossing the bridge on trains from Brighton/Portsmouth to ...Read full memory

A memory of Bursledon by Roger Pols

Houseboats In The Picture Of Bursledon Bridge

In the photo are several houseboats and yachts moored up to the bank on the LHS of the picture; I used to live on the large white motor torpedo boat (when she was moved from the Hamble to the River Itchen). She was originally called 'S-8', later 'Sea Horse/Hippocampus' on the River Hamble and ...Read full memory

A memory of Bursledon by Tim Deacon

Here Around 1979/80

I stayed here when i was around 7 years old so around 1980 (could be 79). i was on the ground floor in a room facing lawns which had open doors on to the patio with six or 7 others. upstairs was for teenagers with which we couldn't go up there. i was there for around three months and it was a fantastic time and the staff ...Read full memory

A memory of Bursledon

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