Selby, Gowthorpe 1901

Selby, Gowthorpe 1901

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Memories of Selby


I remember the allotments. My brother and I would have been 3 or 4 years old and we used to go walk round them with my Gran. We loved to run along the paths and turn on the taps ! I remember being taken to see a man called Paercy feed his pigs on bakery left-overs. I remember some piggies happily chomping their way through old Fruit Pies!

A memory of Selby by Katharine Hope

Fear And Joy At Flaxley Road School

I experienced the scary Miss Reid but none, in my opinion, was worse than Mr Perry and his cane. I was hauled in front of the class for being an exhibitionist which I swear thwarted any confidence I had for many years. Others fared worse. To counterbalance these experiences though, I had fantastic ...Read full memory

A memory of Selby by Jackie Ferguson


I was a pupil here from 1960 to 68. Who can add to the following list of teachers? Mr Crossland (headmaster) Mr Taylor Mr Perry Miss Atkinson Miss Read (everyone was affraid of her) Miss Booth (she was not a teacher, but was loved by everyone) Miss Wormold

A memory of Selby by Pete Jones

School Days

mr womersley,,,, Mr Beryle oops

A memory of Selby by Steve Kirby

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