Selby, Gowthorpe 1901

Selby, Gowthorpe 1901

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Memories of Selby


I had forgotten that the buses used to use the area in front of the abbey as a terminus. I lived in Selby from my birth in 1954 until 1972. I frequently caught a bus from the corner of Buller Street & Flaxley Road to school on Abbotts Road. Most of the buses in Selby were green, but the East Yorkshire buses were a regal shade of dark blue with a cream stripe.

A memory of Selby by Pete Jones

Childhood Memories

I have now settled in the south of Lincolnshire, I've lived here for 45 years, but I still consider it to be my home town. I visit my Aunty Betty whose lived there all her life, I've listened to the stories my father tells me of his childhood days of cycling to Drax grammar school, which I believe was quite some distance. My ...Read full memory

A memory of Selby by jonmurphy928

School Days

mr womersley,,,, Mr Beryle oops

A memory of Selby by Steve Kirby

Burial Ground

I remember going into the ground that was the orchard before the car park was built and as young boys did back then, played in the muck, finding bones all over. Eventually it was found to be a quaker burial ground..errrrr. My grandma, Mrs Fletcher used to live in the end house on Audus Street opposite the Bradshaws -I went to school with Greg.

A memory of Selby by Mick Milestone
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