Selby, Gowthorpe 1901

Selby, Gowthorpe 1901

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Memories of Selby

Used To Live Here

My mum and dad ran this pub before we moved to Canada.  I have lots of great memories.

A memory of Selby by Ian Storr

Yes I Remember

Yes I remember the 'shops' well. I lived on Buller Street and went to Flaxley Road ("Council") School before going on to 'the Grammar School" in 1968. I remember  the Co-Op on the corner of Kitchener St and Flaxley Road, ...Read full memory

A memory of Selby by Les Page

Clock Cafe

I remember the Clock Cafe. It was a favourite. Mum used to take me there as a child. The fireplaces were huge and had oodles of brasses hanging everywhere. The tables were large and had big chairs around them. The waitresses wore ...Read full memory

A memory of Selby by Nadean Simmons

School Days

mr womersley,,,, Mr Beryle oops

A memory of Selby by Steve Kirby

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