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Rock And Roll Years

Northolt Road c1965, South Harrow
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I lived in South Harrow from birth in 1945 in 125 Roxeth Green Avenue. I attended Roxeth Hill primary school until failing the eleven plus and then went to Lascelles Secondary Modern. Not the best of pupils although I was in the A stream. Hated school and was caned all the time or was in the corridor for my sins. I just wanted to work and had a few jobs; paper rounds, helping the milkman and working in South Harrow market, firstly in the record stall and then in the lower greengrocers. Can only remember Ron and Albert (2 of the 4 brothers who owned it), worked full time during the summer of 1960. We played in the fields of Grange Farm mostly and in Dudley Rd with the Rulton family. The lido or swimming pool was one of my favourite places. Dancing was above Burtons in Harrow, dances in schools where we saw Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, a first. There are so many memories. I have been trying... Read more

South Harrow

I lived at 61 Eastcote Ave from 1942 when I was born. I went to Welldon Park primary school and helped Mr Goodhead count the dinner money each day. I also joined Mr Locks woodwork group after school, this was special as you had to be chosen. I failed my 11plus, my mother arranged for me to go to St Thomas's school in Stanmore. When not at school, me and my friends would spend time in Roxeth Park, later going over the fence and playing on the railway lines and hiding in the tunnel when the trains come through, stupid. We would often walk to Northolt airport to watch the planes, and going to Ruislip Lido and trying to get in without paying. I had a paper round at Strachmans, which was near the primary school and Harris's where I got my hair cut. I also worked at Harry stores in the market and later in their shop in Norholt Rd. The shops I remember, Sellandbys records both in the... Read more

Arthur Gardiners Mans Shop

I worked as a Saturday boy in Arthur Gardiners in the mid 1970's. Across the road was a dry cleaners run by a guy called Rudi, who employed a beautiful blond girl called Lisa, who also worked Saturday. On the corner between the shop and Woolies was a green grocer who used to spend all day shouting out his prices. There was a cake shop called Garners where we used to get cream cakes to have with our tea. Working with me was; Cliff Marsden, Norman, Sidney the tailor, and Morris. Up the road was Sellanby records with their distinctive yellow bags who moved from the far side of the bridge to a shop next to the bus stop by the station. The corner shop near the crossing was Fine Fair, where my mum did some temp work for Birds Eye. Ketts was on the corner with their TV's in the window. A small crowd would gather on Saturday to look through the window to try and see the football... Read more

Cafe on Northolt Road And Robert Shipley

Northolt Road c1965, South Harrow
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Hello my name is Lee Shipley. I'm looking for any info on my grandad Robert Shipley who worked in a cafe on Northolt Road in South Harrow in the 1950s. If you have any info on him please could you email me at: Thankyou.

Rocking in The 60s

Northolt Road c1965, South Harrow
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On the left of the photo is Woolworths, above which were flats - including one where the rock star/ wannabe MP Screaming Lord Sutch lived for a while. Another Rocker lived in South Harrow - Johnny Kidd (and the Pirates). I used to live just off Corbins Lane. St Pauls Church built a church hall in a lane that went off Park Lane. This was a venue for local bands (called "The Void"), including a group of young men who played quite loud and called themselves "The High Numbers", people would say "The Who?" and so they changed their name. As they became more famous they moved to a more regular venue a few miles up the Road, The Station pub at Harrow and Wealdstone station. Back in South Harrow a pub nearby, the "Tithe Farm" also hosted live bands and I remember going to hear Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band there.

In Harrow on the Hill the Arts school ("Harrow Art" ) had dances with bands like... Read more

Stanley Road

Northolt Road c1965, South Harrow
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I lived at number 90 Stanley Road from 1964 until 1985. My dad worked at the Gas Board at the top of the road where the gas holder always seemed to dominate the skyline. Although it was an ugly building it was part of South Harrow and I think a few people were sad to see it taken down. Not many people knew that it was a nesting site for a pair of kestrels and they nested there since I was a kid until they pulled it down.
I can remember when they built Brember Road and knocked three houses down to make the new road and built industrial units round the back. The market was always an exciting place to go as kids and most of the market traders knew us and our parents. At the top of the road was an old antique shop called the Brass Monkey and I think Grahams the sweet shop was opposite. Just further down under the railway bridge was Toy Craft Seventy... Read more

Northolt Road

Northolt Road c1965, South Harrow
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I lived at 99 Northolt Road from my birth in 1954 until approx. 1961. My grandfather, Walter Taylor had a cafe there although it was closed when I lived there with my parents & grandparents. My grandmother was Florence taylor and she ran the cafe in the market for many years. I remember well some of the other stall holders, Henry at the fish stall, Brummy at the handbags etc. Grandad used to go to The Three Horseshoes which was opposite the house and I remember going to the rec to watch the steam trains. I and my Mum before me went to Miss Parnell's school in Corbins Lane. Only 2 classes - upstairs & downstairs . Sadly, when I last visited in 1996, little of the area around 99 was left and the school was gone.

Stanley Road, South Harrow

Northolt Road c1965, South Harrow
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I lived with my foster family in Stanley Road South Harrow, during the war. Our house backed on to the gas works and I always wanted to climb the gasometer which I did eventually with a friend from across the road.
At the top of Stanley Road were all the usual local shops. Peacheys the grocer where we collected our rations and where I would take back empty jam jars and collect a farthing for a small one and a ha'penny for a big one. The fish and chip shop near by would sell a haporth of chips and give away batter bits to any hungry child that asked for them. I would get my hair cut in the barbers at the back of Hatherly's paper shop where I would also pick up a comic each week. At first it was Micky mouse and then either the Dandy or the Beano until I started to get the Hotspur. We children would carry comics to our friends and ask if... Read more

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