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The Mining Industry Abercynon Colliery

The Colliery c1955, Abercynon
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I worked under ground at Abercynon Colliery from 1951 until 1953. I worked on the coal face in the "S" district, a five foot coal seam which was about 100 yards in length and which had a slight gradient. I also worked on the roadway in the "F" district constructing the roadway which followed up with the coal seam. My Buddy who I worked with on the road construction in the"F" district (and old enough to be my father in those days),was a Gwyn Jones from Carnetown, Abercynon. I think he lived in Park Street. Back then there were no pit baths, so we had to bathe at home in the old faithful tin tubs which every household was in possession of. I attended the school of mines located at Pontypridd, one day a week for two years, studying mining and chemical engineering. Unfortunately, in those days, there was very little alternative employment other than the coal mines. The work was hard and dangerous. ... Read more

Visiting Abercynon as 8 yr Old

Clock Tower c1955, Abercynon
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I remember visiting Abercynon as a small child. Taken there by my mother to the house of Uncle Benjamin Jones. Having just turned 70 and lived in New Zealand for some 57 years my memories of the location of their house is vague. I do remember it being on a steep hill with a grand view. Benjamin gave my mother Haulwen away at her wedding (her Dad had died when she was only 4 years old) - her maiden name was John and she married Emrys Davies in Jerusalem Chapel , Burry Port. They lived on the Graig. Was wondering if there is anyone still living in Abercynon who can remember or link in to our family. Kind regards from Zealand Newydd.


Clock Tower c1955, Abercynon
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Many Rememberance Sundays were spend at the Abercynon Clock by members of the Abercynon branch of the Glamorgan Army Cadet Force .

Empress Ballroom, Workmans Hall, Melba Jaynes Troupe

I was 3 years old when I was in Melba's Troupe. I was the smallest and Betty (Jones) Lane was the youngest, the only boy was Len Gair. I am still looking for photos of us. I was taken by my mother when I was 4/5 to the Empress, as my father was afternoons in the pit. My sister Phyllis was learning to dance by my mother (who could do any dance) so there was no baysitter for me, that's why I was there. I was brought crisps and pop by the other dances, one was Harry Hill and i think one was Lilla. My cousins, Margaret Jenkins and Eileen Caffell were there. The Empress was owned by Sid Davey and he had a nephew called Tony Knott. When I was 14/15 I went without my mother to the Empress, that's when I was friends with Sid's nephew Tony Knott, he came for holidays from Cornwall. The Empress had a sprung floor and was the finest in Wales, it was... Read more

John And Alice Griffiths

In 1911 Census my relative John Jerman Griffiths ( a Stone Mason ) and wife Alice Gwenllian (nee Evans) lived at 50 Glancynon Street, Abercynon with Alice's sister Margrett Mary Evans.
John's brother Edward (Ted) had been head hunted by Australian coaches to go to Australia to play rugby/football so not long after John and Alice emigrated to Australia along with John's siblings Edward (Ted) Henry and Albert and mother Elizabeth Griffiths widow of Evan Griffiths. A sister of John's called Mary was married to Issac Perret who was a coal miner at Miskin. Mary died and Issac remarried to Elizabeth Maud McPherson. One of Mary's daughters Delys also emigrated to Australia and was reared by John and Alice.

Mid Glamorgan memories


When I was a young lad my father Gwilym Jones and Joe Collins of Avondale Street (Joe was, during the 1939-45 war, the army lightweight boxing champion of India) My father had been a professional boxer in his earlier years.They opened up a boxing club in the Ynysboeth Hotel, for all the local boys, including boys from the Tynte and Penrhiwceiber. We had a full size boxing ring on the top floor of the Hotel. Many of us lads from the village became club members, and as we progressed with our boxing skills we travelled and fought at many boxing clubs; Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, Bristol,and Swindon to name just a few. Some of the club members and friends of mine,were Eddie Summerill (lived on Main Road),Brian Hicks Avondale Street, Graham Poole (Nant-Y-Fedw), Maldwyn Dower (Avondale Street) some boys from the Tynte and many others.

Avondale Street

Year 1955, who can name all the family occupants from number 1 to 102 Avondale Street?
at # 1 Rosser
      2 Dyer
      3  Courtney
      4  Davies
      5 Thomas
      6   Fields
      7   Smith
       8  Owen
      9   Evans
      10  Jones
      11  Caple
      12  Bowen
      13  Parfit
      14  Thorn
      15  Watts
      16 Smith
      17 Cartwright
      18  Jones
      19   Parry
      20   Owen
      21    Fields
      22   Davies
      23  Parfit
      24  Davies
      25  Price
      26  Teagues
      27 Dunkerton
      28  Griffiths
      29 Owen
        ... Read more

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