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My Salford Days From 1953

I have very fond memories of Salford. I first lived in Franklin St, Ordsall, until I was about 4 or 5 years old. I recall the pub on the corner and the church at the other end. I lived on the landings facing the resevoirs. I recall going to see the famiy doctor Yonace. who was a lovely man. From there we moved to ...Read full memory

Special Days At Polzeath

My family lived at Trelights. My Uncle Reg was a school teacher in London although he was a Trelights boy, when he came home in the summer holidays in his old Austin 6 he would often take us to Polzeath, they were special days.   Off we would go loaded up with sandwiches and apples, oh and don't forget the ...Read full memory

A memory of Polzeath by Jan Cowling

Sizewell Holiday.

As a kid I spent a couple of August weeks in Sizewell, staying in a timber-built bungalow just before the rise leading up to what is now the Power Station. The little bungalow was set back off the (dirt) road, and had no running water -  we went to a pump for water - and no electricm and my mum cooked on a paraffin ...Read full memory

A memory of Sizewell by mike

Uncle Jack's

My family are the Frees from Leiston. There are too many to mention but my dad is Harry and my Uncle Sperry is mentioned in a few people's memories. We were so fortunate to be able to spend all our summers at Uncle Jack Fryer's cottage. We stayed there from the 1960s until he sadly passed away. Jack was always smiling and ...Read full memory

A memory of Sizewell by Julie Clayden

Penfolds Boathouse

This is taken from where Penfolds boathouse was later built. I used to help out at weekends and school holidays. Sid Penfold would slip me a pound or two for helping hire out the punts and skiffs.

A memory of Weybridge by John Bushell

Maesteg So Many Happy Childhood Memories.....

So many happy memories of Maesteg - where do I start? I was born in 1947 and lived at No 3, Plasnewydd Street until I was about 19. My best friend when I was young was Paul Spracklen (with whom I re-kindled our friendship a few years ago, and we now chat by phone most weeks). Friends also were; John ...Read full memory

A memory of Maesteg by Nick Davies

Memories Of Polzeath During The The Last War

My family lived at 'Bryher' New Polzeath. I went to Hoiliday House School, Harry Edwards was the Headmaster. He lived with his wife and children in a cottage at Porteath Farm. What better place could there be to grow up. I still keep in touch with Melville Coad, we were at school together, his ...Read full memory

A memory of Polzeath by William Sheils

Camping On The Benthills

I too, as others, have many fond memories of holidays in Sizewell. During summer school holidays I travelled from Scotland to London to be with my grandparents. They were well connected with Sizewell and would take me there for their annual holiday camping at the foot of the Benthills just below where the power ...Read full memory

May 29th 1959 Voyage To Montreal

Our family emigrated to Canada on the Empress of England in 1959. We left Liverpool on May 29th and arrived in Montreal June 6th or 7th. I was a month short of my 12th birthday and I remember thinking on the first day onboard how smooth it was. That impression lasted until we reached the western side of ...Read full memory

The Flying Fortress Crash

I remember, during the war, two flying fortresses crashed in Hordon. One came down near the Half Way House, the other one in a field in Chiderditch behind the pub. They were returning from a bombing raid on Germany. There was about fifty of them when all of a sudden these two collided - the wing of one ...Read full memory

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