Recent Memories

Growing Up In Post War Luton

I was born in 1939, many say that the war was probably partly my fault! My uncle Steven Garside owned an electrical and aeromodellers shop in Park Square opposite the Technical College and my father "Ernie" Russell had a woodworking business at the rear and a lean-to stripwood selling business where I helped with the ...Read full memory

A memory of Luton by ducatee

60's Walsh's.

Walsh's in the 60s was a very happy time for me and I have great memories of when Mum and Dad,me Grandma and Grandad shared a caravan for a fortnight.The caravan was tucked away in the corner behind the arcade situated next to a ditch. I can always remember laying on the bed/settee listening to the bingo numbers being called and ...Read full memory

A memory of Skegness by john25h

Roll On Easter

My Steve uncle owned a bungalow in Jaywick Sands, "Abijan", at 18 Lavender Walk where I spent my childhood bank holidays and annual six week school holiday between 1945 and 1953 and occasionally short breaks in later years, we got to know most of the holidaymakers in Lavender walk as most like us would visit at every opportunity ...Read full memory

A memory of Jaywick by ducatee

Crescent Road School

Been reading about Manor Road area whilst visiting my son and family in Norway. My name is Derek Clark and was born at no 22Springhead Rd. Remember Peter Ellis, Len Baker, Beryl Martin and probably most of the rest of the class. I moved away from the area about 35 years ago and will most likely be coming back to have a look ...Read full memory

A memory of Erith by deljune.clark

My Fathers Family

My fathers family owned fairy glen . Arthur and Eileen Jones .. The butchers . My father was born in London house .. I have many happy memories of going to Llanwrtwd as a child , beautiful place I now take my own children to visit

A memory of Llanwrtyd Wells

Memories Of The Picturedrome ...

I spent many a happy afternoons here , watching film's . Beautiful old place , so sad when they tore it down . It was supposed to be a listed building , thank's BB Council , they also pulled down the old Granada, which was also ' a Listed building !!!! It was also in a lovely setting by the river , i miss those days ...

A memory of Bedford

Wroughton From 1954ish

My parents moved from East London to Swindon and then to Wroughton in 1954. My parents were Pat and Geoff Leach. I am Janet (Leach - now Ford) and my sister penny was born in the maternity hospital in Swindon in 1958. My Wroughton memories are living in Snapps Close (just off Priors Hill) and of walking to school and ...Read full memory

A memory of Wroughton

The Cedars

My aunt lived in a large old house on London Road called 'The Cedars from around 1950s to the 70s when it was demolished. Does anyone have any photos of this house? There is still a road of that name where it was. Ann M

A memory of Uckfield

My Name Is Tregeagle

Hi, my name is Garry Tregeagle. I am not sure what relation I might be to the infamous Jan Tregeagle. I have been called a "bit of a bigger" at times but that would be the worst of it. Anyway that is all I am saying about that. I am 60 years of age this year. Born an still living in Sydney, Australia. Our family tree was ...Read full memory

A memory of Tregeagle by mygwtregs

Colway Cottages Streethouse

My name is Janet Dowey (nee Seymour) I was born at 74 Meadway in 1951, my parents were Bill and Ruth Seymour my grandparents Thomas and Emily Seymour. Gran and Grandad lived in Colway Cottages in the old pit yard, many times I sat with my grandad watching the trains go by. I have wonderful childhood memories spent ...Read full memory

A memory of Streethouse by janetdowey

Technical High School 1956 59

These were good years amongst good people,although my memories of the school itself are rather mixed. I'm sure there are those out there who could add to my reminiscences. Some of the teachers at the time were 'Taffy' Elkins,? Stezaker, Fred Bushell, Les Cole, Geoff Billingham, 'Jock' Anderson and Sam ...Read full memory

A memory of Worcester by gerr.quinn

Childhood Memories

Hi Mandy, my name is John Appleton, I was brought up in Binbrook from approx late 1950's, I went to school at Binbrook primary C of E. My first teachers were Mrs Lamming and Mrs Wilky. My first headmaster was Mr Gordon then Mr Fletcher. One of my favourite memories was dancing around the May Pole in the main play ground. ...Read full memory

A memory of Binbrook by johnh.appleton

Seaton Road/Western Rd School

Theresa Jackson(nee Lay) Would love to hear from anyone who went to Western Road School between 1958-62 and any of the gang from Seaton Road where I lived and have fond memories.Memories of Majestic cinema where I use to go with my grandmother and started my love of films also enjoyed Saturday morning pictures ...Read full memory

A memory of Mitcham by tdlay29

Ashgrove, 40, St Anns Road, Great Malvern

See Ashgrove, on part of the hill known as the Hilly Piece, with commanding views over the town, to the left of the Priory in the 1871 picture. The house was built in 1809 for the Revd Stillingfleet, Prebendary of Worcester Cathedral and remained as shown, until the main sitting room and two bedrooms ...Read full memory

Marine Parade

Remember the Marine Parade so well I came to Lyme Regis in the early 1950 as a pre nursing student at the Local Cottage Hospital my name then was Muriel. Davis we always were called by our surnames I married in 1956 to Tony Wiscombe member of a local building firm Those care free days walking to the Cobb and back on a Sunday then home for cream tea or trifle and sandwiches

A memory of Lyme Regis by mwiscombe

Happy Days

I grew up in Beech Hall Road from birth (!948!) until I married and moved away In 1965. I went to Sidney Burnell Infants, Selwyn Girls and then Sidney Burnell Secondery from 1959 to 1963 when I left at 15 and went to work at the Halex. I loved it there and I remember the department manager was Miss Thom. I would love to hear ...Read full memory

A memory of Highams Park by magsb2010

The Canal

Hi,my name is Stephen Smith, I lived in Regent Crescent through the 50s and 60s. I guess you all remember the Rochdale canal that runs through Failsworth. What a great place to spend your time. Who needed Disneyland. We used to fish, make rafts, throw discarded spindles from the cotton mills into the wooden locks and attempt to walk ...Read full memory

Colindale In The 1950's

I lived in Sunny View (off Wakemans Hill) from 1953 to 1958, when we moved away. Dad worked at Curr Bros Laundry and later at the Vanden Plas works in Kingsbury. It was a very different world in those days.

A memory of Colindale by mmcginger

Vimto Days

My mum and dad Gladys and George Rodgers had the corner shop between Churchill Street and Mornington Street Chorlton on Medlock /Ardwick. Between 1960 -1969 it was a very busy shop and I have some great memories of playing on the road popping tar bubbles (not much traffic then ) and mum sending me to the pork butchers on Stockport ...Read full memory

A memory of Ardwick by s&gwych

Albert Pear

Does anyone have any memories of Albert he was a keen member of the British legion also on the Canival committee any comments please get in touch I am his nephew we lived in my younger days at Forest Rd next to the infants school then to White House Farm in Foxley lane thank you for any memories Tony ( Whitlock ) I was also known as Tony Pear .....

1954 Cross And Lawson Builders

Does anyone remember the late Mr Ted Cross .He started the company Cross and Lawsons Builders and all i know is he died in 1954 .I would love to know more about Ted The fact being he was a grandad I never met along with his wife Catharine .They had a son called william cross .If anyone knows more Please get in touch THANKS W CROSS

A memory of Colne by bill

Those Were The Days

I attended both the Downshall infants and junior schools in the 1950's. I remember little about the infants school other than the Headmistress was a Miss Hayward I believe. Teachers names I recall from the junior school were Mr. Freeman my form teacher for three consecutive years, Mr. Mooney, Miss Fox, Miss Woodward and ...Read full memory

Court Hall Remembered

Were the stables and hounds still there when you were there ..... There were two black ponies in the field one was called Jet cant remember the other one. Was so sad when I returned to Devon to find the house demolished .......

Dycorts And Harrowfields

Some names have come flooding back after reading memories of Harold Hill and I wonder if they mean anything to anybody? Would love to hear from anybody. Alan Tremain Brenda Lovering Brenda Sellwood David Gunther Yvette Carruthers David Watts Eddie Slater Vic Slater Ray Phipps Harry Blackburn Alan Drake Tommy Brien Grahm Furnival David Head - last heard in Australia

A memory of Harold Hill by bobnobes

Old Boarding School

Hi, My sister and I were at a boarding school in the early to mid 1960's in Saffron Walden does anyone know it's name, I think my mum use to refer to it as audley end but looking at the pictures that seems a lot bigger than I remember. They were not great memories it was a harsh environment and by today's standards almost Victorian. Thanks Steve

Townhill 1980s

I have memories of the former rail bridge at the bottom of Townhill Road. I remember the former fruit and veg shop in Townhill. I remember the former sweet shop just close to Townhill Primary School.


I was born at Cuckfield Hospital in 1954. My parents, John and Joan Hunter renovated Lodge Hill Cottage in 1949 ish, and then moved to The Senge House just before I was born. We then moved to Chichester House in the High Street in 1971. Many fond memories of Ditchling - especially the cold winter of 1962(?) and tobogganing down Lodge ...Read full memory

A memory of Ditchling by juliushunter1

Twydall Green

I lived at number 47 Goudhurst rd Twydall Green attended the local scout group went to Featherby primary school onto a school in Gillingham at Richmond senior (i Think that was what is was called) only lasted a few months then it was up and off to Australia back in 1965 but a lot of fond memorys especially on saturdays when i alternated between the Odeon and Prestfield

A memory of Gillingham by houldsws

Holidays In Kirkconnel

My mum Janet Lennox and her sister Marion lived and went to school for a while in Kirkconnel as my grandfather died when they were young so my gran went to stay with family for a while rather than staying in Manchester. We had many relatives in Kirkconnel of my grandfathers so spent holidays there about 3 times a year. ...Read full memory

A memory of Kirkconnel by lizpaton

Lakeside Road Nursing Home

Hello everyone. I lived at 409 Green Lanes in1960. Does anyone know of an old folks home in Lakeside Road around that time, possibly number 59? Any help on how to find out would be much appreciated.

A memory of Palmers Green by anml

A Naughty Boy In Tottenham!

I was born in Wood Green but lived at 460b Lordship Lane over a boot repair shop from a couple of days after until I was about 11. I attended Risley Avenue Infant and Junior schools from 1946/7 until 1951 then we moved to 8 Scales Road near Chestnut road. I spent a lot of time in Lordship Lane Rec especially the ...Read full memory

Norwood Family At Cornsay Colliery

Many of the paternal side of my family lived in Cornsay Colliery - in fact my father was born there in 1913. My great grandfather, Robert Norwood, worked at the Ferens and Love colliery there where he was responsible for all the rope work used on the haulage ways in the drift mines, and he and my ...Read full memory

Born In Upper Boat 1943

Ken Beard speaking. My parents were evacuated to South Wales from Bermondsey London during the 2nd. war. I wish I had some dates, as there is no one alive to ask. We lived at 63 Crwys Crescent where I was born in 1943.I'm not shore how many years we lived there before we moved back to London, another date I wish I ...Read full memory

A memory of Upper Boat by ken.beard

Earlytimes In Batley & Batley Carr

In addition to my earlier text I would like to add that after Warwick road school I went to Banksfield boys secondary modern school then they opened a new boys high school not far from Batley hospital. I remember going to the Collins cinema in Batley Carr, there used to be a small sweet shop near the ...Read full memory

A memory of Batley Carr by johntho3

Way Back

I used to stay at the"Almel Hotel"&the"Salutation"in Doncaster whenever I was on the long haul up to Northern Scotland

A memory of Doncaster by Paul Overton

Good Times

I remember staying at a great set of transport digs when I was on long distance work.I always used to stay at"Thelmas"on Commercial Crescent as the food was so good and the beds were comfy.I also remember a crowd of us going to the"Mecca Ballroom"one Saturday night and when we came out of the place the snow was almost ankle ...Read full memory

A memory of Darlington by Paul Overton

Fond Memories

I used to stay in Aberdare back in the 1960's when I was driving long distance trucks.I'm pretty sure that the pub I used to stay in was called"The Eagle"? I remember that the sheep used to be in the High Street most nights after 9pm! I have some fond memories of Aberdare and being taught some Welsh language sentences

A memory of Aberdare by Paul Overton

The Place That Time Forgot

I grew up in Bothenhampton in the sixties and seventies, and my memory of the place is just like the photo from 1910. We lived at Bowhayes, which was a cul-de-sac, and at the end of the lane there were some broken old stone steps that led down into an ancient "hollow way", going down this path was a favourite ...Read full memory

A memory of Bothenhampton by Fgtb

Padgate January 1944 Ac2. Wilf Wallace.

At the age of 17 (now aged 90 ) I entered Padgate as a young lad for my basic training. The barrack room was long and cold with only two coal fire stoves in the room. We were a mixed bunch of young lads from various towns etc but we soon settled in to a routine. There were two Corporals in charge of our ...Read full memory

A memory of Padgate by Wilf Wallace

Happy Days

I was here in 1974 I was 10 I loved the train I played on it every day I was here for 3 months in the summer and love sneaking out to the fields to play im going to go back there one day to have a look around and take pics I have a old pic of me on the roundabout I lived in northam in Southampton when I was here and loved my stay here alan grimes

A memory of Bursledon by alangrimes

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