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Albert Card

Hi Nita, I remember your uncle! My Dad was in both Northfleet and Gravesend bands and they regularly had 'socials'. Your uncle, Albert Card, was often the Master of Ceremonies (MC) at these 'do's'. He was a very smart, dapper man ...Read full memory

A memory of Gravesend by dorstep

When Aberdare Really Was Queen Of The Hills

going back too the late 50s too late 60 s aberdare was a thriving place to live there was no need to go to another town to buy anything we had it all here the demize of the town was when the old ...Read full memory

A memory of Aberdare by alan

Glyder Hotel, Eastham

Hi, can anyone help. I am trying to find out the history of the Glyder Hotel in Eastham. I am very interested in history, I would love to know when the "glider" as I knew it, was built, by whom, what date etc, who owned it, ...Read full memory

A memory of Eastham

50s Elizabeth St

my name is Leonard Collier I was born at 12 Elizabeth st in January 1945.I went to Westbury st school until 1956 when we moved to Hartlepool.Things were very hard at that time but as a child me and my mates had a great ...Read full memory

A memory of Thornaby-on-Tees

The Overbury Murder

Compton Scorpion was the birthplace of Sir Thomas Overbuy whose gruesome death in the Tower of London was the most scandalous event in the reign of King James. For the full story and a suggested explanation of ...Read full memory

Growing Up In Tottenham

Hi All. I was born in 1941 at 1 Oulton Road (now long gone) but lived in Harringay Road at No 27 with the grandparents until we got a flat at 107 Harringay Road, 1945 ish was sent to school at what is now Chestnuts ...Read full memory

A memory of Tottenham by Norman Smith

I Grew Up Around The Castle

i was born at mill cottages 28 sep 1956 we moved to 3 castle brae where we used to play around the castle mr ransom was the care taker 1960s we used to get a drink of water from the well below the castle great times and memories

A memory of Perth by peterstrachan

Steam Train In Danson Park

I was researching the existence of this attraction as most people I know are too young to remember it. In the early 1960's it was there and I did once or twice have a ride on it- It ran on the West side of the lake ...Read full memory

37 Ashburnham Road From 1955 To 1966

I spent my first eleven years in the above address. The houses were all council houses. There was an Anderson shelter in the back garden from the second world war. The houses were quite ordinary but Ham was a ...Read full memory

A memory of Ham by Lesley Winkworth

Lampton Road

My Grandparents lived at 123 Lampton Road, Bob and Bridget Wales. They owned the Band Centre in Bell Road Hounslow. I lived in 53 bell road till I was 5 them moved to Pears road. Went to Alexandra Infants and then Hounslow Town. I ...Read full memory

A memory of Hounslow by frances.igoe

Horace &Violet Chugg


A memory of Combe Martin by Jane Chugg

Spitfire On The Forecourt

The garage on the right hand side of photo had a Spitfire on its forecourt it was quite surreal think the man who owned it was called Bunny (?)

A memory of Hoylake by moranjulie45

Safe Cycling

We cycled everywhere during the war, and on, ,till there was more petrol for everyday use, and people bought cars again. The picture could well be of me! I think that the queue for the bus was outside the baker's shop, and perhaps the photographer was standing in front of the cinema? Ann M.

Such A Shame It's Gone😟

Loved this hotel and knew the then managers daughter Janet Humphries ( went to Minto House) in 70's fabulous memories of very happy times spent there - then when Flat Foot Sams opened it was the place to be be seen - handy ...Read full memory

A memory of Hoylake

The Creamery

Saturday mornings we met for coffee in the Creamery, Oak End Way. Mothers occupied the front tables, and we young teenagers met at the back of the room ! Boots, and W.H.Smith both had lending Libraries, and the cost was ...Read full memory

My Prison Wedding

my name is Nicola and i think me and my husband was the last people to get married at camp hill we got married October 2010 it was the best day of my life getting married there i traveled from west sussex with my son and ...Read full memory

Bluestone Cottage Hough Hill

When I moved to "Bluestone" in 1955 there was no water or sanitation .Mum and Dad ( Len & Ellen Snape) collected the water in pales from the spout in Sandy Lane. We had a well but the water in it wasn't safe to ...Read full memory

Meadow School Ninfield


A memory of Ninfield by maggielaing

Wheatley This Is How I Remember It .

i went to wheatley primary with Mr Evans the head ,remember walking in classes for dinner in bell lane, then going to wheatley secondary school can remember standing in entrance hall waiting for the Head Mr ...Read full memory

A memory of Wheatley by glyn.plested

Portmanmoor Rd Late70 Early80s Splott

Hi everyone , omg u all brought back good memories ..drakes, the fish shop with huge scary crocodile hanging from ceiling, on corner on portmanmoor rd , which is where i lived, no. 13..yes we was poor very ...Read full memory

A memory of Splott by ullkei

Childhood Memories

My grandma had a chalet on green lane at skipsea for many years from 1950s and can remember when there was old train and tram carriges used as holiday lets all along the cliff top,my mum practicaly grew up there,as did i and can ...Read full memory

A memory of Skipsea by salemcat2

Eden Hall 1957 1960

My memory of Eden Hall was not good. I remember once when I was accused of standing on another boys fingers when running in the playground for that I was hit across my bottom six times with his shoe this caused a bit of a ...Read full memory

Tewkesbury (Common)

As a family living in the Black Country, we used to go out every Sunday in the summer with our (doings), as mom used to call them. In fact that was a camping gas stove to boil a kettle so we could have a cup of tea with our ...Read full memory

Does Anyone Have An Old Photograph Showing The Hardware Store On The Corner Of Westborne Road, West Kirby

Walking home from school down Whetstone Lane in 1949 to where I lived on Alexander Road with my Mum and Dad, brothers Philip, Kenneth, Bobbie and Len.

A memory of West Kirby by tks1934

South Wales Transport Conductor 1967

had great fun and a wonderful learning experience working on the town's buses as a conductor during university holidays in the late 60s just before so much changed in the town. there are so many wonderful memories in the glanymor and tyisha booklets, they are a joy to read

A memory of Llanelli by ray.nelson

More Teddy Barlow

I lived on Kent Avenue (27) from 1953 to 1958, and I remember Teddy Barlow well, a lot of Kent Avenue was still under construction at that time , a fabulous playground for us kids, and a watchmen with a wooden leg (allegedly). ...Read full memory

A memory of Rawmarsh by mick.daines

Childhood Visits To The Old Post Office

I visited the old post office with my mother in the early to mid 1960's. I believe that my mother was related to the lady who ran the post office and the little shop, perhaps a cousin. I don't ...Read full memory


My name is helen scott (nee bryant ) i was born in cumwhinton as was my maternal grandmother / great grandmother /and my great great grandfather who was a bowman and i do belive his father was born in cumwhinton a joseph bowman i do ...Read full memory

Maypole Liptons John Street

I did some of my early training in the maypole-Lipton store in John Street under store manager Dick Roberts & Deputy Manager Ben Hopkins. I recall querying why there were rows of wellington boots on a bench in the ...Read full memory

A memory of Porthcawl by Haydn Ebbs

Sheila And Audrey Add Colin

My sister Audrey and I moved to St Margarets Ave North Cheam about 1935 our maiden name was Dwight.We both went to Park Farm Infant School and junior school in Kingston Ave then to Chatsworth Rd Secondary ...Read full memory

A memory of North Cheam

Can You Help With The Names Of 3 Old Shops In Swanwick Please

Can anyone help me with the following history of Swanwick please, thanks: Who was the butcher opposite Gee's (Willgooses) paper shop. What was the name of the Owner of the ...Read full memory

A memory of Swanwick

Smith's Shop In Chelmsford

After watching an episode of Stephen Fry's QI this evening, one of his topics sent my thoughts back to a memory of my childhood in Chelmsford in the 1960's. Smith's shop in the High Street, opposite the then Bond's ...Read full memory

A memory of Chelmsford

Fond Memories

I was born in marple bridge and went to ludworth primary school mr Kennedy was then headmaster. We used to live over the road from the school, my grandfather Frank Taylor was I believe the village blacksmith years ago. When the ...Read full memory

A memory of Marple Bridge by chlolew

Manaton Road

Hi my husbands family lived in manaton rd the lewis family ,sid &frances their children Christine ,siddey. joyce , lenny their dad sid was in the Navy ,his wife france family were frank & rose Gillman , frank & Sid drank in the star ...Read full memory

A memory of Peckham by carolinelewis

Early Life In Stenalees

I was born in Stenalees in 1954 and my family and I lived in Singlerose Terrace, until we moved to Australia in 1967 - I moved back to the UK in 2008. My Dad (Donald Woolcock) had a fantastic garden and we grew all ...Read full memory

A memory of Stenalees by dianehunter54

Borough Green. The War Years.

I am 80 and lived with my parents in Borough Green from 1934 to the early fifties. We lived between Station Approach and the Cinema. Dad had his office attached. It is now Chinese . After being shops and Wally's ...Read full memory

A memory of Borough Green by demayo

Borough Green. The War Years.

Hallo Marian/Miss/Mrs. Have discovered this website. I lived near the Station and next door but ond to the Cinerma from 1934 until the early 50, I was a contempory of Gerald Cloke and Tony Jessup. Both sadly ...Read full memory

A memory of Borough Green by demayo

Old Folkestone High Street

Memories? Many! Worked on the refurbishment of some of the shops on the left of the picture. Often went to the 'pictures' at the Central Cinema in George lane up the top. My late wife worked as secretary for the ...Read full memory

A memory of Folkestone by ronchad

Teenage Memories

I spent most of my leisure time at Seaburn in the 1950's and early 60's.It used to be a wonderful place to visit,the Seaburn Hotel,Popular Cafe,Notarrianis (we spent a lot of time here drinking hot orange).The fairground was a ...Read full memory

A memory of Seaburn by Jean Elliott

Good Mates And Grown Ups

I was born in 1937 at Steed Road Muswell Hill. 1938 moved to 137 Northview Road opposite the alley leading to the playing fields. Used to go that way to school at Crouch End sec mod. First school Campsbourne Road Primary. ...Read full memory

A memory of Hornsey by brianfinn37

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