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Recent Memories

That Takes Me Back......

I went to Lady Margaret after leaving Featherstone Rd Infants , left in 1969 for Walford sec mod while all my mates went off to Southall and Greenford Grammars. Lived over the Woodstock Parade shops just opposite the Seagul pub.My fondest memories of my time there are Maurice the mynah bird outside the heads office, i think ...Read full memory

A memory of Calmore

When I Was Just A Lad Back In The Sixties. (Joe).

Ebbisham Hall for dances. White Hart next door. Spread Eagle opposite. Eclipse pub West Hill. Nelsons open air pool. Snooker hall above Burtons. Cafe in South Street. Arthur Wheeler Waterloo Road where I bought my first bike. And I loved the racing.

A memory of Epsom

Dairy Farms High Halden And Eugene Cottage

My husband recalls his grandfathers dairy farm was in HighHalden but cannot remember the name of it. His GF was Percy Tyler and wife Florence. They had three children Walter. John and Thelma. If anyone can recall above I would really appreciate a reply. Walter was born at Eugene Cottage HH in 1920 ...Read full memory

A memory of High Halden by piggyukf

Working In Perivale In The Sixties

I had two gap years between school and college. I worked at Brown and Polson I. PERIVALE in 1967. I remember Barry Spicer, Roger Wallbank, Cliff Treadwell and Cheryl Whittamore The office was next door to Perivale Wood nature reserve which I as a member of the Selborne Society could visit.

A memory of Ealing by philipsolly

Working In Streatham

I worked at H E Randall shoe shop ( now part of sainsburys store) opposite the odean cinema on streatham high road and lived at 5 Kingscourt road for most of the 1960's also worked as a bus driver out of telford ave and streatham garage by the ice skating rink.I haven't been back in over 30 years but looking at streatham ...Read full memory

A memory of Streatham by johnjriordan

Prefab Living

I was born in Askern Yorkshire in 1945. When I was 2.1/2 we moved to Bow That was where my dad came from. When I was 5 we moved to Myrtle Road Harold Hill. The buses ended outside our Prefab. After coming up Straight Road, the bus turned right into Briar Road the left into Waverley Crescent, then left to Myrtle Road and stood ...Read full memory

The Coastguards Cottages

I remember the coastguards cotteges at the bottom of Mariner's Road. They were on my way to school. When they were demolished, I was about seven years of age and my friends and i would play in the foundations which were there for some time. It wasn't until about 1970 that the bungalows that are there now were ...Read full memory

Further Memories Of Barking

My earliest memories are during the war of hiding down the Andersen garden shelters in King Edwards Saturday Road and St Erkenwald Road with my parents and brothers listening to the shrapnel pinging around us as the incendiary bombs dropped around us and watching from the open doorway as the doodlebugs flew over at ...Read full memory

Prout Street

lived their

A memory of Longsight

Old Burghclere

I and my two sisters were born in the station house,my elder sister went to the USA in 1958 and I left to join army in 1960 my younger sister also went to the USA in 1980. My father was the signalman on the old railway station from 1938 until it closed

Stroud Bridge.

Hi,just hoping someone can help me.My wife has been tracing her family tree.Her relatives came from the Bere Heath area.Her maiden name is Stroud. I have noticed on my ordnance survey map there is a bridge close by called Stroud bridge.Has anyone got any information about this bridge,and the Stroud family?We are visiting the area the first week in July this year. Here's hoping,best regards John.

A memory of Bere Heath by johnfwhite

Snow White House.

I went to Styal in about 1956/1957.My name then was Sandra Kelly.I loved it didn't want to leave.The nurses I remember were nursePinfold and nurse Williams. In my house at that time were sisters called Linda and LauraJackson.My friend was Beryl Wilde.Also a girl called Jennifer Gore. I lover the school and remember the teachers ...Read full memory

A memory of Styal by s.cottle349

Kettering Tech.

I spent many a happy hour in this, then very new, building in the early 60's., ostensibly studying for GCE's. But much to my everlasting regret, failing to take anything seriously, and with scant regard for the future, despite the best efforts of "Mac" McKinley and his excellent teaching staff. How the years have flown since, ...Read full memory

Bell And Billows

During the mid-sixties I worked for Bell and Billows, the ironmongers in the left of the picture. A large part of their business was horticultural equipment, and many spring and summer evenings were spent demonstrating mowers and cultivators to prospective purchasers. Sales and repairs of sporting weapons were also ...Read full memory

Montagu St 1962/3

In the early 60's I worked at the far end of Montagu St, in the Ironmongers of Tutty Ltd, when their business and premises were bought by the Kettering Industrial Co-operative Society. Eventually it closed and the remaining stock sold to Newmans Ironmongers, to the right of the car in the picture. For many years the showroom on the right was known as Cleavers.

Upper Green West Early 1970's

My mum owned a delicatessen on Upper Green West in the early 70's. I used to 'borrow' the odd Luncheon Voucher, and treat myself to soggy chips at the Wimpy. We lived above the shop; And I remember a fire at Huttons chip shop. Old Nags Head used to have go go dancers! I learnt to swim at the small local ...Read full memory

A memory of Mitcham by jonswright

Burgh Heath

I used to live near Burgh Heath. The Sugar Bowl had a swimming pool, as did the Galleon, across the road. I went to school at Greenacre, Banstead, and the school children had swimming lessons at the Sugar Bowl

A memory of Burgh Heath by gwhitworth

Memories Of Camberley 1951 67

I have so many happy memories of my childhood in Camberley. I lived in Stockwood Cottage, Crawley Hill. My parents worked for the Thomas family in Stockwood House. Sadly it's no longer there but now there are many houses and I think it's still called Stockwood. My sister Pauline & I had a huge garden and woods to ...Read full memory

Happy Days Outweighed The Bad

Hi Heather & Briony & Kate I was also a boarder at St Oswalds Girls School,Rowena Steveson was the head mistress(Rhino).I remember the dreaded morning run having to eat a spoonful of molasses every day(supposedly to head of the ills) the sweet tin only 3 during the week and 4 on the weekends. I loved the ...Read full memory


As a toddler in the early 70's I have fond memories of going shopping with my mum. Cross Street and Hyde Road are unrecognizable today compared to how the were. There was still some heavy engineering as well. I remember standing by the railings In Peacock Street Primary school as Massive engines slowly traveling down Gorton lane with ...Read full memory

A memory of Gorton by martin19692010

Thanks To Edwin!

The posting by Edwin has brought back many memories of the1940's. I know exactly the locations described in his "memory". The hut was owned and operated by Johnny Irvine. Johnny only had the use of one arm, but could wrestle big jars of sweeties with his good arm to sell to the children. I well remember "the huts" and also ...Read full memory

A memory of Ferniegair by asbell

It's Now 2017 And I'm 90 Years Old.

Time has passed quickly and over the years my brother, husband and son passed away. Wonderful memories return as I view this picture. My husband took part in the Penarth Gilbert and Sullivan production of Rudigore and later in Canada became the musical director of severaI local choirs e.g the Barbershoppers. I ...Read full memory

A memory of Barry by gjones23

Drew' Garage

Tom and Doris Drew owned this garage and lived their with their daughter Brenda


Peter and Valerie Channon lived in this house around 1956 until the late 70's with their three children. Peter owned and ran the local machine tool factory and put on a yearly bonfire display with fireworks.

Alward's Shop. Roy And Joan

Before this shop was Taylor's it was Roy and Joan Alwards (my in-laws) They lived in the adjoining house with their two children. They owned the shop from around 1953 to about 1962 and have many happy memories of the village and some especially lovely customers. Frank Sawyer, the author and broadcaster lived ...Read full memory

Daviss & Suttling Family

I have very fond memories of growing up in Aveley. I was born in a prefab in 1947 at 4 East Walk, my dad worked at Thames Board Mills clocking up over 30 years of service (he died in Field Road in 1970), like everyone born there I attended Primary School and the Junior school and entered Bushy Bit in 1958, what a great ...Read full memory

A memory of Aveley by drbcasa

Old Culpho Hall Pre 1963 Demolition

I visited the old Culpho Hall in the 1950s, full of dark wood and sloping floors. In 1963 it was clear from the road that all the roof structure had been removed, together with windows, you could see the sky from the top windows; part of the façade had been retained. Visiting the rear, the old hall had ...Read full memory

Fond Memori At Eastbury We Made Many Friends Es Of Barking

My twin brother Brian and I are Barking born and bred. We were born at 10 King Edward Road in May of 1936 (now 81) where we stayed until about 5 years old when our parents moved to 43 St Erkenwald Road off Ripple Road opposite what was to become DOES clothing store where their son Dennis ...Read full memory

Jack Wright Early Memories.

Personal History of Jack Wright, son of Thomas Roger Wright and Mary Gibson. Born November 15, 1908, in a suburb of Sunderland, Durham England, a place called Ayers Quay, in the industrial part of town, being near the docks on the River Wear, where coal was loaded on ocean going vessels to all parts of the world. I ...Read full memory

A memory of Ayres Quay by paula

Harrison Gibson Fire

I lived in Ilford Lane when this happened. We heard fire appliances going past most of the night as I believe they were bringing in water tankers from as far as Tilbury. I remember reading that fire watchers were called out to nearby buildings for the first time since the war. The 691 and 693 trolleybus routes ran past our ...Read full memory

A memory of Ilford by randp.allen

Upton Very Early In Ww2

I was flicking through this site and was amassed to come across this photograph that features my mother Joan Sington (nee Phillips) along with her Spaniel 'Major'. The picture was taken before my mother had my elder brother Jonathan (in 1944) and looking carefully at her, I would assume it was taken before she was married in ...Read full memory

A memory of Upton by andrewsington

Living In The Swan Inn From 1966

From the ‘Local Chit-Chat’ column in the Newbury Weekly News, October 6th 1966 SWAN AT NEWTOWN CHANGING HANDS Due to take over the Swan Inn, Newtown, when Mr R. C Coxworth retires on October 19th after 23 years is Mr David Foster, a partner of T. N. Foster Ltd, of Clere Chase, Burghclere who ...Read full memory

A memory of Newtown by kiwi3mfs

Brith Road

Shureys the shoe shop Mrs James the bakers Petrol station and the paper shop I remember it well

A memory of Trealaw by clappy2459

Marchwood Twiggslane Forest Side

I was very lucky to grow up at The Cottage Twiggs lane marchwood , i was Michele Ingram then ! we had a lovely place to grow up and being cut off by the bye pass it was a place where everyone knew each other . The people I grew up around Bundays, Seviers, Smths, Nobles Strides,Dellers, Butts and Longmans to ...Read full memory

Methodist Church

In 1954 atthe age of eleven I joined the south Featherstone school choir, our music teacher was called Ronald Nuttall, who came from South Kirkby, I can remember two occasions when we came to Kirby ,one was to give a concert for the Derby and Joan club at the Methodist church and the other time was when we decorated up a ...Read full memory

A memory of South Kirkby by waddbar

Brookbank Road

I was born in Lewisham Hospital and went to St Stephens school, left in 1959 after l did the 11 plus and we moved to Marden Kent, l think my Father knew he was sick and he died in June 1963. Our lives were very ordinary as were all others at that time, we were always at the Royal Naval association clubs, first at Belmont Hill ...Read full memory

A memory of Lewisham by chasruler2

Dartford During World War Ii

I was born in Ash Road Dartford in 1929, moved to Miskin Road about 1934, then to Halford Way, where we spent the war, and from where I left to get married at Holy Trinity Church in 1951. Earliest memories were of Miss Jolly comforting me when I started at the C of E. Primary School at the bottom of West Hill aged ...Read full memory

A memory of Dartford by ngrist21

Last Tango In Dartford

hi, robert [nobby] jordan, born temple hill in 1949 and now live in australia. have great memories growing up in dartford, especially going scrumping as a. kid at an orchad near the old chalk pits close to stone house. have great memories hanging out at the wimpy bar and scala left dartford 50 years ago and still ...Read full memory

A memory of Dartford by bobj491

Morris Family Bedwas

I am trying to find out about my family history and my fathers family were from Bedwas, they worked in the mines and for the GWR..My father Stanley was born in 1907. His parents were Charlotte and James Morris. He had many brothers, Charles , henry,Reginald, clement,Albert and James, and one sister Dorothy. She married a ...Read full memory

A memory of Bedwas by tinaboyes63

Lou Lotardo

Many happy times at Tribalis cafe with the D'angelo family. My dad was one of the part time drivers among many that I recall. Went to school with Paul and Philip. Vito and dad were great mates.

A memory of Hednesford by loulotardo

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