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International Summer Caps In 1965 1966 1967

IT is the experience of my life. . Getting to known English and the culture Will be back next year that is 2017 in August . Anybody there to join me ?

Growing Up In Sandiacre

I lived on Longmoor Lane, 101, and have fond but distant memories of the 50's and 60's. There were still stables for the canal tow horses at the foot of the bridge crossing the canal in Sandiacre town centre. I played with friends on the fields behind the canal, but also on the Springfields Farm. Our house backed onto ...Read full memory

A memory of Sandiacre by alan

Harrison Gibson's Ilford And Branches.

If anyone is interested in the history of Harrison Gibson's late 50's early 60's I may be able to help with a few names etc, Alan Macer

A memory of Ilford by alpamacer

The Ambassador On The Farnham Road

My brother Len Tewkesbury also stoked the boilers at the Ambo in the 50's whilst still at school, either William Penn or later Slough Tech in Slough - we were living in Warwick Ave at the time and he used to let people sneak in via the back door.

A memory of Slough by tewkesburyj

Coastguard Lookout.

At the top right hand corner of this picture was the coastguard lookout where my father was stationed. As kids we were only allowed to swim on our own if we stayed on the beach below the lookout. I loved going to visit him "on watch" and look out of the huge tripod binoculars. I had to stand on a box to reach them.

A memory of Cromer


I purchased this photo in a gentlemans clothes shop in Grange-Over-Sands as i believe the two children sitting on the wall could be my mum and uncle who were evacuated there during the second world war,so i wondering if the date could be later!?..The two children one at the front looks as if it could be my mum as she remembers ...Read full memory

A memory of Grange-Over-Sands

Chinese Restaurant

Does anyone remember the name of the Chinese Restaurant in High Street,Warwick, Next to the Aylesford open in the 1960/70s please

A memory of Warwick

Charnwood Forest 1959

My name is Carl Wilkinson and I was born in 1954 and up until I was 14 I suffered from very bad Asthma my doctor said I had a church organ in my chest that was out of tune, so I was sent there I think in 1959 for the better air there was there, it had to be better than the air in Edwards lane, Nottingham, I can not ...Read full memory

A memory of Woodhouse Eaves

Bayonne Road And Garvan Road

My dad ted williams was born in bayonne road next door to the Baptist church. I was born in garvan road December 1949. My mums mum lived four doors away and my aunts all lived in fulham, it was a close neighbourhood but in a more formal way in that you never became too intrusive my parents always referred to ...Read full memory

A memory of Fulham

Earlswood Lakes C 1950

The photographs of people swimming and playing in the then turgid waters of the Earlswood bottom lake in in the 1950s instantly took me back to my own childhood of those times and carefree summer days spent learning to swim in the lake. I recall the presence of fresh water mussels on the floor of the lake which, to the ...Read full memory

A memory of Earlswood


Does anyone remember my grandmother, Mrs Florence maycock? She used to live in one of the beautiful cottages near the pub. I think they were very old and were painted black and white. I used to stay with her in the summer months and had such happy times there. There was a farm next door to her cottage and the farm house looked ...Read full memory

A memory of Peatling Magna

Harrogate's Station Square 1960/70's

I see Macfisheries and Lindy's Cafe.There was also a cafe called Chequeres that as a child I was advised by my parents not to use.Standings was on the corner of Station Square and James Street providing that old English style of service and olde shoppe tradition,how they are missed...every purchase put into ...Read full memory

A memory of Harrogate

The Lancaster, Small, Lancaster And Woods Family

I was born in Barton on sea in 1965 My mothers family Harry Lancaster and Emily Jane Small lived at Burnt Lane Lymington. Harry used to work on the Railway. They had five children three boys and two girls Dorathy and Norah Lancaster I am unsure what school they went too? Norah my mother was born in ...Read full memory

A memory of Pilley by mandybarrett1

St. Malachy's School

My name is Michelle Batey I went to St. Malachy's School from 1971 to 1977. My mum was Patricia Atkinson she went to St. Pats School, Collyhurst. We lived at Kennett house at that time.

Thorntree Roworth Rd

Hi Brian and long time since we last spoke, 32 years in fact and just came across the Stanhope scenario and boy do I remember it well. Quite brutal at times and the likes of the staff that ran the establishment would have been taken out and shot in the present day. I visit Middlesbrough to see my mam and sister Susan and we ...Read full memory

A memory of Stanhope by cheeko61201

Mayo Road........Saunders Family/Jenkinson Family, 1950s/60s

I was born in Park Royal hospital in 1957 and was taken home to Mayo Road, where almost our entire family lived at numbers 46, 53 and 56. I was christened at St Mary's church. I'll have to dig out my christening certificate and check the name of the vicar but Oakley rings a bell (pardon the ...Read full memory

The Hounslow Years

I remember Hounslow I was bout three years old my grandad worked for the Weston bakery I think that's what it was called just past Hounslow hospital , he delivered bread by horse and cart round the roads , his name was Henry whitehead .I remember platts store old woolworths at the end of the high street it was called ...Read full memory

A memory of Hounslow by janbarrett9

Southbourne 1936 To 1948

My grandparents lived in Stourwood Avenue near junction with Stourwood Rd. I visited most years (age 3 to 15). Some houses on the top of the were in danger of falling over the cliff & had to be taken down. Gordon Hotel at top of road ( occupied by military during war & demolished shortly after). Of course access to ...Read full memory

A memory of Southbourne by jwbishop51

Growing Up In Southall

My name is Christine Andrews (Bramston is my maiden name). I lived in Devonshire Road Southall from my birth in 1956 until we moved away to Basingstoke in 1966. My best friend was Susan Endersby who lived at 130 Ascot Gardens with her mum and dad Ron and Vera (I think). I had other friends who lived in Rutland Road (a ...Read full memory

Smallfield Primary School 1965/1966 I Went To That School! I Remember My Friends Kim Protheroe Katy Simon Tall Blond Boy And Andrew Chitty The Butchers Son! He Was My Boyfriend! My Name Was Carole I

I went to this school1965/1966 best friend Kim Protheroe! Remember Katy and Simon and Andrew chitty the butchers son! He was my boyfriend! Walking down to church hall for our dinner! I was the only one who enjoyed them! Remember mental arithmetic in hall in mornings! My name was Carole southen! Any one remember?

A memory of Smallfield by pallibelle10

Soap Factory

Hi can anybody tell me the name of the soap factory that was on Kirkby Trading Estate in the 1950's / 1960's?

A memory of Kirkby by jeandaly5

Rifleman William Winkworth Leigh Church War Memorial

The last name on the World War 1 memorial in Leigh Church is Rifleman William Winkworth. Mr Winkworth from Ashford in Kent was for a time a baker at Dawes Green ,Leigh. He married Bessie Lemmon and for a while just before WW1 lived in the Old Shepherds Cottage, Tapners Road Leigh. Mr ...Read full memory

A memory of Leigh by Roy Livermore

Hounslow Bulstode Girls School

My name wasJanet Whitehead then I went to Bulstrode girls school in the sixties, One of my teachers was Mrs balls ,my friends where Maureen Oliver Margaret twining , Mavis Bowden .the headmistress was Mrs Collins also there was a teacher called Miss Hull It would nice to get in touch with anyone who remembers me. I lived in Grove Road. I now live in sunbury .

A memory of Hounslow by janbarrett9

Mitcham Memories.

Hi. my name is Chris Everett. I was born in a nissen hut at Ivy Gardens, Wide way pollards hill Mitcham in 1947. I remember going to St Mark's school infants and later Sherwood park junior school. Saturday morning pictures at the Majestic was always to be looked forward too. As was the Mitcham swimming bars. The annual fare on ...Read full memory

A memory of Mitcham by waylandwx

St. Anns

I was born in 1951 and lived in Leicester St, St Ann's up until August 1967 when the family moved to Bestwood Park.Whilst living in St Ann's I had put up with an outside toilet,no central heating and no running hot water.What a luxury it was to live in Bestwood Park!!!

A memory of Nottingham by huntoflyer5

Leek Street, Collyhurst

I lived in Leek Street from 1952 until the houses were knocked down , we moved to Moston in 1968. There were 4 of us children and our parents in a tiny terraced house. We had a back yard with an outside toilet and only a cold tap in the kitchen. Later on we did have a geyser by the kitchen sink which provided hot water. ...Read full memory

A memory of Collyhurst by Anne Forster

Fern Cottage

My father Brian Philpott was born in Hartley Wintney in 1933. He had friends whose surname was Ruffle; he was head choirboy at st Johns church til about aged 14, and he left around 1950 toi join the RAF, and my grandparents Rose and Stanley Philpott lived at Fern Cottage until the late 60s. Does anyone recall them please?


Me and my then little brother remember great excitement when a snake was discovered in the pool. I also seem to remember although a little hazy, a few chosen children were invited to Mr & Mrs Jones's private apartment to watch some TV. I suppose a treat. Not really a treat for us as we were traumatised at being left there. This was about 1955/56?

A memory of Northaw Place by wendy

Names From The Past. 1947

I, Aida Brunton, lived in Rokeby Villas, and had a brother named Arthur. He belonged to the Boys Brigade, Archie Waters, Billy Coburn, Harry Gibson, Colin Robinson, Ian Wilson,. I was 5yrs younger, friends, Dorota Swedkowicz, Lily Robson, Eileen Atkinson, Elizabeth Lambert, Brian Jude. Richard Gair, Ross Hall, ...Read full memory

Laundrette & Klm Motors

I lived over the Laundrette 1958 to 1968 where my mother was the manageress. I worked at KLM Motors from 1960 to 1966 and worked with Mike Doble while he was repairing car bodywork until he started his own business. Happy days.

Mastin Moor Isolation Hospital

I lived in Killamarsh and during the war I developed scarlet fever. I was admitted to the isolation hospital and was in for 6 weeks. Mother and Dad visited but had stay outside and talk to me through a closed window. There was a Doctor Lewis who treated the patients and a nurse I think they called Martha Brown Does anyone remember the Hospital

A memory of Mastin Moor by bernardward


Rinti also layed ln the front door so everybody had to step over him,my name is Derek W and I worked Behind the bar for Fred , he taught me the bar trade in 1962 I was then 18

A memory of Guiseley by derek-wood

Dr Ken Simon Memory

I lived in ray park avenue from 1969 to 1973 . Dr (Ken?) Simon was my G.P and I have vivid memories of Skindles , Thameside , Taplow , Boulter's Lock... .You may contact me for further info G.C

A memory of Maidenhead

Allhallowgate Ripon

Does anyone remember allhallowgate in the early 1950s. We the Edwards lived in central court before the flats were built. Our neighbours were Mrs remmer who then became Mrs styan, Madge and Joe sawyer and our friend Pauline, wilf and Nellie Richardson, Mrs rathmell, Mr harbisher and Mr and Mrs Collinson and their daughter ...Read full memory

A memory of Ripon by jeangarbutt1


When I was about nine years old, the family doctor discovered a very bad case of tonsillitis. "Better have them removed as soon as possible." he tersely told my mother. With a brand new National Health in place, I was placed into Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. After a 24 hours of being spoiled by nurses, I was told ...Read full memory

Turtons, Rumbolds

My ancestres came from here dating back to 1600 to the last being my grandmother born 1912. Would be interested in hearing from any relatives or people with interest in these names. Alison 07975734541

Greenhithe High Street

As a child I visited my Nan and Grandad in Greenhithe High Street. (1959) Grandad worked at Everard's and my dad also followed in his dads footsteps. Dad worked for Everard's for many years as did relatives. Unfortunately Dad and relatives all passed away now but I have no photographs of greenhithe high street where ...Read full memory

Celandine Road

Have just come across this site by accident, and was amazed by the number of names I recognised from my childhood. I lived at no.82 celandine road from about 1953/54 until we moved to Fullerton crescent about 1965 approx. My name was brenda chambers before I got married. I remember the names of beryl Lawrence, glennis ...Read full memory

Little Ealing

We moved to Lawrence Road in South Ealing around 1966. My brothers and I went to Little Ealing Primary School (1969- 1977) followed by two more cousins. Mrs Lodge was my first teacher and I thought she was the most fabulous lady ever. I remember in Infant School we always has to sing All things bright and beautiful before we could ...Read full memory

A memory of Ealing by fawkes_linda

Birdcage Walk In The Beginning

I remember when Birdcage Walk was first opened. My husband John and his father William cleaned the Windows of most of the shops there. It was like a little community, it had everything. Paper shop, wet fish shop, butchers, clothes shops and even the Dudley Herald newspaper office was there. Happy days.

A memory of Dudley by c.slimm

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