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Crowsley Park Childhood

We moved to Keepers Cottage , Crowsley Park in March 1940, we kept the key to the Park Gate as our water well for drinking water was at the bungalow the other side of the gate. I was told never to tell anyone where ...Read full memory

A Life So Lost From So Long Ago

I was born in worksop but my early life was spent in harworth, my name is Adrian Cutts (Godley originally). my father and the rest of his large family were from the Tickhill and Harworth areas. my dad unfortunately ...Read full memory

A memory of Harworth by adrianctts

Thomas Robert Taylor Cobblers In West Street,Boston.Lincs

I am trying to find anyone who knew of my great grandfather named Thomas Robert Taylor. He was married to Elizabeth Ann(formerly pick) and was a cobbler in West street Boston Lincs. Thank you

A memory of Boston by victorianna1949

Hope Cottage

Does anyone remember Hope Cottage The Drive and Mrs Goodlands place Fen Haven

Looking For Relatives Of George Barnes, High Sheriff Of Lichfield In 1883

The pub further down on the right in Bore St is, I believe, the George 4th owned as part of Lichfield Brewery, which belonged to, George Barnes family. George was born in ...Read full memory

The Giants Table

My name is Shaun Scully, we moved to 34 Gotherage Lane in 1964 when I was four, I used to play on the field near our house and the other kids knew about the Giants Table, I have forgotten all about this for 50 years! I think it ...Read full memory

A memory of Romiley by Shaun Scully

Momories Of The Festival Theatre

I remember the Chichester Festival Theatre opening in 1962. I went to see several plays there over the years. One I remember well was The Royal Hunt of the Sun. Later, in the early 70s I worked there for 2 ...Read full memory

What I Know About Ramsbottom

In Ramsbottom there are lots of festivals, to remind us of the olden days and times gone by. Ramsbottom is famous worldwide for Black Pudding throwing ,and my swimming lessons are in the local swimming pool. From ...Read full memory

A memory of Ramsbottom by Raymond Hay

Lost Family The Powells And The Hoares

My Mum, Evelyn (Bess) Hoare was born in Tir-y-Berth in 1918. The Hoare family were not natives of the town but my grandfather, a tunnel excavator, obviously found work in the area and the family were ...Read full memory

Convent Of The Sacred Heart Barnes

So sorry to read Renukadelima's comment about her sister, Geeta, who went to the Sacred Heart in Barnes in 1959. I was also there and my name is Suzanne DUPREZ and I do remember Geeta, as she was in the same ...Read full memory

A memory of Barnes by calmwaters28

Mills Grocers

Does any one remember me? John from Norman Mills the grocers I work there for 50 years It was one of the very last real grocers in the town. It was the first shop to sell frozen foods, and the first Health food store in the area. ...Read full memory

A memory of Dartford by johnrank

West Hill School

I also went to West Hill School in 1940 to 1945 and remember Mrs Fidgen, Miss Adams and Mr Ward the head master who would can a naughty child in front of the whole school. The air raid shelters were found again a few years ago ...Read full memory

A memory of Dartford by johnrank

Moreland Ave

Yes I remember the V2 rocket that came down in Moreland Ave.I had just returned from the air raid shelter when the siren went again, we did not have time to go to the shelter again.I was in bed and when I pulled the bed covers back ...Read full memory

A memory of Dartford by johnrank

66 68 Albert Road

I lived here 45-47 myParents had the fish and chip shop and furniture store. I remember the twins next door, Ruth and faith who used to come over and we would eat scrump in the bomb shelter in the back yard area. ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilburn by kevynastley

Graduated Iuhs! What Wonderful Memories Of Great People!

IUHS was a great place to go to High School. I met amazing people and met my wonderful husband! Shahrooz and I met there when we were 16 years old, we have been together ever since! We have ...Read full memory

A memory of Bushey by susanshomali

The Village Shop

I remember in the 1950s, walking as a child from Greenhurst Lane where I lived, across the railway bridge, down to St Agatha's Hall, then left down the long path to the bottom of the large Village Green. At the bottom on the ...Read full memory

A memory of Hurst Green by jim.hammond

Memories Of Days Gone By

I was born in Mark Street, Palmers Buildings. Around 1953 our family moved to Whitby Gardens, Holy Cross. Attended St Aidan's school. I worked down the Rising Sun from 1955 for three years then enlisted in the Army for ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallsend by jimcaff


Was'nt in the WAAF, bit too young, but I was at Bletchley Park in 1950/51, with the Ministry of Aviation, training to be a Teleprinter Op before going to Birdlip Radio Station, and then Croydon Signals Centre. We went one evening to see a ...Read full memory

A memory of Bletchley

Corbet Arms 1946 To 1958

My father, William Tom Stallard, was manager here 1946 to 1958.He was previously manager at the Btooklands Hotel, Sale, Manchester 1937 (?) to 1941.~ The youngest in the company. He married in 1938. He ...Read full memory

Bolingbroke Walk Battersea

I lived in Bolingbroke Walk from 1951 until about 1959 and have been searching for ages or any images of the street or the school.

A memory of Battersea

Hoard's Park,Shropshire

My great,great, great grandfather Benjamin Wase (a surgeon) lived in this area of Shropshire. His son, John Holland Wase I, lived and raised his family at Hoard's Park. John Holland Wase I was an engineer but became ...Read full memory

A memory of Hoards Park by rjderoo

Rosemary Inglis, I Remember Youvery Well

I can't believe that I've actually found this site,and to see some comments from people I went to school with 50 years ago is amazing! I remember vividly Miss. Hainsselin, the head, and her 'deputy' ...Read full memory

A memory of Yeaton Peverey by italeegb

The Sad Demise Of A Wonderfull Little Town

1 lived in Erith until 1970 born in 1932 at 7 Athol road off of Deluci road which is next to the old Tivoli cinema we move there in 1934 from west street we had incenderies drop on our house in 1942 my ...Read full memory

A memory of Erith by george28532

School Days

my name is George Bryant I went to North haringay boys school from 1958 - the beginning I was the only black boy in first it was pretty rough called all kind of names people lifting up my blazer to ask me where my ...Read full memory


Mike Pusey is right about the Technics but I was the original drummer.Bruce Moore was a guitarist and Colin was also on guitar.Only Mick stayed on because the rest of us were too poor to buy the expensive equipment to go to the next ...Read full memory

A memory of High Wycombe by freycr

Norden Riviera

Yes it was a sort of luxury to have the outdoor pool at Norden, people would descend upon the Riviera every weekend. For me though it was short lived as we moved to Norden in 61 and it closed in 63. I think the Tannery owned the ...Read full memory

Consett Tech Collage 1968/72

happy days at Consett tech collage,engineering course,head of Engineering dept Mr Mernes ?.Mr Clift,Mr Taylor allso a teatcher,some of my class mates Atra Dobson,Bryan Pyle,i can not think of any more names at the moment i can see there faces,sign of old age...John D. Mitchinson

A memory of Consett by mitchinson

Hunloke Arms Chesterfield

My grandparents were publicans and ran the Hunloke Arms pub on Derby Road for many years during the 60s and 70s. I was born at Ashgate nursing home and lived in the Chesterfield area until the late 70s when I spread ...Read full memory

Cloch View 1931

Hello, I am trying to find out more about the place my father was born in 1931 which was Cloch View, Kirn. I understand that it was a tenement in Hunter street with a view of the Cloch Lighthouse. My father's mother was called Lillian ...Read full memory

A memory of Kirn by lyn

I Was Born In Frimley Green 1945

My parents Elsie and Sidney Minton were evacuated from North London to Frimley Green during the war. My Father was a fire-fighter in London. My sister Gillian and I were both born in the ballroom of a large ...Read full memory

A memory of Frimley Green by ruthymin

Bishops Of Vigo Lane

I was wondering if anyone knew of William Bishop a gardener of Sunnyside Vigo Lane as he was married to my get grt grandmother Sarah his 1st wife. I have photos of the house with them both in the gardens and my Nan used to ...Read full memory

A memory of Yateley by patricia

Smokey Joe

I also remember Smokey Joe, I grew up in Sidcup and lived on Halfway Street. smokey Joe used to come tearing down the road on his bike towards Eltham, no tyres and no chain! He would use his feet to propel himself along. What a character.

A memory of Sidcup by philbuckley

Growing Up In A Community

my parents moved to Sussex Crescent in 1954 with three young children, having been re homed from temporary housing - a prefab. The Northolt estate was a great place with a genuine community spirit, families all rallied ...Read full memory

A memory of Northolt by diannen

E. Hill, Picture Frame Maker

My cousin who lives in the Shetland Islands has a pair of old oil paintings which he inherited from his father. He's trying to find out where they are from and the only clue he has is the name of the company that did ...Read full memory

A memory of Ilfracombe by cmga301

Happy Days!

A lot of us met our future partners there me included.There was nowhere like The Rink - we saw all the big bands of the day and even were taught to dance by Harry Waterworth,a great dancer.I would not change those years with anyone!

A memory of Spennymoor by jack.iceton

Belli's Cafe

Bert Belli was my Dads brother,we met him once when I was very young.My Dad was Tony Belli and lived in the Isle of Man.Dad saw Bert just before he passed away and Dad himself lived until he was 90 and died in 2010.Has anyone any ...Read full memory

A memory of Blaenavon by angelabell


Hi,my name is Ben Harverson i am trying to trak down some old mates of mine.we used to knock around together on aboyne park and Henrys cafe on garrett lane back in the late 60s.

Memories Of Good Days Len Langford

I remember Fred Warren very well. My sister in law came over from Canada for a holiday and she bought my wife a Clematis with full care instructions and it flowered every year. I also remember the Warren family in ...Read full memory

44 Cricketfield Rd

This address was a large terraced home which once belonged to my paternal grandmother.she rented rooms out (after my grandad had passed away) I remember it from visits there when my aunt betty and family lived there. The attic ...Read full memory

A memory of Hackney by Zoe Cowell


Hi, my name is Ben Harverson i am trying to trak down some old mates of mine. we used to knock around together on aboyne park and Henrys cafe on garrett lane back in the late 60s.

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