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Humprhey The Shoe Menders (Old Jack, Young Jack, Jean And Marjorie)

Dear Tim, I remember the shop very well and used to visit with my Mum, Phyllis Cooley who was the daughter of May Clarke, the ...Read full memory

A memory of Chesham by sylviahornsby

John Ruskin Grammar, Tamworth Rd.

Lived in Norbury, got a scholarship in 1946. French teacher Miss Hickmott, and Math teacher Mr. Smith. Raided Old Palace girls school with snowballs in winter. I was in Gamma class (yellow). I remember the Tuck Shop across the street where I would buy penny fizzes, and sherbet dabs.

A memory of Croydon by ericd

A Visiter To Oakenshaw

Until the early sixties when my grandmother died, I visited Oakenshaw with my parents and brother to see my grandparents James Carter and Jane Ann Carter. It wasn't ...Read full memory

Cuckfield Hospital Maternity, Bolney Ward

In March 1976 I gave birth to my eldest son Richard. We were living in East Grinstead at the time. I met some lovely people during this time. One of the ...Read full memory

A memory of Cuckfield by marilyn

Childhood Memories

This August 2014, on my way back from Whitby, I took a detour and called at Reighton Gap. The last time I was there was in the late 1950s / early 60's when we stayed at the ...Read full memory

A memory of Reighton by akaye73

Looking For Rodney Henderson

Hi Everyone, I am hoping someone out there can help me I am trying to find a Rodney Henderson who lived in Frinton road Tottenham in the 1960's on behalf of my ...Read full memory

A memory of Tottenham by Susan Holt


I used to go and see ted stout as a child believe he was my dads uncle, we also have family connections to the family names, bloxom, and surtees, my grandfathers name was james Daniel ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallsend by msmith36

Timperley Forge

My grandfather, Harry Barker was the farrier here but left with my Granny Alice in the 1940's to live in Leicester. Does anyone remember where the forge was situated ? I visited as ...Read full memory

A memory of Timperley by magsinafrica

Hoy Family

My gt,gt grandfather Abijah Hoy was born in Great Dunmow in 1813 and was a farm worker all his working life. He died at an address in the High St in 1881 and on his death ...Read full memory

Cedar Avenue School

I lived near Upminster Bridge from 1947 to 1967, I went to Cedar Avenue Primary School, I remember the headmaster was Mr Ford. Also recall Mr Duffield, and Mr Jenkins. I have ...Read full memory

A memory of Upminster by cambillericay

Dr. Payling (Not Sure About The Spelling)

Does anyone remember the headmaster in the late 40's, Doctor Payling? What happened to him? He quit before 1950 I believe. Gordon C Head

A memory of Swanwick by gchead1

Little Ness School

My name is ERNIE EVANS I started school at little ness school January 1935 i lived in VALESWOOD with my brother DOUGLASS also my sister KATHLEEN I remember in the war ...Read full memory

A memory of Nesscliffe by grandadernie

Ashford Open Air Swimming Pool

I was born in ashford in 1953, lived there until 1973, went to the open air pool as soon as I was allowed, during the school summer holidays ...Read full memory

A memory of Ashford by birchhouse24

Growing Up At Lulworth Cove

I lived in Lulworth Cove from 1949 to until 1972. It was a fantastic place to spend your childhood and have many happy memories of time spent with my sister and ...Read full memory

Present Amesbury

Amesbury such lovely town there is plenty of village shops. Methodist church on the corner of the road. bus station and there is co-op supermarket which has been built . I used ...Read full memory

A memory of Amesbury

Church Weekend

there used to be i believe old house in Crickhowell it was refurbished to meeting place the men breakfast weekend was used and then ladies breakfast weekend was held there. it ...Read full memory

A memory of Crickhowell


I was born in Chiswick which then in 1958 was named Ealing the family then moved shortly afterwards to Middlesex

A memory of Ealing

Harts Hill, Brierley Hill, West Midlands

Before Gordon Crescent and Terrace Street estate was built my Great Grandfather owned a cottage at the end of Terrace Street. It was called Harts Hill ...Read full memory

A memory of Brierley Hill

The Punch Bowl

The Punch Bowl pub is in danger of closing and the village is bidding to buy it from Thwaites Brewery. Please share your happy memories of this, the last pub in the village.

Mr Cavanagh Teacher At Rippingale School

My name is Owen Cox,and i lived in Dovecote estate from 1966-1970 approx. A man i shall always remember fondly is Mr Cavanagh who ran the school with his ...Read full memory

A memory of Rippingale by owen7591

Happy Days

I remember Bay Hotel extremely well, I used to frequent it with my parents for many years, three times a year, from the age of a toddler up to when I got married in 1970, so we were ...Read full memory

A memory of Rhosneigr by pfitzp

Merrow Village Hall

Where local people were invited to watch the film of Queen Elizabeth's coronation in 1953. There wasn't a screen, just curtains which moved about a bit. The Hall was used for ...Read full memory

A memory of Merrow by sandra

Loretto School

I lived in Wallyford went to school in Musselburgh and played football for the Windsor as a teenager. We played at the back sands and the harbour in the summer.

A memory of Musselburgh by kiffy20

Paper Round

My name is Christopher Gillan lived in Fa,side Ave North. I delivered the papers up there for years 1964 ish I used to drop in at my house and read all the comics before I delivered ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallyford by kiffy20

Living In Balham

I lived in Balham during the Blitz and Mum and my brother Ralph lived in Westlands Tce, which was bombed around 1944, maybe earlier. My dad was serving in the Navy. My brother ...Read full memory

A memory of Balham by billeve1

The Orchid

My husband and I used to go dancing there in the 1960's when Frank and Peggy Spencer run dance classes. We met at the Maurice Jay school of Dancing in Norbury.

A memory of Croydon by catricand

A Boarder's Thoughts From The '60s

What an unexpected but pleasant surprise to have come across this picture of Pennthorpe Preparatory School in Rudgwick. Ironically I left the year it appears to ...Read full memory

A memory of Rudgwick by ianward

In The Sixties

me my 2 brothers and 2 sisters lived at 32 brynavon tec my father was maldwyn Vaughan my mum was called Barbara we moved to York when I was 11 after my parents got divorced I ...Read full memory

A memory of Hengoed by Carol Vaughan

Village Life

our family moved here in 1996 we lived in Gerrald close only remembering there stood once a trough on piece of land this I believe was here before roundabout put in? there ...Read full memory

Pauline Dockings Dance School

I remember getting really excited about putting on a 'performance' at the town hall, when I was around 6 til about 9. We did singing, tap dancing and acrobats, the ...Read full memory

Fleming Park

Yes, I remember this place very well. There was a fishpond just outside of the pavilion with koi and goldfish. Broken paving slabs were all around the perimeter of it, so that you ...Read full memory

Born And Raised In The Village

Hi Readers ...My name is Vince . I was born in Greenway Lane in 1955 and spent my early years in the village . My father was a Child Okeford man and my ...Read full memory

St Johns School Merrow Street

I remember this well as I started here in 1953. It was in Merrow Street (on the site of the new school) had a solid flint fascia and the main curved archway at the ...Read full memory

A memory of Merrow by sandra

The Shops At Merrow

I remember these shops well as my family moved into the 'new' council houses in 1952 when Bushy Hill estate was still being developed. From the left, the bright red letterbox ...Read full memory

A memory of Merrow by sandra

I Lived Near Where The Photographer Would Have Stood

23 Markham Crescent was the address of Albert Parsons my Grandfather whom we lived with for several years. I believe that at the time this ...Read full memory

A memory of Oakdale by mikejones787


I saw Wullie Mitchell, guitarist with the Midlanders. in the Wishaw press recently. He writes science fiction now. I played with the Midlanders on drums when i was only ...Read full memory

A memory of Wishaw by Norrie Mckechnie

Louisburg Barracks 1981 Basic Training

I recently had a chance to return to Louisburg Barracks Bordon. i had to go as they seem to be about to redevelop the site. i was there 30+ years ago and ...Read full memory

A memory of Bordon by r.bromley223

Kilburn Hall Yorkshire

HI I am tracing my family history and trying to find out about Joseph pollard, he was a farmer in Kilburn and died at Kilburn Hall in 1804, I wondered if anyone knew anything about the hall of the history of it Many thanks Dawn

A memory of Kilburn by dawnpollard7

I Was Born In 1955

when I see the photo Acomb the Village, I remember living opposite the Queen's Arms Hotel, with my family Chris and Lucy Henderson, my uncle Billy and Aunt Elizabeth and mam Mary. I was born there in 1955

A memory of Acomb by tillyandgeorge

The Top Derby Pub

I remember ( vaguely) the top derby pub at the junction of factory lane.i still have a photo of me sat on the steps in my shorts and cap :),it was whit sunday and we were going ...Read full memory

A memory of Harpurhey

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