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The Caddick Family

Nancledra Days 1946 was the year that our family life in Nancledra began. What a relief it must have been to our parents, Peggy and Arthur Caddick to move into Windswept Cottage. The war years in London were over and they ...Read full memory

A memory of Nancledra by di

Valance Swimming Pool

My name was Annie Sorrell. Moved to Margery Rd in the early sixties and the gates to the park, where the swimming pool was situated, were at the bottom of our short street. Spent all day, everyday in the swimming pool during ...Read full memory

A memory of Dagenham by anniedave

Running Free

During the 70's my family moved to Winterborne Stickland, we moved into the "new houses" Downfield Close, shown in one of the pictures. Life was idyllic, the village had the Post Office, a butchers, two shops, a garage ...Read full memory

I Attnended Brigg High In 1949 I Think And Wonder If Anyone Has Contact With Others Of This Time.

I wonder if anyone has contact with others of this time. Jean Mumby, Dot Pinder. we were all cricket fans of Denis Compton, Bill Edrich etc. love to hear from anyone still alive. regards Joan nee Shearsmith

A memory of Brigg by joan.barker2

I Know Three People In This Photo.

The lady pushing the pushchair is my Nan Phyllis Hardwell, the lady stood next to her is my great nan Sarah-Jane Steventon and the baby (that you can't see) in the pushchair is my mum Jane Cooke. Unaware that this ...Read full memory

A memory of Worle by tabithacooke

Similar Photo But What Year

i have come across a photo of 4 lads and a gentleman at calenick bridge in a book 'industrial archaeology of cornwall' but do not know what year and unfortunately unable to produce here but if anyone know of this photo can tell me what year and by such luck know who are in the photo thank you

A memory of Truro by savesoul3

Our Home

We currently live in this house, or to be correct the two cottages on the left which have been knocked through and made one, and luckily now with Central heating is quite warm and cosy. Like Mike and Rachael next door whom have also ...Read full memory

My Memory Of This Area

On the left is the entrance to Victoria Park, just where the car is parked. Originally there were lovely wrought iron gates which Queen Victoria had opened on the dedication of the park. The council had them removed much to ...Read full memory

A memory of Finchley by btrimmer03

Happy Times

i spent lots of holidays at the miners holiday centre with my family i went on to work at dawdon colliery i visit skegness often but would like to go and revisit the centre what is it called now the chaletys were basic and ...Read full memory

A memory of Skegness by william.oakley

Derwent. Parade

We lived @ 52 Derwent Parade above Harry Fenton's outfitters. Mum work at Phillips sweet shop beside the stairs to the flats above. Other shops included Watts furniture, the Co Op, Woollies and the sensational , or so we ...Read full memory

A memory of South Ockendon

Growing Up In Weaverham 1951 1963

I lived at 3 Briar Lane from birth in 1951 until we moved to Derby in 1962. I went to Forest Street primary and remember some of the teachers, Palin, Woodward and the evil head teacher Mr. Ackerley who delighted ...Read full memory

A memory of Weaverham by steve

Butchers Shop

My Grandfather owned a butchers shop in Agincourt Square around this time and I wonder if that is him stood outside with the long apron on. My father was also born there in 1913. The surname was Davies

A memory of Monmouth by zotam

From The Corners Of My Mind

Born 1955,lived in princes road,so many happy memories of growing up there....the "Olympic stores"nose pressed against the glass looking at all the things we could'nt afford,playing football and being chased off ...Read full memory

A memory of Ellesmere Port by katemt

Chiesmans Christmas Time In The Basement.

I remember going down into the basement at Chiesmans department store to meet Santa Claus, the picture looks as if it was taken from the roof of Chiesmans. This was around 66/68. Later I would take the ...Read full memory

A memory of Lewisham

A Long Time Ago

Gosh, from aged 8-12 years I was here. Now 30 years later I am still friends with girls who were here. It was just awful. We got locked in rooms for 24-48 hours with just bread, water and no electricity for doing ...Read full memory

A memory of Lechlade on Thames

Bedford Hill Stores

My mother June grew up in Balham & she lived above her parents shop Bedford Hill stores. It was on Bedford Hill and backed onto Hildreth Street market. Her father was David Glicksman. I would love to locate any photos of the store or any memories.

A memory of Balham by happidaiz

Memories Of Cowdenbeath

born in Dunfermline in 1972 I lived in Sinclair drive directly opposite what we called the bing which was the site of the mossbeath colliery which after redevelopment became known as the red ash. then moving to the ...Read full memory

A memory of Cowdenbeath by banger44

Silly Cow

So I said, listen here Nitty, straighten your hair-net, pull up your stockings and pin back your lugholes.

A memory of South Reddish

To Sue Bradford Re St Patricks Open Air School Hayling

hallo sue, I tried to answer your message but when I clicked the message button nothing happened so I am writing to you on this page instead. Sister Bertha was the head teacher and ...Read full memory

Pilgrims Way Childrens Home And St Patrick Open Air School

I was in pilgrims way childrens home in bower mount road Maidstone from age was a very strict regime but I liked it there. however we were made to go to choir practice ...Read full memory

Smallpox Hospital

I lived as a child at number 110 henwood lane Catherine de barnes or better known as catney.The house we lived in was the lodge to the hospital. I lived with mother and father,4 sisters and 3 brothers. We spent 3 ...Read full memory

Waterloo Road

I was born in Burslem and lived on Waterloo Road across from Macintyres pottery from 1949 until 1957 when we moved to Lancashire. Macintyres had a clock tower and we would check it in the morning before leaving for school. I began ...Read full memory

A memory of Burslem by smlowe

My Memory

I went to hassobury school back in 1969 it was a great school only girls I have good memory of being there I don't know what happen to the school if any one who went to the school I would like to hear from them my name was judith hoy. Miss doler miss bogg miss eveans. They were teacher

A memory of Farnham by judy6


I was in Frome Bank from the age of about 4yrs till 12yrs from 1957 to about 1965 and would like to hear from any one who was there at this time

A memory of Bromyard by kieljohn53

Swimming Baths.

The swimming baths were not Victorian they were opened in about 1935 and part of the new fire and police station. (The Reigate baths were in castle field road and these were old probably Edwardian). I went there when they opened ...Read full memory

A memory of Redhill by ralph.henley

Styal = Happy School Days

I went to this great school around 1979 - 1983. I remember some of the great teachers including Miss Curtis, Miss Bowcock, Mr Holland, Mr Burroughs, Mr Bolton, etc. Some fellow class members were Paul Renshaw, Gary Kilby, ...Read full memory

A memory of Styal by marcbleakley

A Special Place

Spent several holidays in the chalets on the beach - remember Edna helping the Sellicks - Robert and Anthony and their mum and dad in the Sea Shanty Cafe. Used to get our milk from Mr.Trott at the farm who kept the milk churns ...Read full memory

Education On Crutches!

After attending Loughton County High School for Girls from 1952 to 1958, I then continued my education at Harlow College of Further Education. This was a two year full time Course, supposedly including languages - lack of ...Read full memory

A memory of Harlow by rossmeadpa

Sweets Instead Of Payment!

I remember Moot House. I had moved to Harlow New Town in 1952 as a ten year old girl with my family and in my teens I cleared the tables and washed up in a café in the House on Saturdays. As I was too young to be ...Read full memory

A memory of Harlow by rossmeadpa


I remember collecting the Sunday papers from the back door of Ropers house before the shop was built, and an order for a cake could be placed to be made for birthdays and other occasions, I forget the name now of the lady who made these wonderful cakes.

A memory of St Neots by reest

Sister Catherine

when I was 10 my younger sister was 8 and the twins with five , we were sent to St Clare's convent. We were in sister Catherines' flat she was very good to us but we were only there for a year before returning home to our ...Read full memory

Brian Mister Obe

Hi Brian good to hear from you I contacted Ron Mobbs about four years ago and he is well please let me know what your up to.

"He Prince Albert"

I have one of the earliest known photographs of the building that occupied the site in the 1800's. The house was started as a 'Beer House' by a Frederick Smith circa 1851. It underwent a rebuild by Richard King c1898, and ...Read full memory

Doris And Raymond Lee

Hi does anyone know the where abouts of Doris Lee nee Mather use to live in remuir street and tooting before moving to Lincoln . I moved up to Huntington . I am trying to locate Doris, I am Beryl Clark. Nee Jamieson Doris,s ...Read full memory

A memory of Lincoln by Beryl Clark

Looking To Find Someone

Hi, I Tina My mum is Rosemary Fish we lived on Shoreham Road in Smaldole, Just wondered if anyone remembers the name of a house that was knocked down to build Silver Birches Estate?

A memory of Small Dole

Trecco Bay

My family have a long history with porthcawl as my mothers family name was Churchill and my mother and her mother ran the sweet stall and the fish stall in trecco bay in the sixties and seventies. My fathers side of the family is ...Read full memory

A memory of Porthcawl

Butterworths Grocery On Old Chester Rd Tranmere

I remember being aged 3yrs and my mum would walk me down to butterworths grocery shop and let me walking on my own with a huge straw shopping bag and shopping list..the lady in there, Mrs ...Read full memory

A memory of Tranmere by anniemyler

Behind Horniman Museum (The Old Castle)

I remember living on Perry Vale above the old bus garage, and my brother and I would go to Horniman Museum, then go about 400 yards behind and there was a castlelated building consisting of a basement ...Read full memory

Growing Up

I was born in Motspur Park on the 2nd Jan 1940.Lived in Tennyson Avenue until 1950 when we moved to Enfield. Went to Burlington Road infant school. I remember my father having an allotment by the railway station which is now there ...Read full memory

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