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New Haw, Surrey
Photos, Maps, Books and Memories

Historic maps of New Haw and the local area, hand-drawn by Ordnance Survey cartographers and Samuel Lewis.

Parkside. Memories Of The 50's And 60's

My name is Dennis Walsh, I was born in 1953 at 62, Park Side. I lived there until Dec 1965 when we moved to Sydney Australia. My earliest memories are of our house, which backed onto the park. It seemed like a big block of land but after revisiting many years later it was quite small. I remember the air was ...Read full memory

A memory of New Haw by denniswalsh0201

Life And Times Of Suzanne Knight In New Haw.

I lived at 5 Manor Drive with my 3 sisters, Kathleen, Elizabeth and Mary. I was born in the house at 1am on a snowy night in 1954 and was delivered by my dad and Dr Poles, while Mary slept and Kathleen and Elizabeth were shipped across the road to spend the night with Stuart Yates. And I lived ...Read full memory

A memory of New Haw by Suzanne Knight

New Haw

Woking: Having just read memories of New Haw has sent my mind racing. My name is Joe Kennedy, having lived on the corner of Kings Road and Woodham Lane from 1940, doing Nat Service in 1959. Recognising many names from memories. I also went to New Haw primary then West Byffleet. Mr Bean was headmaster. Having read names Read and ...Read full memory

A memory of New Haw by Joe Kennedy