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Early Years in The Village.

I left the village in 1948, to join my parents, Cyril and Gladys Jones, and sister Pam who had moved to Gravesend, Kent. I had attended the Lawn following years at Abertysswg School, before going to Caerleon for my teacher training. The Army followed; 2 years in the East Yorkshire Regiment mostly spent in Vienna. Demob came and I went to join my parents in Kent, find a job and Dulcie who was to become my wife. When living at Aber I attended Bethania Chapel, three times on Sundays. The Minister was the Rev E.G.Williams, whose wife played the organ, sharing this duty with Maggie Williams of Walter Street. I was born on Christmas Day in Westville where we lived with my grandparents, Thomas and Gwen Jones. Our neighbours were Mr and Mrs Kendrick. Each Sunday I had my Sunday lunch with them and their daughter Aggie. What wonderful memories I have of my childhood and youth, surrounded by such wonderful adults. I have wonderful memories of the Whit Monday... Read more

Childhood Visits to 20 Alfred Street 1960s/70s

I remember Roffis!My family lived in Alfred Street.My late Dad was Edward Hind.We used to visit my Granny Ethel,Grandad George,Auntie Dorothy,Uncle Dai.We also visited Auntie Millie and Uncle Jack in Tredegar. We lived in England, but Ethel and Millie used to visit us up to 1977.
I think the Jones- Ethel's family -lived in Maclaren cottages.There was an Auntie Mary who trained as a nurse in Bedwellty.
There was also Uncle Paul who married Brenda and lived with Ethel.After she died the house was sold and as I was a child at the time didn't realise that family effects- photographs especially had been dispersed.Now I am pulling together the Hind/Jones family tree, I would dearly love to know of any memories out there, or where Brenda is,or are there any relatives with information.
I have lovely memories of holidays with Grandma- the mountains, whinberrying, and the pies Granny made with them.She used to make the blackest of gravy- it was gorgeous!

Growing up in Abertysswg

I first started school in Abertysswg primary at the age of 5 .I enjoyed my first day at school and meeting all the children on my first day.The school held great memories for me right up until I left at the age of eleven.The teachers I had you could not beat. There was Mrs James you couldn't find a more better teacher and Mr wells the Headmaster. Now they want to close the school down and move the children. To me you will never get a more better school than ABER PRIMARY.

Growing up in Aber

I was born in Abertysswg in 1943 and remained there until 1967 when I married and moved to Cardiff. Then, in 1985 I moved to Anglesey where I still live. I have only recently discovered this site and have now spent a very happy hour reading through messages from people I remember so well, particularly Linda (Dummet) Shapiro who lived opposite me in Charles St and mentioned meeting my brother Geraint Stockman recently. The rest of the Stockman clan still live in the village so I reguarly visit them and spend a few weeks there. I also remember Christine Prichard very well as we were in school together, Angela Pritchard is nearer to my sister Jacqueline's age. I have one son who is a vet and now lives in New Zealand where I have now visited four times. I hope my memories of Aber reach a few more people most of whom I have lost touch with. It has been good taking a trip down memory lane.


I remember so many people from Abertysswg that it was great to find this website and know there are people writing about the village I shall always think of as ' home '.

Had fate been kinder to me I most probably would never have left but things happen that make us make decisions and mine was to leave Abertysswg. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if I had stayed in the village but it is so good reading the memories of people from Abertysswg that I feel I still belong there and that is such a feeling of belonging!

I was in school with Christine Pritchard and the late Dorothy Tapscott. During the summer of 1958 I went on holiday to Seaton, Devon with Christine and we stayed at a bed and breakfast establishment owned by her brother Ken. Lovely times and cherished memories.

I remember going to the Queen's ballroom in Tredegar on a... Read more

Growing up in Aberyysswg

I was 10 years old in 1953 and then lived in my 'gran's house' in Alexander Street.  Janet McCarthy, Rita Anthony, Dilys Jones, Mylais Nash, Shirley Perry, Jean May, Dawn Waklin, Elvet Davies, Malcolm Powell also lived in this street and we were in school together apart from the older children who were closer to my sister's age (my sister, Joyce still lives in Abertysswg).

I remember Miss Hannah Davies teaching me at the local infants school and Mr. Taylor and in our final year we had kind and gentle Mr. Phillips.  Miss Josie Cusack was the school secretary and always appeared friendly and helpful.  Robert Griffiths from Carn-y-Tyla  was praised for his papier mâché construction of a fort for a class project.  He was an extremely confident boy if I remember correctly.

Manager's House

Because of my friendship with Helen Jones, the manager's daughter, I also went to play with her at her house, for me it was something very special because I had never been in such a big house before. It seemed so big, especially after my house in the village. The excitment of exploring the rooms especially the attic was wonderful, and later the grounds, where we picked crab apples. It would be wonderful if I could get in touch with Helen once again.

Remember This?

Well, it's 1960 onwards for me because that's the year I was born! My dad was Bill Pritchard and he was the secretary to the manager at McLaren pit. We lived in McLaren Cottages, my mum and dad had me late in life, having married in 1929, they were 48 and 52 respectively when I came along! As well as me there was Molly (born 1930), Ken (b 1932), Christine (b 1942) and Robert (1947-1997). My dad died in 1973 and my mum died in 1983. I moved to Cardiff in 1984 and have been living in Aberdeenshire since 2005. Does anyone remember the following?
Mr and Mrs Owen's butchers shop; Mrs Lippiatt who ran the Post Office: Roffi's; Alan Crane the newsagent; Merle who ran the wool shop (later the fish shop), Mrs Jones who used to live in the 'Big House' (McLaren House), the Co-Op, Dr Ieuan, Dr Connolly (from my mum and dad's time), Abertysswg Infants & Junior School with the teachers Mrs Edwards, Mr Eynon, Mr... Read more

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