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West Midlands memories

Shelfield Junior And Infants School And St Mark's Church

I went to Shelfield Junior School and have strong memories of the combined smell of bread being baked, fish and chips being cooked and the smell of horses kept in the stables - all three activities being located in an unmade road at the back of the Infants School. School Street itself was unmade, but the Infants school must have been quite modern for its day - the Junior School however had fireplaces in the classrooms where open fires were lit in the winter. Mr Johnson was the Head Teacher, Miss Edwards and Miss Crawford were teachers in the Junior School and after the war Mr Boot joined the staff. As children in the Infants we had a rest in the afternoon and lay down on coiled rush mats and if we were lucky had a story read to us. It was the time of the 11+ so many of us lost touch with our Junior school friends at age 11. You would find my father, Mr Edwin Matthews,... Read more

Summer Holidays

When we all broke up for 6 weeks holidays it was all the kids jobs to go in 'the cut' and swim to fetch coal out. The boats used to carry the coal from Walsall Wood pit to Birmingham and the boater used to drop lumps of coal into the canal. Once we had been in the cut and got the coal out we had a bike frame and 2 wheels to carry the bags of coal to home. We had a local copper, 'Long Tom' we called him because with his height you could see him a mile off. If we saw him coming we would ditch the bike and coal. Then as we walked passed him he would call us back and ask what had we been doing. I would reply "having a walk". Tom would say, "so you ant been in the cut then? "No", we said. Tom said "considering we had no rain for weeks how do you get your hair wet, take half of... Read more

Down The Wood

Born next door to Smiths post office-chemist in 1949. The high street was full of shops and you could buy anything. I can recall: HOLMES FRUIT SHOP, FELTONS THE BUTCHERS, COLMANS BY THE BRIDGE WHO SOLD BIKES BY DAY AND FISH AND CHIPS AT NIGHT, THE HAWTHORN PUB, THE LION OVER THE ROAD NEXT TO HAIRDRESSERS AND BARBERS, THE VICARIGE WITH THE BIG TREES AND A GARDEN PARTY EVERY JUNE. THEN A GOOD CRICKET MATCH ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON. I left Streets Corner Secondary School in 1964, worked for Wernicks for a few years then went on the buses. I moved up on to the Castlefort estate in 1960. A gang of us used to go up the fox covey the woods at the end of holly lane. I live in Dolgellau in north Wales now, I came back 3 years ago to have a look. The buildings are still there, but the old atmosphere is missing. I've been invited back for a reunion in October so I'll drive down all... Read more

Jack Clayton Newsagent

Is there anyone who used to deliver papers for Jack Clayton when he had the newsagent shop from 1959 to 1981? If so please let me know John Clayton (son)

Paper Kids

Hello John, I was one of your dad's paper boys. I can't remember what year as I also delivered for Billy Evans, Stuart and Linda's dad. Just down the road in our village, if you remember not only that, but I delivered for Chaplins on streets Gordon Owen's dad's taxis...happy days. The Wynott bike shop by the canal bridge, old Mr Wollaston's barbers, Percy Claridge, Val's cafe...god I wish I hadn't started now. The memories just flood back like it was yesterday. I can only think of your dad wearing glasses - hope I'm correct. Sadly the shops now a chinese take away. Bet you remember walking under the bridge by your shop, and also the old railway station?..Anyway got a bit on today, hopefully speak again soon. Best regards, Keith Davis...ex Blakemore Road, Castlefort Estate..but still in the wood.

The Village Shops

Lovely to see the old pictures of the village, they almost made me cry. Does anyone remember some of the old shops and their owners? Ted Shelley in the newsagents where I went with my pocket money to buy my weekly comic, also a very spooky antique shop run by the equally antique couple who used to scare me silly as a young girl. It was an old curiosity shop with a musty smell, quite dark inside as well. How about Horsleys the grocers, the last of the old family grocers in the days when supermarkets were in their infancy, I would go in with the red book with the weekly shopping order and a man in a brown overall coat would go round collecting the provisions and marking them off with a pencil that he occasionally licked before lodging it behind his ear. The Post Office, devoid of modern technology, with a post mistress who had regulation glasses on the end of her nose and hand writing of artistic... Read more

Streetly Riding School.

I remember going to Streetly Riding School in Manor Road which was opposite the Buccaneer pub. We had some lovely times there, some of the girls names I remember are; Janice Sturgess, Barbara Cattel and a lovely girl called Carol Hamp who was a groom there, she taught me all I needed to know about looking after horses. I wasn't a good rider as mom & dad couldn't afford lessons for me in those days, but I really enjoyed just being there and helping out. They used to take horses out riding in Sutton Park, but you had to be able to handle the horses to do that. I also remember going to the Buccaneer to buy cornish pasties at lunchtime, now they were a real treat, I think the time I was there would be around 1964/65. The weather always seemed to be nice then, they had an ex racehorse there called Solo, I loved him to bits, and another one called Saintly. I wonder if any of you... Read more

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