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Sinderhope Methodist Chapel (Pioneer Christian Youth Hostel)

The Dale Hotel And Square c1955, Allendale
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Allendale - 'Happy Memories and Great Days' In about 1973 an 'interdenominational' group of dedicated visionary young people, many from Tyneside Youth for Christ (Elim Church), based in Newcastle upon Tyne rented the disused and empty fairly large 'lower floor-part' of Sinderhope Chapel, Sinderhope, Allendale for a peppercorn rent of £1O per year, from the Allendale Methodist circuit. The Hostel faced across the valley looking onto Northumberland County Council Outdoor Education Centre. The TYFC young people and supporters raised voluntary funds and begged and borrowed to help create a lovely youth hostel named, 'Sinderhope Pioneer Christian Youth Hostel'. They furnished it with 16 bunk beds (bought via auction from RAF, Leeming in Yorkshire), and later raised funds to install propane gas in the hostel, renovating the hostel. Many churches, youth groups, school and scout groups used the church hostel throughout the years. Numerous inner city Tyneside young people (some disadvantaged youngsters with limited knowledge and experience then of the countryside) enjoyed the experience of the beautiful Allendale (Sinderhope) countryside... Read more

Holidays in Allendale Northumberland

The Dale Hotel And Square c1955, Allendale
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It brought it all back to me after reading comments by Jeff Garry. The lady he refers to as his 'Nan' was my great aunt Jean. I vividly recollect spending 2 weeks with Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Bob when they lived in the house adjoining the old brewery. Uncle Bob Garry and my grandmother Rachel were brother and sister.
At the time I visited, Jeff's dad George was not married and I remember him as a young mechanic working in the garage at the top of the hill.
I have clear memory of the old footbridge over the river adjant to which was an excellent swimming pool used regularly by the younger members of the Garry family.
I visited Allendale in summer 1984 and met aunt Jeannie in the modern house she then occupied. I believe she died later that year.
I noted at that time that no appreciable changes had taken place to the centre of the town. I still appeared to be the peaceful and charming... Read more

Days Gone by

Recreation Ground c1955, Allendale
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It was lovely to browse through the Allendale pages, as I was sitting thinking about 'sunny' holidays in Allendale with mam and dad, who are sadly gone now. The Heatherlea was the favourite hotel, with the 'gong' for mealtimes, oh, and I remember, all those stairs and the smell of food. I also remember the path up the side to the 'swings', and the walks to the river and the picnics, and sliding down the bank into the river, under the bridge, and drinking the fresh water from the 'spout'. On odd occasions we also stayed at the Ashleigh, either because the Heatherlea was full, mam and dad were flush... or, more to the point, I think it was nearer the golf course for Dad. Dad was a keen golfer, and I probably can't remember the times he went missing! Hence all the trips, to Hexham, and definately the trip to the gift shop, it was the best ice-cream of the land - and of course all the friends I... Read more

School Dinners

Recreation Ground c1955, Allendale
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You see the wooden building in the background? This is where we went for our school dinners when I attended Allendale Junior school. We walked in pairs along the road and down the path. Earlier on we might see the cooks leaving the kitchen which was next door to Jo Bells and wheel the dinners down on a trolley. Sadly the building is no longer there, nor is the tennis court, which we played on while attending the secondary school, but the area has been re-vamped and is looking good. It is so good to see the old dinner hut again.


The Dale Hotel And Square c1955, Allendale
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I lived in Allendale for the first five years of my life, unfortunately due to my parents  work situation, we had to leave the village to find work in the town; things were never the same!  We still returned to Allendale frequently to visit our relatives the Nixon's & Hutchinson's.  I still remember my childhood with fond memories & the very close friendship I had with all my cousins in Allendale at the time.  My mother Iris used to work for Tommy at the Heatherlea in the early sixties & I think my father George Garry used to work at the Dixon's Garage in Allendale as a motor mechanic & later Hexham.

Before the old brewery was redeveloped, my Nana used to live in an annex of the brewery before moving to new bungalows on Allenfields; as a child I found it to be quite an adventure trecking from our home - Allen House, down the Peth, across the field, then over the old bridge that crossed the River... Read more


Hotspur Hotel c1960, Allendale
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The little dog crossing the road was called Laddie. He belonged to Lawrence and Peggy Dodd and is on his way home to Selah House and the dairy. l used to help with the milk delivery and would sit on a milk churn and sing to Laddie. He always joined in and  we made a lovely racket between us!!
The island as it was called was a great place for roller skating with friends.
The Hotspur has memories of a dentist practice, then a club where my parents and family all had great sing songs round the piano. George Ford, a bus driver from Allenheads, would entertain, and my brother in law, George Wilkinson from Sherriff Hill in Gateshead. He would come to Allendale with a humble tent and camp with all his mates up Wooley Bank.
My Uncle George Garry lived in the top flat in The Hotspur for a while with his wife Iris and 2 children. I used to babysit up there.
Lastly my cousins ran a... Read more

The Street Where L Was Born

Main Road c1955, Allendale
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l was born in the flat above the chemist shop in 1947. Arthur Walker was the pharmacist.  We moved over the road to Cross Keys House in 1950 and lived there till 1965. The street was my playground, with best friend Marion Warwick and Nigel Hutchinson, the Philipson brothers from next door to Charlton's shop ,and all my cousins, Nixons. The cattle wagon bringing the beasts to the butcher shop for Fred was an exciting viewing, swinging on the railings.
Across the road, the magic of the toys in Charlton's shop, the smell of the paraffin stove, and the Rozalex barrier cream that Vester rubbed on her hands.
l lost a shilling in the snow outside the chemist shop one Friday night, and shovelled like mad, to no avail. No cinema that night!
l worked as a waitress in the Heatherlea from 1962. Loved all the visitors coming up on the bus from Shields. Perhaps they remember Mary with the big beehive hair.
l also helped at Lawrence Dodd's dairy... Read more

1964 To 1987 In Shield Street

Heatherlea And Shield Street c1955, Allendale
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I Lived at 2 shield Street between 1964 and 1987 the people who lived in the street are all gone now but they were true Allerdonians.
Anyone reading this will remember the likes of Jack & Peggy Warwick , Billy Pringle & Marion & the lads , Mr Brown at the chemist and Not Forgeting My Dad Ian Dodd Who worked for Ridleys Transport. But who could forget Jenny and Vester Charlton at the shop and then Tommy Sheild who had the Hotel Who we have sadly lost in 2007, my best memory of him would be when I sprayed him with his own hosepipe in his green house when he cought me and grenville watering his plants we didn't half cop for it !!!!! The Days were Priceless' God Bless .

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