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Allerton Bywater

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Memories of Allerton Bywater

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My Evacution Days

During the last year of the war I was evacuted to Allerton Bywater. When I arrived we were stood on the stage of the village hall and I was the last one left when a Mr and Mrs Parkinson, who already had 4 children, took me in for the last year of the war. Mr Parkinson was in charge of the pit ponies down the local mine. Mrs Parkinson used to make the local ice cream for the village. On Sunday's, with her sons, we used to pump the local organ in the church. My parents kept in touch after the war, but finally lost contact.

West Yorkshire memories

Old Tree Area

High Street c1965, Kippax
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My Great Grandmother, Ana Louisa Clayton, can be found on the 1881 census working in the Old Tree.
The old cinema is hidden on the right. I watched "whistle down the wind" there with my sister which must have been not long before it closed.

My wife worked in the "old" Co-op on the left

Bob Clayton

Some History

Cross Hills 1965, Kippax
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I used to catch the school bus to Castleford at the White Swan on the left; this was re-built in the early 1900s. The Royal Oak on the far right was originally opposite the Swan where the fish shop is. The "new" Royal Oak (now closed) was called Kippax House and was home to a doctor prior to taking the Pub licence.

The old pub was known locally as "Kate Masons" after a landlady of the early 1900s.

Smiths Chemist, long demolished, occupies the centre of the view.


Down Memory Lane - Westfield

High Street c1965, Kippax
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My father, Douglas Aubrey Dixon, also known as 'Reginald' lived with his father, Temple Dixon, at 'Westholme' Westfield Lane - No.81. My paternal grandfather bought the house for £385 in June, 1935. Temple Dixon was a retired railway detective having worked his way up the ladder so-to- speak from working as a porter and ticket collector at Mirfield station (1901 census). I returned to Kippax with my brother, Roy Dixon, in 2008 to visit the family's old haunts. My cousin Bob Clayton's relatives worked in Kippax village, the 'old' Co-op. I came to Kippax to pay my respects at St. Mary's churchyard where my father's ashes are scattered. Sadly, the Royal Oak pub is now closed and the old school building has likewise gone. I was conceived in Kippax, 1939, when my mother Edith married Reginald at the Leeds RO in 1939. My mother returned to Durham city during the early years of the war, and I was born in Bishop Auckland. On my visit to Kippax I stayed at... Read more

Fond Memories of Brecks Lane

I have fond memories of living down Brecks Lane for the first 7 years of my life. I remember walking down the lane past Brecks farm down to the Billy woods with my mother and our pet corgi..Bunty we called her. My dad was a lorry driver for a firm called Townend and Williams..they had a warehouse next to the Star pictures..I remember him taking me with him now and again to the fruit market at Hull docks..and my mother used to take me over the road at the end of Brecks Lane to a small cabin shop nearly every's still there standing after all these years. I'm 50 doesn't trade these days..maybe the supermarkets put an end to it!! If anyone remembers that shop I would love to see a comment from you. My dad bought a fruit and veg shop in 1967 and we moved to Airedale to live there, but I have fond memories of living down Brecks Lane. It hasn't changed much in... Read more

Temple of Memories

After a series of amazing coincidences, I was to trace my step brother Roy Dixon, and arranged to meet him while I stayed at the Garforth Holiday Inn hotel for four days in February 2008. We were the sons of our late father 'Reginald' Douglas Aubrey Dixon, and our grandfather was Temple Dixon (1873 - 1953). Temple lived in Westfield Lane, Kippax, No. 81, 'West Holme' of which I have colour photographs and the original plan for the house building. Roy and I did a tour of Kippax and swopped notes of how our family might have lived and worked in the past fifty years, or so. Another related family are the Claytons of Kippax. I enjoyed a pint at The Royal Oak, my grandfather's local, which I believe is now closed (2012). We had a lovely cup of tea and hot soup in the St Mary's church hall, and discussed local affairs with the elderly Kippax citizens. I bought a souvenir of Kippax, and departed. I paid respects to... Read more

Temple of Memories Revisited

2013 was the 100th anniversary of my father 'Reginald' Douglas Aubrey Dixon, so I returned to St. Mary's and laid what I call a 'platinum' wreath by the plaque I had engraved for the 'new cemetery' which records those whose ashes have been scattered (1998). Also, sadly, my brother Robin Dixon had died suddenly in July, 2013, aged 63. I laid a wreath at his cemetery near Headingley cricket ground. As I am in my 70's it is to be expected that close relatives of my generation meet their Maker. The school at the top of Westfield Lane/Avenue in Kippax where some of relatives attended (e.g. my grandfather, Temple Dixon), has now been demolished, as more modern primary schools in the area serve the community.

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