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Pack Horse Bridge And Surrounding Area in Flood

I was born and bread in Anstey, 21 Rosebery Road, a council house with my 2 brothers Kelvin and Clive. I loved Anstey I still do. I have a lot of childhood memories. I joined the Royal Navy on leaving school, Anstey Martins Secondary Modern, and I am now living in Portsmouth in Hampshire although I have been back several times. I miss the place dearly. I would love to return to live there. One of my brothers still lives in Groby, one lives in Nottingham, I miss them both. My grandad Walter Cyril Littleworth lived in Newtown Linford, Markfield Lane. My father (also Walter Cyril Littleworth) worked for (I think it was) Marwins Engineering, I don't know whether it still exists. Bradgate Park was my backyard, I knew every inch of the place, in fact I went to Boy Scouts at Newtown Linford. I knew Old John, the folly, Cropston Reservoir, it's all coming back to me and it brings tears to my eyes, God, I miss the place.... Read more

Leicestershire memories

Peter Marshall 58 to 65

Dr Barnardo's Home c1960, Glenfield
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I'm as sure as I can be, that the little boy in the picture with the black coat is me. I would have been three to four years old (depending what time of year the picture was taken). I was the youngest at the home at that time, and left in 1965. I certainly remember the little black coat, of which I was very proud. My name then was Peter Marshall, known as 'pudding' or 'mop-head' - I still have the hair. I was adopted in 1965 and became Peter Anthony. I remember the posts and the marking-out being done for the (then) proposed new buildings. I remember the superintendant at the home at that time was Mr Padbury, a rather fearsome but kindly man, he later left and the Garbet family took over, (Mr & Mrs) probably around 1963. They had a daughter called Miriam, and she and I planned to marry (I'm still waiting). I remember helping the gardener (Ralph, I think) water the plants in the... Read more

Good Times

Dr Barnardo's Home c1960, Glenfield
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I was a child here and a choir boy at St Peter's and went to school at Chanwood 1958-1959.

I Was Here From 1957-1970

Dr Barnardo's Home c1960, Glenfield
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I had good and bad memories of the hall. I don't remember Brendan. The house was demolished around 1965/6 and the ground it stood on was sold and a school was built. I remember helping the gardener take geranium cuttings in the conservatory and the orchard, spinney, and lwns and the rose garden. Inside, the hall was impressive: oak pannelled throughout with a grand staircase. I remember suits of armour and deers' heads monted on the walls. So happy to have found this site as I lost the original picture of the hall I had. Does anyone remember me? I was there quite a while.

I Was There From 1955 to 1968

Dr Barnardo's Home c1960, Glenfield
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Some good and some bad memories. I remember playing in the electric spinny where we were not allowed, the garden fetes were good every year. I remember shovelling coal down the hole and going on holiday to Bridlington every year and stopping in the school.


Dr Barnardo's Home c1960, Glenfield
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Around this time I lived on Falconer Crescent on New Parks, the last house before the farm, next to Barnados. It seems a recurring memory for all - the walled garden and orchard, I used to work there weekends. I swept the long drive of leaves in the autumn and remember creosoting the summer houses on warm summer days. To get from the walled garden (one bad memory - the gardener would hang dead birds and mice to ward off birds) into the orchard, you had to pass through the apple store, what a wonderfull smell. I saw someone mention Drendon, I am sure he was a boy who would, I think, sneek out to the green at the end of our road where my mates and I played football almost all of the time. He would join us and became a good friend, he was a very good player, would this be him? I did go into the house and remember the pannelling in... Read more

New Parks Boys School

Dr Barnardo's Home c1960, Glenfield
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I was at New Parks Boys for just over a year until I was moved to Oxford which I hated! One memory of mine was of one of the teachers who took Maths (we quickly nicknamed him 'slipper happy') and I can still remember the look on his face when dishing it out! After my move to Oxford I soon realised what a bad move it was for my educational prospects.The facilities at the new school seemed years behind NP Boys. From sports to science, and wood to metal work, there was no comparison. I lived in Frolesworth Road and my friends at the time were; Keith Whaite, Pat Cooper, Ray Fedkew, the Hubbards and Steve Taylor from Drayton Road. Never had any contact with any of these but have always held my memories of my time in New Parks and at the school, very dear!

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