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Memories of Ashford

Ashford memories
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Memories of School

Welsh School For Girls 1962, Ashford
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I was a boarder at WGS from 1957 to 1964 and it doesn't live in my mind as the happiest place in the world - but there were plenty of girls who did love it, I remember. I was only thinking of it yesterday, Remembrance Sunday, because that was the one Sunday of the year we were arranged around the War Memorial in the centre of the town to sing "Oh God our Help in Ages Past"... same thing every year. The War Memorial bears a large stone angel, clutching at her voluminous gown with one hand and was known by us as 'the angel with the broken suspender'. We walked in a 'crocodile' to the Parish church three Sundays a month and the fourth to St Hilda's Church - where we were handed a little paper book entitled "Our Bounden Duty", (I've still got one somewhere!) Morning and evening every other day we had a fifteen minute service in our own chapel - which was my favourite place in... Read more

Ernest Walter Budd (Known as Ted)

The Grammar School 1962, Ashford
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Ernest Walter Budd attended Ashford Grammar from 1933 to 1938 whilst living in Ashford Common. The headteacher was Mr Adams. He was in the fever hospital during 1933 suffering from diptheria, and again in 1934 with scarlet fever. He is still in contact with Lois Richmond (nee Harrison) who now lives in the New Forest where Ernest also lives. Other pupils at the same time was Dennis Richmond who married Lois, Walter Lock and Greta Viner. If anyone else was there at the same time Ernest would be pleased to hear from them.

Bus Stop

Church Road 1954, Ashford
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I lived in Ashford from 1946 -1955 when we moved to Australia,family name then was Jarvis. I lived in Rosary Gardens and caught the bus from the bus stop outside the church in this photo to Sunbury St.Ignatious primary school. High school was Gumley House Isleworth and the bus stop then was outside 'The Hearts of Oak' now known I believe as 'The Oaks'

Ashford GS

The Grammar School 1962, Ashford
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Went to Ashford Grammar School from 1949 until 1951 but don't remember anyone! I remember the open air swimming pool but I thought it was called the Lido.

Clockhouse Lane Rec

Recreation Ground, Clock House Lane 1962, Ashford
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I knew a Michelle Wheeler of Clockhouse Lane who went to Echelford (spelling?) School 1949 - 1953. I was born in Chattern Road, Ashford in March 1942 and left Ashford Grammar at dead on 15 in 1957. Now a widower living in Gosport. My late sister, Pat Langley, was also at Ashford County but a couple of years before me. Happy days (except for the cane!)

Taxi Man

Railway Station 1962, Ashford
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Mr Morgan had a yellow and black cab - most unusual


The Swimming Pool 1962, Ashford
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Haha - yes me too! Bloody cold! Went there once on bus from Hersham, seemed to take ages and when we got there it was typical British Summer - cold, grey and windy! Shivered and was eventually hoiked out by my mum... then the massive inter-changing bus trip home! It has stayed in my mind though and I can recognise it now. I spent most of my young holidays at Walton Swimming Pool - that is gone too now!

Blyth Spirit

The Grammar School 1962, Ashford
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Moved to the Grammar School in 1949 from St.Annes - my brother,Frank Blagrove, was already there. Do you remember the film shows run by Mr Phillips? Entry was one penny. Blyth Spirit with Margaret Rutherford, has been on the television several times recently - that brings back memories. Unfortunately, grammar school education was wasted on me, I was a bit of a rebel but stayed the course until 1954. It was a great pity when Ashford, Middlesex was overpowered by Surrey and the best grammar school in the south was lost. What about all the hockey teams of other schools in the area especially those we beat, I played goalkeeper for the school team. On one occasion, when I was still wearing trousers, a concession awarded to the goal keeper, I returned to my classroom and was confronted by Mrs Phillips, the headmistress. Boy, did she tell me off. Those were the days! To wear trousers to school was unheard of. For punishment, it was probably one of the many... Read more

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