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Lancashire memories

Tyldesley Recreation Club

The Bowling Green And Clubhouse c1955, Tyldesley
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My grandfather (A E Rahr)  donated a silver cup for competition on the Crown Green Tyldesley recreation club.  This was competed for in the 1930s and the winners were:  1933  J Baker,  1934  J Hodson,  1935 E Lythgoe and J Crook,   1938 T Farnworth,  1939  W Putter.

I have just donated this cup to the Wigan Museum / History Shop and hopefully it will be preserved.  I will see if I can upload a photo of it.
Peter Rahr

I Was Born There

I was born in Tyldesley at 13 High Street - the house is gone now. I emigrated to USA in 1953, married and had 3 children. I went to St Josephs RC School and Sacred Heart Church. We all went to school in Hindsford, Tommy, Norah, Maureen and Paddy. I am the only one who left UK, Tommy and family still live in Atherton. Will look up photos after the holidays and send. Merry Christmas to all. Mum's Mum owned and operated the theatre on John Street after my grandad died. I would love to hear from somebody from Tydesley.

Astley Street Park

My grandfather Thomas Elliott was the Park Superintendent and appeared on early Frith Photographs.

Home in High Street Tyldesley

We lived at 15 High Street in Tyldesley in the 1950s & 1960s along with Mum & Dad - Kathleen & Jim, and our siblings - Terry & Patricia. We lived there until we moved up Shakerley in 1968. We remember Duncan Cleworth, Ann Lynch, Michael & David Harrison, the Higsons amongst many others. We have many happy memories of our time living in High Street. The house is long gone and our family are spread far and wide across England but we will never forget our roots.


My mum and Dad moved to Shackerley just as I started secondary school, which I think it was 1972. I attended Tyldesley Boys County Secondary School. We lived in a bungalow on Hertford Drive, they couldn't build a house opposite because they had to periodically vent due to gasses from the mine shafts! On other side of Hertford Drive my friend Alan Kemp lived and we used to ride our bikes all over the place. There were some great riding tracks leading to and around the slag heaps which we climbed and got filthy. My mum used to shop at the store on the little shopping precinct, I think the manager there was a Mr Orth?

Take me Back

Born in 1945. Lived on Lime Street up to the 1950s then moved to Ginpit, went to St George's, and Tyldesley Secondary. I loved playing around those dimly lit streets, we were never bored, there was always something to do. Outside toilets with a candle and newspaper cuttings, no bathroom, but who complained - no one. I used to play on the coal rucks and would come home black as the ace of spades, you got a belt but that was it. I wouldn't swap the memories for anything. I was brought up on Frank's Chips, top of Lime Street, drank in all the pubs in Tyldesley and there was quite a few, I did go to the casino, and the Garrick, my local was the Castle Hotel, Walkers ale, lovely. I keep nipping back to see my cousin who lives in Leigh. I will never forget those times. I now live in Rochdale.

Found School Pals By Malc Whalley

Been back to Bongs many times over the years - never bumped into anyone I knew until one Sunday afternoon. It was at the Mort Arms, just a few in but it had a poster with Karaoke Thurs Nights, I like singing so I thought I'd give it a try - there might be someone in I know. I got up to sing and two guys came in and sat down where I was sitting, they were in the same class as me at school, we had a good chat, now I go there every other Thurs.

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