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Memories of Balmullo

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Fife memories

Earliest Memories of Guardbridge

All of my mother's family lived in and around Guardbridge. Her mother and father were Mr and Mrs George Martin. They had 5 girls, Catherine, Barbara, Alexandra, Esther and Isabella. My mother Catherine (known as Jean) met and married Robert Farlow, who was based at RAF Leuchars. Having moved away to East Kilbride we used to return for holidays in Guardbridge. My sister Jeannette and brother George and I would stay with my Aunty Lexie and Uncle Frank with their children, Janie, Frank, George, Mary and Barbara. We used to have a whale of a time. Up early, a treacle piece, bottle of lemonade and away to the Shelly Point for the day. We used to walk along the railway line (after it was closed and before!) and spend the day there. We would be sent out with containers by my granny to go and pick gooseberries up at the Big Den. We had a brilliant time. Now years later I have gone back with my younger sister Jeannette and... Read more

Delightful Days

My grandfather, Alex Mitchell, was an Anstruther man who had moved to the Gorbals in Glasgow, met and married Mary (known as Molly), and became a successful bespoke tailor. He lost everything when the Glasgow Savings Bank collapsed. On the outbreak of World War 2, he and Molly and adopted daughter Tessie, moved to Blebo Craigs. What a place! No running water, no gas and no electricity. But for me, it was idyllic: strawberries picked and eaten from the side of the road; drinking water drawn from a well in the back garden and for washing, from the rain barrel at the back of the house; the "forest" at the top of the road and many other things. Don't forget the people; the Hannigans who were our playmates when there; Jimmy Lorrrimor with his ferrets, and the Perfects who owned the farm, the only place in the village with running water, an outside pump. All wonderful people.
The memories of Blebo Craigs will live with me till I die.... Read more

My Memory is of Foodieash

I lived in Foodieash from the age of 3 to 17 and remember it as a peaceful little village, there was no electric, the loo was down the back garden, but they were happy days. I remember going to Foodie farm every morning with my little pitcher for the milk before breakfast and getting into trouble because as usual I'd been in with the calves and kittens. There were no buses, only the school bus, and the Logie bus on Saturdays. My name then was Macpherson if anyone remembers me, happy days.

Corner Cottage. 1950 to Now

My parents moved to Blebo from Dura Den in 1950 when I was six. A windmill for electricity with 12 volt light bulbs. Paraffin lamps and a cesspool. It was several years before the pumping station at Clatto was built to provide a water supply. We lived in the corner house at the top of the hill next to the telephone box. The Forrets lived at the house facing down the hill and had a small farm. At the bottom of the Loan the Mortons had the large farm. In 1950 they farmed with horses and had a large number in a huge shed. We could buy unpasteurised milk from them - still warm from the cows. A lovely place to grow up. Very kindly farming folk who let us kids do pretty much what we liked. My mother ran a 'catalogue' and I had to go round all her customers every week collecting the monies.The village hasn't changed that much. There was a working pub though. With a dreadful... Read more

Lilian Howie of Wormit - Where Are You Now?

A lovely children's nurse called Lilian Howie comes from Wormit. I knew her when she was training as a Nursery Nurse at the Princess Christian College in Manchester in the 1960's.

I - and her nursing college friends - would like to know she is happy and well as we have no news from this lovely Scottish nurse for a great many years!

Early Dura Den

My parents lived at No. 7 The Crescent when I was born. Then - the sawmill was thriving. It burnt down sometime before 1950 when we moved away. There was a Lade at the back of the house which was a by pass of the Weir for the Mill to manage the river flow. It was a lovely place to grow up. Because we were at the bottom of a deep valley the sun disappeared early and radio signals were difficult to find. The waterfall and the tunnel under the road was a magnet for us kids. The Church Hall was well used. There always seemed to be parties and functions. The Christmas party was a favourite as I remember. Few people had cars. It was a quiet place.

A Souvenir of St Rule's Tower

St Rule's Tower And Cathedral 1953, St Andrews
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I remember hot August afternoons strolling round the ruins of St Rule's Tower. I stayed in two halls of residence - Wardlaw Hall and University Hall - each of the two years I attended the RSCDS Summer School and after a strenuous morning of dancing lessons it was lovely to get out in the open air around the old Cathedral.

Elizabeth and I bought a souvenir which we still have more than 40 years later - a decorated tile of the ruins which we use as a tea pot stand!

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