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Bardsey Island

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Patient Transported to Mainland For Emergency Surgery

I understand that an appeal for information about the doctor involved in this  incident appeared in the press some time ago. I can provide some of the details.  

A young man was taken ill on Bardsey Island one evening and a request for a doctor to attend the patient reached the mainland. The weather was stormy, but eventually a local GP was located on the Lleyn Peninsula. The doctor was transported across to Bardsey in a small rowing boat. He found that the patient was suffering from acute appendicitis, but there was only one way to get him to a hospital and that was to take him to the mainland. Doctor and patient made the journey back to the Lleyn safely in the rowing boat, in rough seas and in the middle of the night. The patient was taken to hospital, underwent emergency surgery, and made a full recovery.

The GP was the late Dr Tom John Ashley, who went on to practice in South Wales, eventually... Read more

Gwynedd memories

Happy Times

During the last war my father served in the Merchant Navy and saw Aberdaron from the sea, that was to be the beginning of many trips and a life-long love of the village.

I started going to Aberdaron at about the age of six and have been going each year since then. My parents, now both sadly deceased, loved it as I do. I cannot imagine a year going by without a visit whether for a short or longer one.

The village itself has not changed a great deal, the post office was behind some cottages that are behind the walk on the front, I think it was designed by the architect that designed Port Marion. There was a very pleasant lady who used to work there, I recall she always had a cigerette on the go (the post office was always full of smoke) - I missed her when she died.
The views from Anerlog are wonderful and worth the effort of the climb. I have a... Read more

Lost Childhood

My grandparents Robert and Rosie Hornby built Hawdd Amor in Llangwnadl, and I spent most of my holidays there, even appearing with my sister Joy and my father Don on a Frith postcard of  Penllech beach. Years later, after Robert had died and Rosie moved away and then passed on, my parents bought a static caravan on a filed I only knew as Charlie's Farm just up from Porth Colmon and opposite the Pink Cottages. How I'd love to have a caravan there myself now. My mother let theirs go after my father passed away and now she is gone too. I still have dear memories and would love to share the place with my new bride.

Some of the names I remember there were John and Griffith Griffiths of Penllech Farm, Tom Glyn, who used to deliver groceries from his shop in Aberdaron, Angus, who grew tomatoes, Mrs Record, who lived across the road, Dr Jones and the man who ran Tyn Llan, whose name I forget -... Read more

Llangwynadl Happy Holidays

I was 5 or 6 years old the first time my Grandmother took me to Llangwynadl, we stayed at Glany Mor right at the end of the lane. The following year we went again but stayed at the pink cottage owned by Mr & Mrs Jones, Mr Jones was the postman. I remember he only had one arm. My gran became very friendly with a lot of people in Llangwynadl so we had our holidays there twice a year for many years, I think I was about 15 the last time I went there. I seem to remember Gran having fresh fish, crabs mussels and mackeral given to her often, she called him Captain Morgan, I am not sure if this was his real name, he kept his boat down at Glany Mor. I spent a lot of my time with the Roberts family on their farm, they had a son and three daughters, I remember the youngest daughter was called Sally, they were a lovely family and I spent... Read more

Tyn-A-Don Farm/ Llanengan

The first time I stayed at Tyn-a Don farm I was about 6, I fell in love with the place straight away.  I remember we borrowed a tent from a friend of the family who took us there that first time.  The kids of today would be horrified at what we had to last us for the whole 2 weeks we stayed.  My sister and I could only take 1 bat and ball, (for French cricket), a board game each, 1 pack of cards and a book.
We would spend most of the time in the sea and climbing the rocks.  Back then the beach was mostly sand, but now it has turned to shingle, but this does not detract from its beauty.  When a large storm hit overnight, the next day the waves were huge, it was wonderful.  I also remember that each year we made new friends to play with.  There used to be a horse there called Frisky (I think it was) he was always so friendly... Read more

Happy Holidays In Abersoch

Main Street c1965, Abersoch
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Since 1962 I have always been to Abersoch at least once a year if not two three or four times!!
In the early years we always stopped in a flat over the cowsheds at Tyn y Mur farm. ( These have now been beautifully converted - in our day there was no bath room and an outside loo!!)It was farmed by Mr and Mrs Olwyn Jones. Mr Jones was a lay preacher as well as a farmer and Mrs Jones was a nurse at the hospital in Pwllhelli. I could not believe it when I found this photo as there is Mrs Jones and her lovely Triumph Herald parked outside the newsagents .Happy Days!!

Ex Head Chef

White House Hotel c1960, Abersoch
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How sad I was to see this once stunning hotel boarded up, I had such a fantastic time working there and met some lovely people. I always will remember a gentleman call Albe, what a funny man, I think he was the Del-boy of Abersoch.

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