Barking, The Lake c.1955

Barking, The Lake c.1955

Neg. B440037

Memories of Barking, The Lake C1955

Prefabs In Ripple Road

I was born in Upney Hospital in 1950, my first home was Blatchford Close, in the Prefabs, Ripple Road opposite the Cemetery, I have been searching for photos or information, but as yet have had no luck, hoping that someone might know of them. I moved to Thames View Estate in 1955, Barking was a great place to grow up in, we didn't have much money, but kids made their own fun for free, remember walking over the marshes thinking we were at the seaside when we got to the river.

A memory of Barking by rose-d

Thames Road Huts

I remember the huts in Thames Rd - I lived in No.14, adjacent to the allotments from birth until I was 5 yrs old. Then moved to 46 Howard Rd Barking between Abbey Rd and Gascoigne Rd great memories of both homes. Vivid memories of the 'hut' - my mum made my dad build a fireplace out of breeze blocks painted grey. As well as Christmas, not being able to get close to my train set (Hornby elect Mallard) because of my dad, grandad and uncle playing with it. In the summer helping my dad tend the flowers (sweetpeas). Also Jimmy Cutts (snr) having a fish swimming about in his tin bath. Of Howard Rd I'm still friends with my old mate who lived next door the other side of the alley even though we live miles apart we still ...Read full memory

Barking Park

I remember Barking Park. It was the place to go in the 70's, meeting boys and being off school; stayed there till late. Such a beautiful park, even now.

A memory of Barking by Kathy Lewis


I have just got to say, although I am possibly a bit older than you I loved reading your memories as I can recall almost everything you have written. I dont know if Lena was at the shop opposite where Old Tom moved to, but when you went into her shop in North Street there was a wooden crate for us kids to stand on, so she could see us when being served. The boys used to take the empty lemonade bottles that stood in the shop, say they had bought them back, and get the tuppence return money.

A memory of Barking by Maureen Salle

Barking Lake

Not sure of the date; one of my memories is being over the park the whole day fishing and catching a jar full of stickle backs. The were so packed in I think when I got them home they were nearly all dead.

A memory of Barking by Maureen Salle

The Huts

Does anyone remember the huts in Thames Road, Barking.

A memory of Barking by Theresa Reid

Barking Park

I was born in Barking Park in 1947; we lived in nissan hut number 17, the Camp. Does anyone remember these huts or better stil,l have any photos?

A memory of Barking by Marian Martell

Fish And Chips

Looking at the wonderful reflections on Barking I wanted to add my memories. I was born in Aveley. I spent many happy days out in Barking. I remember getting dressed-up, packing fish paste sandwiches and spending long summer days in Barking Park. I still remember the fish and chip shop, (Pescies), we would always have rock and chips, bread and butter and a pot of tea, surrounded by wonderfully tiled walls and a friendly atmosphere. The same lady always served us, she had white hair - we would cross the road and get the bus home, having spent a lovely, carefree day in Barking.

A memory of Barking

Roding Avenue Barking.

I remember Roding Avenue (No.33) with very fond memories. Those names you have mentioned are still floating about in my brain! I remember the Coronation celebration party well; I was dressed as a pilot. My mum and several other ladies sang on stage dressed as Zulu women - they sang "Dem Bones". I now live in Norfolk and several neighbours and myself are going to try and recreate those lovely memories this year on our village green, but there are no memories like old memories. We loved our prefab and it had a great family feel to it. We were the Wendrops.

A memory of Barking by Robert Wendrop

Spirits In My House

I used to live with my dad in the mid 70's at 210 b Ripple Rd. Ii used to be terrified of a fair haired girl who seemed to wait for me on the landing just below the top flat where we lived, she wore victorian clothes, I felt her often in my bedroom too! Francine Hodges, nee Solomons.

A memory of Barking by Francine Hodges

Faircross And My Early Teens

I was born in Upney Hospital 1944, my mum and dad lived in Stratton Drive, went to Park Modern School as did my 2 older sisters and my brother. Most of my parents families lived in the same area ie on the so called 'Leftly Estate', we were considered to be upper class living there!! My best memories at that time are of Barking Park, the small train that ran at the end of the park, boating on the lake, and there was even a paddle steamer. Barking Carnival held in the first week of September was always special! I was sixteen and finding out what girls and rock'n' roll were about! Bright lights and Elvis and Buddy Holly - best time of my life! One last thought...Does anybody remember the fish and chip shop ...Read full memory

A memory of Barking by Bernard Stevens

1949 1966

I was born at 16 Roding Avene, the prefabs right next to the River Roding. Across the main London Road was Delayneys, also the Masters Match factory with its tall chimmney. I remember seeing the chimney being knocked down, the man at the top looked like an ant. I have many memories of Barking. I went to St Margarets C of E School [played the recorder in Mr Gray's Orchestra] then Park Modern Secondary. I danced at the Town Hall in aid of cystic fybrosis with The Joyce Williams School of Dance. Joyce lived in Bradfield Drive, next door lived Susan Bigwood who later went into the Black & White Minstrels by the name of Sue Lyn [Lyn I believe was Joyce's daughter who passed away with CF]. Susan's mum made our show costumes ...Read full memory

A memory of Barking by Yvonne Tilbury

Born In 1946 In St. Mary's Road

I went to Eastbury boys school, lived then in Blake Avenue, had vert fond memories of Barking town centre, also played in Eastbury House. I remember the pie mash shop and the coffee bar next to the picture house called the Electric or known as the bug hole.

Gascoigne Road

I was born in Gascoigne Road in 1946, right opposite the school, 2 doors from Molly's sweet shop. My sisters Brenda and Betty along with our parents Rose and Arthur Cox. I have wonderful and happy memories of our life in Gascoigne Road, all three of us attended Gascoigne School as did all the kids in the nearby roads. Everyone knew everyone, the houses in all the roads were very small, two up two down, with a scullery and outside toilet, with alleys running through the back of the gardens, where we ran in and out up and down, playing runouts. The roads nearby were Howard, Boundary, Perth and Keith, we would often venture to Greatfields Park to play. I remember walking up Gascoigne Road with my mum to get our groceries ...Read full memory

Barking Park

I have many happy memories of Barking Park in the 1950s; the lake with the paddle boats; the swimming pool where my school summer holidays were spent relaxing in the sunshine; the carnival with the huge fairground once a year in the park. A meeting place where people could get together with friends & family; we used to walk from Pelham Avenue where I lived with my parents, two sisters & my brother; they were great times with none of the worries that are around today; children were allowed to be just that, children.

Halcyon Days

I spent many an hour floating around in a boat on that lake and dreading the second when the voice of authority would call out: 'Number 3 (for instance, your time is up.' We'd then make our way back to the boat house, as slooooowly as was possible.

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