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Memories of Beachamwell

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Norfolk memories

Oxborough, Norfolk.

Before moving to Australia in 1964, my parents took a nostalgic trip back to Oxborough, where Mum was born. Mum's maiden name was English and we managed to find heaps of old gravestones in the cemetry.
Around 1998, my sister and self returned to Oxborough for an overnight stay during holidays in the UK. We asked at the local pub if there was anyone around the area who may have known the English family of yore. Lo and behold, we managed to visit a far distant relative with the surname English, who was able to tell us stories about Mum and her family. Mum died quite a few years ago but I still have fondest memories of the stories she would tell of the folk and goings on at the village. All of the children in Mum's family, 7, attended the school in the village centre at the same time! No age distinction there.
Its a shame that no - one else has written about Oxborough, a beautiful village that... Read more

The ENGLISH Family of Oxborough, Relatives???

Anyone reading this who has the surname ENGLISH or knows of someone in their family with this name, who originates or comes from Oxborough, please contact as a family tree is in the process of being made and any family names and dates etc would be very helpful. Thank you.


I was evacuated from Hackney with my brother and sister in 1939 until 1942. My brother and I stayed at the gardens with Mr and Mrs Rawlinson my sister across a field stayed with Mr Blakeney. We were chosen at the village hall. The church warden's pub was our school. The army were billeted in all the woods surrounding the gardens, I was supplied with badges and sweets by them and on Sunday I would try to march back to their camp from church, which was very hard for a six-year-old.
Lady Roberts used to knit me socks and scarves and even gave me saving stamps. A great time was had when Lord and Lady Roberts's son got married and all the village pushed his car.
I still visit Cockley Cley once a year, there is still a lot unchanged and it brings back three very happy years of my life. I could not have wished to have been looked after better.
Len Wastell

Growing up in Foulden

I was born in 1949 and spent my childhood in Foulden until I was around 14 when we moved to Brandon in Suffolk. My grandmother, Mrs Hunn, lived in the village till she died aged 96. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me and my family, or who also has connections with this village and could share some photos perhaps and some happy memories of the past.. From Christine Scigala..

School Memories

Me and my sister went to Foulden school from 1955 to 1961 and our mum ran the village shop for many years. My grandmother lived in the village all her life till she died her name was Mrs Hunn..


The Mill c1955, Narborough
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My grandfather was Charles William Nelson and he with his wife ran the mill as a miller from1922-1937, they also had 5 children, one boy and four girls (one of them, Eva, was my mother). I do have one picture of my grandmother; or step-grandmother as I believe my grandmother died in 1921. This was taken outside at the front of the mill.

Searching For my Roots And my English Relatives

All I had was a plate to start with, and on it was the name of Stoke Ferry. When I visited my son when he was living in Cambridge I determined to go and visit the village. While there, the editor of a local paper took my information and I met the man who ran the English garage, but was unable to locate my relatives. Sadly, I had to leave. It would have meant so much to me to connect with them. Upon returning home, I began to do some genealogical research and discovered that my grandfather John English and my grandmother Dorothea Redfern had indeed, come from Stoke Ferry. I subsequently discovered a book written about Stoke Ferry and discovered a picture of my great grandfather and his 15 children. How I wish I could connect with some of my English relatives. I walked the streets of Stoke Ferry and felt something that cannot be described - accompanied by a sense... Read more

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