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Different Worlds???

Lived in Netherton Colliery from 1937 - 1952. Attended Morpeth High School for Girls 1940 - 1947. I remember some names, if anyone remembers me I can be contacted on e mail at - Look forward to hearing!!

Northumberland memories

Searching For....

My father, John Robert Coulson, Jr., was born in Bebside, England on December 30, 1907.  He came to America with his mother as a young boy.  His mother's name was Emma Jane Worth Coulson and she had relatives in Shankhouse.  My father's father was also John Robert Coulson and died before my father came to the United States.  I will be visiting there in late May 2008 and would love to find relatives, go to the cemetery, just search for places my father might have been.  My father never returned to England but I remember him saying he had a cousin.  Does anybody know the Coulsons or Worths and can you e-mail me some information.  Thank you.  My e-mail is  I hope to hear from someone.

Sara Davis

Glendale Avenue

I lived at 2 Glendale Avenue with my mam and dad, Martin and Peggy, and my two sisters, Margaret and Maureen, and my brother Martin. My grandparents lived at number 10 Glendale. My earliest memories revolve around playing in the streets with large numbers of kids, playing football and cricket on the 'green', walking up the bank and across the lines to the old Co-op, and the opening of the bridge across the River Blyth. My granddad and dad both worked at Bebside pit when I was young and I can remember when it closed and the chimney stack was demolished. The names of people I remember from when we lived there are Chris Bewick, Les Bartlem, Alan Brown Alfie Pearson and his brother ?, Terry Sheridan. A trip to Newcastle was a big event and if we went by bus it took a long time as the bus went through Bog Houses, High Pit etc, no spine road in them days. Even a trip to Ashington involved a bus trip around... Read more

Happy Days

Walking from Poets Estate, Blyth, across the fields, crossing the railway lines and then through the Bebside pit yard to see my big brother, David, who lived on Front Street, Bebside, day or night time but felt safe doing so, not like it is nowadays.


A Remember Shankhoose in the 1950s cos a wis born 42 Albion Terrace, opposite the Folly Pub , where years later I worked the place in the 80s, The Handy Shop, Run by Florrie Leimann, & Charlie Bickle" & Fishy Broons Chip Shop, Charltons Buildings at the top of Hasting Terrace, I owned 27/28 years later. The Tin Church was at the end until 1957ish, The Wood Row was at the back of Albion Terrace, all deed nuw, nice folk. A went ti Shankhoose School as weel, when Mrs Young did the Dinnas & Mr Whenham & Arthur Blythin wa the Heedmastas, and yi got ya arse smacked by Mrs Boward, if yi worked yasell.

Visiting Aunt And Uncle in Cambois in The 1950's

Highlight of visiting grandparents in Blyth, was visit to Aunt Jean and Uncle George Paynter in Cambois. Walking down to the beach, playing with my brother on the sand and then back to Aunt Jean and Uncle George's home for a lovely meal. My favourite was bacon and egg pie! They were lovely people, always had time to play with us and tell us stories about their lives. Sadly, they both died some time ago. However, I will always remember their kindness to me and my brother. They had a daughter called Mona. It would be nice to know if there are any friends or relatives who remember these people.

Family And Friends 1942 to 1961

I was born Cramlington 1942, my sister 1940. l have some happy memories of Blyth, lived with mam and dad and sister Betty in Cowpen Row. Dad was in the army so did not see much of him then, when he came home we went to Rothburry, Easter it was Morpeth, Christmas it was all mam's family at our home, he was a baker at that time and his brother Robert  but then went in the mines. He had another brother, Harold, worked in the mines, Granddad did too. That was the Chapple side of our family, they lived in Rowley Street, he still lived in the same house when l found him 6 years ago. My mum's side were Ainsley, Grandma and Granddad lived Seaton Delaval, Formans Row. There were 4 girls and 3 boys, Mum Hannah, Aunt Ethel, Sally, Annie , Uncle Alf, George, Albert. Remember Gran's cooking on the big black stove, the smell of bread. Grandad made clippy mats, Betty and l used to cut all... Read more

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