Bexleyheath, Pickford Lane c.1950

Bexleyheath, Pickford Lane c.1950

Neg. B650011

Memories of Bexleyheath, Pickford Lane c1950

Bexley Tec' School For Girls, 1965 66 And Beyond.

I started in the 6th form in September, 1965, Mrs. Taylor was our form mistress, Miss Fuller the Headmistress, Mrs. Richards for French, Miss Simms for English. In those days my name was Ruby Little; I always hated my first name, so changed it legally to Victoria and eventually my surname was changed through marriage. In late November 1965 I became very suddenly critically ill and was blue-lighted to the Brook Hospital, Shooters Hill, Woolwich, where I eventually stayed until early March 1966, being treated for an infection caused by brain abscesses, which also caused me to have a stroke, from which I completely recovered. I believe Miss Fuller asked the whole school to pray for me in ...Read full memory

A memory of Bexleyheath by vikkifenlon

Bexleyheath Circa 1950''S

I lived in Faygate Crescent, Bexleyheath.  Schools I remember are Upton Rd, Gravel Hill and Bexleyheath Secondary Modern. I have fond memories of the girls school across the playing fields from Graham Rd (can't remember it's name) but I think it was divided by a chain mail fence and a footpath with locked gates to prevent us visiting the girls and them from visiting us. I remember playing in "The Warren" Bloomfield Rd and the Bluebell Wood off Gravel Hill. My first girlfriend was Glory Dixon, she lived a couple of doors down from me and I will never forget her.  My best mate was John Grimwood also of Faygate Crescent.  My family and I left Bexleyheath in 1960 ( I was age 12) to live in ...Read full memory

A memory of Bexleyheath by Alan Ford

Toy Shop

i lived in fairlawn ave, my mother used to shop at pickford lane, and as a treat we would go to the blind mans, as she called it. this was in kindness, as i remember.i used to buy model planes that were found on the shelves with ease.i have very fond memorys of the shop , but mostly the man.

A memory of Bexleyheath by Dereck M Ew

Bexleyheath Growing Up

I used to live in Oakland Road off of the High Street. I also used to go to Uplands Road infants and Junior School. Saturdays were spent at Saturday Morning Pictures at the ABC cinema. I also remember Hides department store. After school, we used to stop off at the fish and chip shop and ask for bits left over from the chips, which were free and also the bakers for yesterdays cakes, which were a penny! I used to swim in the outside pool at Danson Park and indoor pool at Crook Log. I used to play in the swing park at the back of the cemetery that ran parallel to Oaklands Road. I went back a few years ago and was surprised to see the swing park is now a bowling alley and Oaklands Grove is cut in half by a one way system! How times have changed.

A memory of Bexleyheath by Sue Molloy


I lived in Stanhope Road from 1950 until I got married in 1966. I remember Daborns and going in there to spend my pocket money on sweets or something that caught my eye, Mr and Mrs Daborn - such a lovely couple. I went to Uplands Schools in Church Road, and the Girls school just round the corner with my best friend Tricia who still lives in Herbert Rd. We have such great memories of the gang, we spent our youth with Harding Rd. My maiden name was Oakins, so if anyone remembers me I would love to hear from you, happy days .

A memory of Bexleyheath by Sue Kruse

Graham Road School For Boys.

I spent most of my younger life in Bexleyheath, we lived in Oaklands Road. I went to Upton Road Primary School, I remember that the Head Teacher was Miss Hughes. From there I went on to Bexleyheath Secondary Modern School for Boys, in Graham Road. I remember Mr Piper, Mr Bottomley, Mr Klien (History), Mr Cullem (English), Mr Morgan (French), Mr Locke (Sports), Mr Glover and Mr Jones (Metalwork), Mr Thorpe (Pottery) and the Headmaster was Mr Penny. The Deputy Head was Mr Austin. We also had the school divided into four Houses; Blendon (Red), Brampton (Blue), Danson (Yellow) and Upton (Green). This was between 1950 and 1953. I was a Wolf Cub at 2nd Bexleyheath Scouts in Bean Road, I was a Scout in the ...Read full memory

Hides Department Store

I still have a boxed set of bronze tea spoons bought from HIDES in 1977 with the reciept, it was such a time trap going into the store, just walking around and looking was a treat on a cold day.

A memory of Bexleyheath

1960`S Bexleyheath Days

I recall Hides Department Store and a box of soft toy rabbits for sale. Jacksons Stores (the supermarket) and poking a bag of rice causing the whole stack to collapse to the floor accidentally as a child. The pub 'The Rose' perhaps is /was its name which had a wooden barrel outside which my father reminded me to kick each time we passed, as I had done first. Going to the cinema with my auntie Sesie, who visited from London where she taught. Going for tea under the parasol with auntie Sesie, mum, dad and my sister outside the then teahouse in Danson Mansion and the feel and sound of a wooden floor. The lovely pond in the Olde English Garden-Danson Park, the pond was very well kept with water lilly pads ...Read full memory

A memory of Bexleyheath by Ann Lewis

Happy Days In Bexleyheath

I was born in Bexleyheath in 1959 and lived at 61 Pickford Lane with my parents, my older brother Leslie and my younger sister Jennifer. I went to Brampton Road Primary School and had a friend called Carol Marsh who lived in Pickford Close. My father, Robert Chapman, was born in Bexleyheath too. On Saturday mornings he would give us our pocket money and my brother and I would rush off to Daborns toy shop. I loved that shop. Danson Park was a wonderful place too, especially on Nov 5th when the fair was there. I loved living in Bexleyheath and some of my best memories were made there. Although I have moved many times since then, I hope one day to return.

Owned The Lewis' Tobbaconist And Sweet Shop

My parents (Anita and Bill) owned and ran Lewis' tobacco and confectionery on the corner of Percy Rd and Pickford Lane, opposite the co-op between the 60s and 70s. We used to employ a woman called Dot who used to help serve customers with my mum. I remember in the mid 60's my father saved the owner of Cameron grocer's life by resuscitating him after he'd had a heart attack. We used to shovel the snow and ice off the pavements in front of the bus stop to stop people form falling. There was a woman who lived upstairs from Web's TV repair who was very beautiful but sadly died in her 40s of cancer - only a few years after we had moved there. There was a very nice pub across the way, can't remember the name. So many memories it's hard to pen them all down. Will need to update this later.


After the Second World War my parents opened a shop at 25 Pickford Lane under the name J T Daborn. It was a tobacconist,toy and sweet shop. They opened in 1947 and traded there until retirement in the early 1970s. Customers might remember that my father was blind because of the war. The shop is immediately to the left of the one with the blind. I went to school at Brampton Road and then Graham Road School. As youngsters we played in Pickford Close in the middle of the road with so few cars and a piece of scrub land just off the Close. I remember the names Rawlings, David Pilgrim. I played hockey for Bexleyheath Hockey Club for many years having been taught at Graham Road School by a Mr Lock. The Headmaster was Mr ...Read full memory

A memory of Bexleyheath by John Daborn

Parkside Avenue

I lived in Parkside Avenue, down near the bottom end ( think). A few houses away there lived a very quaint couple. They may have been German Jews or similar. He always walked a few steps behind his wife. Does anyone remember them or have any information on them?

A memory of Bexleyheath by Mrs Harris


I remember going shopping in Pickford Lane and my brother eating ice-cream outside the paper shop in his pram. It is so different now.

My Memories From 1955 72

I lived in Station Road till 1955, then moved to Franklin Road and lived there till 1972. I can remember most of this parade of shops, starting at Lewis's on the corner of Percy Road, Frost's TV repair shop, Home & Colonial, Pricerites, H M Lawrence (insurance), Cafe, Bakers?, Jenkins? chemist ... then over the road to drycleaners?, Jack Roberts (grocer), Dredges (butcher), and a hairdressers ... further up near St Peter's Church was Cameron's grocer, and over the road Lepard's PO, petrol station, Footits newsagents, hairdressers, greengrocers, Dolcis Ave unused shop, Picketts butcher, Pickford Lane Cars, Web's TV rental, Farsams DIY, Lee's hairdressers, Lockyers ironmonger, launderette, carpet shop, off ...Read full memory

Pickford Lane

I grew up in Bexleyheath in the late 1950s and 1960s. The shops in Pickford Lane were the nearest to my house in Woodlands Road and those of my grandparents who lived in nearby Herbert Road. I recall Daborns toy shop on the left hand side of the parade. The 'Home and Colonial' shop on the right hand side; nearby was a sweet shop and greengrocers. The hall above the 'Co-op' was home to a youth club and the early versions of a disco on a Friday night. Opposite the 'Co-op' was the chip shop and a newsagents called 'Macs' I believe. The 122 buses that stopped in Pickford Lane would take us to the Broadway and school; and later the trains at adjacent Bexleyheath station carried us to London and our first jobs when we all left school.

The Good Old Days

In the mid 1950's I used to work as a  young school boy on a Saturday morning for the butcher ( I think his surname was Finch) just out of shot on the extreme left of the picture. I used to ride a delivery bicycle, small wheel at the front with a large wicker basket. The photographer had his back to the Co-op and once/twice a year you went to the room above the shop to exchange your tin "divi" coins. Also a school chum lived in Pickford Close by the surname of Rawlings and I remember making a miniture seesaw for his pet mouse. He still owes me for it! I also remember cycling from Brampton Road (the cul-de-sac opposite the goods yard which I believe is no longer there) to the Co-op on my brand new bicycle on ...Read full memory

A memory of Bexleyheath by David Roth

My Childhood

I moved to Pickford Close (the turning halfway up in this photo) in January 1953 as a 5 yr old. I remember the sweet shop and gracious me the bus stop is still in the same place. It is strange to see just one small car compared to nowadays when it is a nightmare trying to park at all. I had a paper round with Mac's which was a papershop on the opposite corder to Lewis's.

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