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Laird Street And Boundary Road 1938 - 1947

I moved to 120 Boundary Road, Bidston in 1938, from 11 Clifford Street, off Laird Street. Attended Bidston Avenue School and later Tollemache Road School - Mr Gidney. head master, Pollett. Evans, Blackmore, Baron and a few others. Friends were Dennis Landsborough (25 Observatory Road), Lynn Templeton (126 Boundary Road), Frank Hayes,( opposite the Bidston Hotel on Hoylake Road) Alan Turner (Keswick Place), Sundays attended the 'Tea Shop' in Claughton Village and met up with young ladies, frequent trips, by train, to Blackpool to pass a Saturday or Sunday, Bicycle rides to Shotton area (Welch Bridge) , LLangollen camping in any field - farmers did not object, Camping at Lloc with Lenny Gouldson - he lived near to Birkenhead North Station. 1943 left school, work as office boy at Polish Publications, Hamilton Square and after 9 months moved over to Cooksons the Chemist at 130 Price Street to June 1947 when I was 'called-up' for conscription service. Loads more about life in those days....anyone by chance... Read more

Thermopylae Pass

I too am intrigued by stories of this pass, and have no images of it, although I have an extensive section on Bidston and surrounds on my own site. I am also in communication with Joan Grey on this. I phoned the Rangers of the Hill, and they told me that the pass was simply 'Upton Road, now leading down Ford Hill' but joan tells it it was an actual area of the Hill and now, contrary to the terms of ownership, the Council built Noctorum council estate on it. The terms of ownership of Bidston Hill is that NO buildings will be constructed on the area at all, as it is held in perpetuity for the public.

Merseyside memories

My Family

My Mum's cousin Ken bought Leasowe Castle and we were all very excited for him especially my Mum! We lived down near London but went to visit as much as my Dad could get time off work. Ken and his lovely wife Jean worked so hard to make this castle as beautiful as you see it today and my brother and I have such happy memories of the time we spent there with the family before our mum died far too young in 1985.

Leasowe Castle

I worked for Hen in the hotel, he was a great boss. I did not know Jean but would have loved to have met her, the only advice I got of Jean was through a medam saying I would go far in life and that she loved her Ken and missed him and did not like changes to the hotel, she said where has her stables gone, it was the old building we used to do functions in across the car park .

Big Christmas Tree in The Cross, Moreton

Pasture Road From Moreton Cross c1958, Moreton
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One of my fondest memories is of the big Christmas tree at Moreton Cross all lit up, you could see it way up Pasture Road in the dark and to a small child it was magic. I also loved the great hot summers and the very interesting shops in Moreton at that time, much better then than today, happy days at the shore, lots to do and see, spent hours there with my family, that's all most people could afford then, a day at the shore, but we loved it.
Margery Hall

Moreton Village

Pasture Road From Moreton Cross c1958, Moreton
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I have many happy memories of living in Moreton. We lived in Silverburn Avenue right in the heart of the village, I went to Lingham Lane infants school, then on to the primary where I remember Mr Stockdale being my favourite teacher. Later I went to the secondary modern in Upton road. My dad was head barman at the Coach & Horses pub. We spent every summer down on Moreton shore or just playing round the village. It was a lovely place to grow up in and it was always safe. Very happy times.


Thermopylae Pass c1950, Upton
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I was brought up in Claughton Village (Wirral) and in the holidays as children we regularly walked through Bidston Hill to Thermopylae Pass.  We would spend all day on the Hill and at Thermopylae and walk home at the end of the day exhausted and happy after playing and running about all day.  At the time we didn't know its real name, and called it The Moppoly Paths.  Sometimes we called it "The Mops".  The grandmother of a friend used to live in the house in this picture, I recall that there were stables on the west side of the house. I am not sure whether she owned it or just lived there. We used to love Thermopylae, it was wild and free, more so than Bidston Hill.  Even as a child I felt disappointed that housing in Noctorum was encroaching on the Thermopylae Pass as I felt it spoilt the vista and the wildness of the place. It was then truly a beautiful place and I hope it still... Read more

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