Billericay, High Street c.1955

Billericay, High Street c.1955

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Memories of Billericay

Relatives In Billericay

1929-1939 I didnt live there mydad's family lived there .they came down from tottenham. they were in the building trade. an address for my uncle is st helens slicers gate mill road. I wonder if any one remembers the family. My uncle left to build his own house over the river fenn creek woodham ferrers. My dad ...Read full memory

Memory Lane 1950 1957

I have wonderfull memories of Billericay, Church. As a child my Mother would take my Brothers Paul, Barry & Sisters Margaret & Angela & I to the Sunday Service. Father Alawyshes Roch was the priest at that time. He was a good family friend to the Gurnett's. I believe Father Roch wrote a couple of books. While ...Read full memory

A memory of Billericay by Bernie Ling

Chantry Cafe

I remember this old cafe very well - not too well lit inside, but friendly atmosphere - my Mum, her friend Joan Slaney and son Michael (who was the same age as me) used to have tea and cakes etc. in the cafe on some occasions after our Mum's had picked us up from school.  The last time I went to Billericay (many years ago now) this cafe had become an Indian Restaurant.

A memory of Billericay by Jane Bridger

Catholic Church, Laindon Road, Billericay

This old church was modernised, including an extension at the front, sometime in the 1980s (I believe). My cousin Marion got married here, early 1980s, and the modernisation work took place sometime later - need to find dates. Personally, I did not think the modernisation work was in keeping with the original architecture.

A memory of Billericay

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