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Memories of Birkdale

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Merseyside memories

Peter Pans Pool Circa 1957

My gran used to be the nurse at the first aid post at Peter pans pool, next to the first aid post was a hut that stored surplus and waiting to be fixed rides ie, hobby horse, rocket or a car or life size figures of Cinderella and I remember a cowboy and an Indian, my imagination went wild in there. I used to dress up as a nurse and pretend to be a nurse like my gran. Lost children found their way to the first aid post and I had a supply of new friends to show the figures to until they were collected by their parents. The sun seemed to be always shining and the little shop had every design of bucket and spade, even little flags to stick in your sandcastle. Rock of every flavour, huge rock lollipops and ice cream and sun hats of every colour. To me, as a child it was a magical time, I have very fond memories of those days

Wragg's Photographic Studio?

Leyland Arcade 1899, Southport
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Hi - I have a couple of photos of my great-grandmother taken by Wragg, a photographer in Wigan and Leyton Arcade, Southport. I'd like to hear from anyone who can help me date the pictures by comparing the frames.

The pictures:

Many thanks.

Lord Street

Lord Street c1960, Southport
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I started work at Henry Cardin's hairdressing in Lord Street. Lovely girls, Pam and Vanessa, where are you? I live in Malvern now, I did very well and am now retired.

My One And Only Visit to Southport

Promenade And Marine Lake, North c1965, Southport
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Yes, I have been to Southport! Sadly I saw this lovely town once only when I went there to see Southport FC play at their home ground in Haig Avenue.

The occasion was a Monday night in March 1969 and the visiting team were Watford, the team I had been supporting since childhood. I had been studying and working for a couple of years in Manchester so for me it was quite an easy task to get to the ground for the evening kick-off.

Understandably there were no other Watford supporters at this mid-week evening fixture so many miles frm Hertfordshire. I positioned myself near the halfway line on the same side of the pitch as the players' tunnel. Being alone I kept quiet but I couldn't resist cheering the final whistle when Watford came in with a 1-1 draw. This was an important point towards their eventual 3rd Division Championship and promotion to Division 2.

The Watford players heard my... Read more

Manz World, Lord Street

Lord Street c1960, Southport
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I moved to Southport in 1978 and worked at Manz World, I worked with three of the best guys I have ever known, David Pitson, Paul Foreman and Peter Poulter. If anybody remembers me I would love to hear from you.

Bessie Tarver's Book - Light And Shade

The Pier 1891, Southport
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My Grandmother, Bessie Tarver, wrote a book about her life from 1891-1919. She mentions going to Southport, after her mother's death in 1897. She describes going to the pleasure fair and going to her friend's house, which was Sephton House, Princes Street, Southport. Her friend's name was Nellie. I don't have her surname. In 1904, Nellie still lived at Sephton House. It is described as having two large bays windows, with net curtains, a lovely garden with tennis courts. Would anybody know if this house is still standing? I have tried various censuses, without success.

The Copper's Helmet And The Nut Cracker

Peter Pans Playground c1955, Southport
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The ride in the middle of this photograph of the children’s playground on the beach at Southport was known as a ‘copper’s helmet’, and the nearest one on the left was called ‘the nut cracker’. As the nutcracker swung higher and higher the children standing on the ends had to watch out that they didn’t crack their heads (‘nuts’) on the cross members.

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