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Birkenhead in The Old Days

Queensway Tunnel c1965, Birkenhead
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I lived in Whitfield Place one street down from The Queens Hall picture house later called The Queens Dance Hall; also danced in The Kingsland, The Legion beside the Park Mikes, Byrne Ave and many others. I remember the club over Burton's - it was called The Craftsmans. Those days in Birkenhead were such happy days, I knew almost everyone in that area and most of the people in St Andrews Square mostly the boys. The many pubs in that area; The Manchester Arms, The Brown Jug, The Cobermere. Saw many a good stage show on the Ritz and many movie stars. We would walk up Grange Road on a Saturday looking in all the shops Woolies, Marks, and British Home Store and then up to The Market to see if we could get a bargain from Eli. I remember he used to sell off the back of a lorry and would bring out a closed box, and before he even opened, all the people would shout, "ere are Eli"... Read more

Dad Saves Eagle!!

Arrowe Park c1960, Birkenhead
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In the early 80's my dad was walking our dog in the park when he came across an eagle. Turned out it had been stolen from Colwyn Bay Zoo. He captured it with the dog's lead, ended up in the national press and got £100 reward. My dad died last year but he will ever be remembered in print as the eagle catcher.

Tunnel Road Memories

Queensway Tunnel c1965, Birkenhead
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I lived in number 9 Tunnel Road which is still there today. It's the road running from the side of the flyover at the bottom of Chester Street to access the tunnel. Me and my brother and sisters played every day on the top (as we called it), this is where the gardens were situated right at the mouth of the tunnel. We would use white pavement chalk to draw a house on the ground and pick sods from the grass and sell them as cabbage to play shop. We would play whip and top and the lads would play kick the can (football only with an old can they had found) to amuse themselves, as they couldn't afford footballs in them days. We would play allio and we would play on the old coaches that used to get dumped on the bottom field at the bottom of Tunnel Road. The kids from Tunnel Road, Egerton Street and Getley Street would have stone (Jokker ) fights in November so we... Read more

1960's Tunnel Memories

Queensway Tunnel c1965, Birkenhead
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I clearly remember these Land Rover "Tunnel Patrol" vehicles although I was only 7 in 1965.  I thought that they were real Police vehicles (were they labelled "Tunnel Police" I wonder?) and I remember being puzzled by the cream colour as ordinary Police vehicles were either all white or sky-blue with white doors. My family used to visit my grandmother (who lived in Tranmere) virtually every week and my Dad used to play a game on the way home with me and my mother when it was dark.  It was called "How Many Cars in the Tunnel Without Lights?".  Each of us had to guess a number for how many cars would be seen in the tunnel without any lights on, and the closest to the actual total, won.  You were supposed to leave your lights on (sidelights I recall) but many people turned their lights off as the interior of the tunnel was quite brightly lit. In those days the branch tunnels used to be "open" more often than... Read more

Exmouth Street

Charing Cross 1967, Birkenhead
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Does anybody have any photos of the bike shop in Exmouth Street called (Rogers) and the Pub next door.

Stories of Birkenhead

Queensway Tunnel c1965, Birkenhead
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I can remember my dad, who has since died, telling me stories of his childhood and also my mum's. It was all about Birkenhead - it was all very interesting. Yes, he did mention the Cooks and Ainsley, as he was one of the Burns. Happy times for the Burns and Jones. Wish I could have those days back when we all sat round as kids and listened to mum and dad .... all those stories about Birkenhead Park and lots more!

The Kingsland Ballroom The Park Balloom

Queensway Tunnel c1965, Birkenhead
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Yes, I well remember the old Kingsland, I used to go there every Saturday night and one fateful night in late April 1955 I met my wife to be. She lived in Higher Tranmere and when we got engaged we switched to the Park Ballroom to avoid all the fights at the Kingsland. The Mikes, Byrne Ave baths and the Haigh Hall in Moreton were good dances as well. Happy Days A. Harry Hardy

Dad Working on The Docks

Docks c1965, Birkenhead
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My dad, Billy Sinnett, worked on the docks for years when we were small. They all had a nickname, dad's was Crazy Horse or Chief. I remember him coming home from work carrying a dockers hook as they called it and he hung it up in the cupboard under the stairs.

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