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Cornwall memories

Thomas Family

My grandfather and his family all lived in Busvannah.  Alfred Charles Thomas was born in 1887 (according the family bible which has been passed down to me as the last survivor carrying the name). He had a number of brothers and sisters: I seem to remember that Henry was gassed in the Great War, and only died in the 1930's.  As a child in South Africa, I had to write to his sisters Mabel and Nora. The last letter I received from great aunt Nora was in 1965.  My grandfather emigated to South Africa in 1912, where my father and I were born.  My grandfather opened a butcher shop in Hillbrow Johannesburg, in which he was considerably successful.  He always told me that the Thomas familyy were either farmers or butchers, going back as far as he was ever told. I have no photos of early years, just one of my grandfather after he retired back to Busvannah in the 1950's.
My last connection with my family was in 1978... Read more

Damn Good Lodgings

go to blacksmiths cottage for fine fayre


Fish Strand Quay c1960, Falmouth
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Yes, I 'grew up' on Fish Strand and still use it to this day. My father kept various boats off the quay and we always had a dinghy moored there, and we still do, my father is now in his 90s and I have 2 grandaughters. I remember people like Willie Henderson and Alec Henderson, and Arthur Randall. Chards Ice House stood on one side before they built the car park, it was always a good place to scrounge a fish head to go crabing off the end of the Quay having first purchased your hooks and codline from Boxalls, it was 1/2p a yard Many happy hours were spent learning to swim off the steps and diving for coins thrown by the 'visitors'. Anyone reading this who remembers me please get in touch.

Falmouth Fishstrand Quay C1960s

Fish Strand Quay c1960, Falmouth
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Ah yes, I remember going with my mother to Fishstrand Quay ice house to buy mackeral and crab. It was like a huge walk-in freezer with lots of large fridge doors and had massive latches on them with lots of ice blocks here and there, and you could always hear the fridge generators kicking in and when they stopped, only then could you talk to the fish man. I think there may have been two fish men, brothers working there, one only had one arm I think. I also remember seeing Steve Turvey learning to swim from the stern of a dingy after school and early evenings. On Saturday mornings after going to pictures at the Grand or Odeon, my cousin and I would play on the foreshore of Fishstrand, climbing on scafolding at the back of the shops. There always seemed to be sinking boats moored off the quay. I remember when I got home, my mother asked me where have I been, I said "pic's with Keith,... Read more


My wife and I had an holiday in Falmouth, a flat overlooking the docks area. We would travel all around the area, we thought it was a beautiful place. We visited the Brewis family. Peter Brewis was the site agent on a site I worked on in the Midlands. I often wonder how the family is now, well I hope.


Village c1955, Devoran
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I was evacuated in 1939 to Devoran, and was billeted with a family by the name of Eddy, my three sisters and myself. We were only there for about two months before we were all taken down with scabies, we all went off tp Perranporth isolation ward, we were all kept in hospital untill we were better, and then went back to Devoran on a bus, it stopped outside the school (shown in the picture on left). We were all lined up outside the school, when a nice lady came up to me and asked if I would like to go and stay with her, she told me she had two sons and a daughter, and lived on a big farm with chickens, cows, sheep, pigs, horses, and without giving it another thought I said 'Yes please'.  They were a lovely family and looked after me like I was their own. I lived with them for four years. When I went into the army to do my two years National... Read more

St John And St Petroc Church Devoran

The Church c1955, Devoran
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My memory spans several years relating to the church. My grandfather, Fred James, who lived in Carnon Downs, cared for the grounds and the older graves in the churchyard, mainly on a Saturday, and, during the winter, he cycled to Devoran on a Saturday evening to light the 'coke' fires for the boiler, for the heating system in the church. I can't remember how old I was when he first took me with him to help cut the grass, weed the paths and trim around the old graves, but I remember helping him over several years. The grassed areas were, of course, cut with a push grass mower, which needed sharpening quite often. It always seemed to be lovely sunny weather..or is that just my memory? haha. Between the old graves shown in this photo, used to grow wild strawberries, which were really lovely on a hot sunny day. My gran, Dorothy James, used to clean the vicarage, and would sometimes go to the corner shop opposite the church, on... Read more

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