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Great Grandmother's House

Bay Bridge c1955, Blanchland
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I spent many happy days at Baybridge (from the 1960s) at my great-grandmother's (Maughan) house (the house on the right of the picture), and went on to work part-time at the Lord Crewe Arms.

County Durham memories

Our Home For 30+ Years

Slag Hill Cottages c1965, Allenheads
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Mam and Dad, Lizzie and Edwin Ridley, moved into Slaghill (the cottage on the right of the picture) in 1948 when I was 3 years old. Dad died there in December 1978 and Mam moved up to Chapel Cottages soon afterwards. There were 3 of us children living there originally - Margaret, Yvonne and myself. My 2 elder brothers Lloyd and Norman had already left for the Army. Maurice came along in 1950 by which time my sisters had gone to Brownrigg Camp school in Bellingham.

There was no water or electricity in the house until 1961, water came in a bucket from the iron spring on the other side of the road and the light from a parafin lamp, later, a tilley lamp. We had a coal fire in the living room which Dad lit every morning before setting off to the limestone quarry behind the house where he worked as a shot-blaster. We also had a fireplace in the big bedroom upstairs which was lit only... Read more

Mrs Brown's Shop

Ropehaugh c1965, Allenheads
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Mrs Brown's shop, at the far left of the picture, is where Mam used to take us for our weekly treat on a Saturday - to choose some sweets from a large selection in a line of big glass jars with ornate lids. Mrs Brown would put them in the shiny pan on her scales, adding the little bronze weights on the balance to get the exact weight, 2ozs of this and 4ozs of that and then tip them into paper bags for us. The front door opened into an ante-room with locked cupboards then you turned right into the shop. The bell at the top of the door jangled to alert her that she had a customer. The shop is long gone now, it was sold and turned into a private house.

The Falls

The Falls, Dovespool c1955, Allenheads
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I spent many happy hours here, and our house was just up the road from here so I didn't have far to go and have great fun.

Allenheads School

I have so many memories of Allenheads School: Major, George Nixon's dog, (brother of our dog, Judy) turning up at school each day, sitting in the classroom and having his lunch with us. I remember the snow, building forts and igloos and the snowball fights. Miss Wright turning our coats on the fireguard to get them dried ready for us to go out and play again. In the summer we often played in the woods behind the school but wherever we were we could always hear the school bell. Oh, and those outside toilets! One thing I could never remember was who took me to school on my first day. Last year I met Billy Robson. He reminded me that we started school on the same day in 1954 and Evelyn Ridley took us both - she was one of the older pupils.
Such happy school years

Sinderhope Methodist Chapel (Pioneer Christian Youth Hostel)

The Dale Hotel And Square c1955, Allendale
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Allendale - 'Happy Memories and Great Days' In about 1973 an 'interdenominational' group of dedicated visionary young people, many from Tyneside Youth for Christ (Elim Church), based in Newcastle upon Tyne rented the disused and empty fairly large 'lower floor-part' of Sinderhope Chapel, Sinderhope, Allendale for a peppercorn rent of £1O per year, from the Allendale Methodist circuit. The Hostel faced across the valley looking onto Northumberland County Council Outdoor Education Centre. The TYFC young people and supporters raised voluntary funds and begged and borrowed to help create a lovely youth hostel named, 'Sinderhope Pioneer Christian Youth Hostel'. They furnished it with 16 bunk beds (bought via auction from RAF, Leeming in Yorkshire), and later raised funds to install propane gas in the hostel, renovating the hostel. Many churches, youth groups, school and scout groups used the church hostel throughout the years. Numerous inner city Tyneside young people (some disadvantaged youngsters with limited knowledge and experience then of the countryside) enjoyed the experience of the beautiful Allendale (Sinderhope) countryside... Read more

1964 To 1987 In Shield Street

Heatherlea And Shield Street c1955, Allendale
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I Lived at 2 shield Street between 1964 and 1987 the people who lived in the street are all gone now but they were true Allerdonians.
Anyone reading this will remember the likes of Jack & Peggy Warwick , Billy Pringle & Marion & the lads , Mr Brown at the chemist and Not Forgeting My Dad Ian Dodd Who worked for Ridleys Transport. But who could forget Jenny and Vester Charlton at the shop and then Tommy Sheild who had the Hotel Who we have sadly lost in 2007, my best memory of him would be when I sprayed him with his own hosepipe in his green house when he cought me and grenville watering his plants we didn't half cop for it !!!!! The Days were Priceless' God Bless .

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