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6 Foot of Snow

I can remember when the snow on the roofs of the houses in Boosbeck, when it started to melt it would fall with a load thud lol. I used to love playing up Boosbeck Woods with my mates, Paul Bullock, Cliff Wood and Desmond Wood. We used to go to the hidden city in the woods! We used to build tree houses up three (?). Good memories, I wonder what my mates are doing now? I'm 48 now, I used to live in Wandhill, next door to the Woodalls. One day I will return to Boosbeck with my camera to take some photos. If any of my mates read this can you please contact me, my email is I now live in Margate, Kent. I am divorced now, I feel so alone, it would be good to see my mates again. I hope they still remember me, its been such a long time, I left boosbeck in 1977 aged... Read more

Lockwood Beck And Lingdale

Hi Everyone what a lovely photo of the reservoir. My family lived at the reservoir for many years. My father and his father were born there with his sisters. He was Henry Marshall born 1923. He was the 3rd Henry I'm the 4th and my son is the 5th.
A family member has traced the family of marshalls back to 16oo's in Lincolnshire.
My dad used to work for the Water Authority and found out when the trees around the reservoir had been cut. We often used to collect logs for our fires when we lived at 8 Davison Street Lingdale. Unfortunately I never fished the waters.
Dad told us about the early years of the war when German Bombers dropped the surplus ordance on the moor above the houses, they caused many moor fires and after wards he would collect used ordnance shells and polish the brass placing them on the hearth. Other stories concerned going along the stream, under the bridge into the farm across the road... Read more

Fish And Chips in Gerrie Street

I remember when I was a little girl and we lived in Gerrie Street. Opposite us was Mr Brown's Fish and Chip Shop and he made wonderful fish and chips. The window of my mum and dad's bedroom overlooked the fish and chip shop and what we called "The Bank Top". I used to creep out of bed in the summer and watch the young people getting their fish and chips and then standing on the bank top to eat them. At the weekend there was always quite a crowd and I was fascinated.
Mr Brown was a lovely man. I used to play whip and top on the bank top and many a time I can remember him knocking a nail into the bottom of the wooden spinning top for me when my dad was at work and couldn't repair it for me.
When the fish and chip shop closed the shop was turned into a house and we moved around the corner into Albion Street. I am now... Read more

Cleveland memories

Shale Heaps

Hi, I lived at Lingdale at 27 North Terrace which was the last row of terraced houses near the shale heaps which were deposited from the iron ore mine which was situated in Stanghow Lane. The distance between the houses and the shale heaps was about 12 feet and was held back by a stone wall which was crumbling allowing the shale heaps to encroach towards the houses on North Terrace. I remember me and my sister Enid used to climb to the top of the shale heaps with a piece of cardboard or tin and slide down the shale heaps, needless to say that many a time I arrived home with no rear in my little short trousers and suffered for it, but we still used to do it regardless of the consequences, it was such fun.
I also remember the ack-ack unit that was situated at the top of Stanghow Lane during the Second World War and my brother Walter bringing me a piece of perspex from one... Read more

Memories of The 1930s

Sometimes in those early days we went on holiday to Mam’s mother and father in Brotton. This was a small village about two miles from Saltburn, a Victorian holiday resort on the North Yorkshire coast. I recall the pier there, where you feel you are out at sea when the tide was in. A journey up and down the cliff on the funicular railway was always a thrill. It is still there and is still quite exciting as I discovered to my delight a couple of years ago. Grandma and Grandad lived in a small terraced house on the High Street. number 41. Grandad had a rocking chair beside the fire and a spittoon beside it. The spittoon was filled with fresh sawdust every day and was black-leaded every day also. There was a large open range, itself also black leaded daily, and water for the house was heated in a side part of the range. Grandad had been an iron miner at Skinningrove iron mine nearby, in his working... Read more

Dispersal of Salvage

The Hall c1885, Upleatham
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When hebditch the builder built eskdale house in carlin how, its believed that a fireplace from upleatham hall was put into eskdale's hallway , the fireplace is still in situ and has a fire in it as I write . It would seem quite plausible , as its quite a grand afair !,

Upleatham Church

I remember that The Green Howards (Army) did a renovation on the church some years ago. It could be anywhere between 1960 / 1970 ish, but I do remember that as a philatelist, a First Day Cover was issued and I bought one. Unfortunately I sold on my collection, so can't pinpoint that event. I know that they did a great clean up job, whitewashing the inner church and doing a general tidy up. I have recently been up to take my own photographs for my church 'Newsletter' as I do write up places of interest as a feature.
If anyone could furnish me with facts about the church I would be pleased to hear from them. My email is

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