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Borthwick Castle

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Borthwick Castle maps
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Memories of Borthwick Castle

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Midlothian memories

Ormiston my Home Village Where I Grew up

I was born and raised in Ormiston,January 20th 1951,the eldest son of John and Agnes Gordon,went all through the primary school then on to the Ross High nin Tranent.

First Love

My first real girl friend was magaret gordon, from ormiston, eastlothian scotland, her father was a miner he an old long nosed wolsley car loke the old police cars, and she had an older sister who went about with her boyfriend on a motorcycle, I cant remember her name, she also had a borother called Ian we used to go to the latenights (dancing) in Tranent and Haddington, If you went through the village as if going to Pencatland,they lived as was then the last row of houses up near the top that looked out over a sort of deep ravine, Margaret worked at Skilspindy I think thats how it spelled at Haddington a woollen jumper factory, they also had a place at portobello.
IM seventy now,maybe theres some one that new the family, Margaert, myself, and some friend used meet in the little cafe in the village round the corner from where the picturehouse used to be, unfortunatly I went off to the army and settled in Enland when... Read more

Glaskhill Terrace Days

Born in Glaskhill Terrace 1952, (McCutcheon) eldest of 6. Dad George a miner and Mum (Sarah) a full time job caring for us all,.The street had lots of of families who had moved through from Blantyre, Burnbank, for the pits - Moat, Bilston and said words like watter etc A jumble of childhood memories - seeing the hills every day and memories of playing with the gang - Corrigans, Hendersons, Steins, Stokes, McLauchlins, Ingles , Selkirks, Cosgroves, Kennys, McGowan, Bordons, all raking up the back field - cowboys and Indians long before Cuiken was built, exploring up the White Bridge, Bog Wood and being daring and going to the Serpentine and the Targets - up the Pentlands with a with a bottle of water and pieces on jam all day (Billy Inglis always had Bovril!), raking around in the old piggery, finding bones and thinking they were human!, sledging down in Fletchers field. Having fights every day when Jackson Street school met with... Read more

Glaskhill Terrace No 19

Hello Carol (McCutcheon as I knew you). I was born in 1951 and lived at 19 Glaskhill terrace. My name is James Waugh and my mother was Lizzie and my father John (Jock). Dad worked in Burghlee, Moat and Bilston Glen. All the items in your note ring true. I was one of the Catholics who ran from the school up near the bowling club (Findlay Irvine) across the park and up to Glaskhill before the school in Jackson Street came out. I am giving a talk to the Mining Museum in Newtongrange about Shottstown and the arrival of the miners from the West to Glaskhill. Shotts Iron Co owned the Moat, Ramsey and the Burghlee before nationalisation (SI Co also owned the pit at Muaricewood). What about the Hendersons and Mrs Dollelly who was always shouting at us for making too much noise! I added photos of my primary 7 class (Jackson St) to Penicuik 'Whats On' under the section Old Photos. The year before me is also there... Read more


Iwas brought up at Harelaw Farm as an infant my father was a prisoner of war and worked on various farms ,around the country but came to the EARL OF WEYMES ? ESTATE where he met my mother from Dunbar they married had eight of a family further down the line we all moved to Longniddry farm ,MR MRS Morrison we had a wonderful life there they were such a lovely family to us my memories will always be that part of my life .

This is Were I Grew up

Craigentinny House 1956, Edinburgh
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This is were I grew up in Craigentinny in Edinburgh. I went to Christmas parties here when I was really young, I also went to big picnics from here because my Mum went to the guild here or went to play dominos and they held dances and& concerts. I will never forget one picnic we went to. I was 5 years old and I got some money for running a race. I put it in my mouth at the same time as I was eating a bun and I swallowed it. I was takin to see a nurse who gave me a hug. I thought "This is daft, I just want my money back". I ended up in hospital to have an operation to remove it from my stomach. So I will always remember Craigentinny House, or The Castle as we called it.

My Father Was A Drummer Boy

The Castle From Johnston Terrace 1897, Edinburgh
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My father was a Drummer Boy in Edinburgh Castle when he was 14 in 1915. He threw the sergeant's false teeth out of the window by mistake, he thought it was just a cup of water. But next day when the sergeant picked up the cup and said where's my ---------- teeth , he knew. He did not own up. A mystery never solved.

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