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A Wartime Symbol of Defiance - A Giant Meat Pie!

Manningham Lane c1950, Bradford
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One of Bradford’s famous literary sons was the author and playwright J B Priestley, who was born in Mannheim Road, Bradford, on 13 September 1894. J B Priestley provided Britain with a rather strange morale-boosting symbol during the Second World War – a meat and potato pie. The pie which inspired Priestley had been a feature in the window of Arthur Roberts’s food shop in Godwin Street for around 40 years; it actually consisted of a pie crust over an empty pie dish, which concealed a mechanism that puffed steam out of holes in the crust at intervals. During the war Priestley broadcast a series of radio talks on Sunday evening, and one day he visited Bradford just after the window of Arthur Roberts’s shop had been blown off in an air-raid. Priestley happened to wander past the bomb-damaged shop and there, in the partly boarded-up window, was the pie, still puffing away and trying to entice shoppers to come in and buy. Priestley described the scene in his next... Read more

Dog Walks

Chellow Dene 1897, Bradford
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I remember walking our dogs Bradley and Monty here. It was always beautiful. We now live in Australia and Brad came with us. He passed away peacefully in 2011. Monty stayed at home and also had a long life. Bitter sweet memories

Collinsons Cafe

Tyrrell Street 1903, Bradford
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I well remember my wedding reception at Collinsons in April 1963. The pianist and violinist played "This is My Lovely Day" as my wife and I entered and proceeded to an upstairs room for the reception. Always a wonderful aroma of coffee near Collinsons Café alas like many Bradford landmarks; Phillip Smiths and Seabrook Fisheries... gone into the mists of time.

Coffee Bar

The Alhambra And New Memorial c1950, Bradford
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I remember all this so well. The coffee bar was the Alassio first frothy coffee, first coca cola and dancing at the Gaumont seeing The Beatles, Helen Shapiro and so many others... great days!

Bradford Chellow Dene

Chellow Dene 1897, Bradford
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I remember chellow dene fondly from walking with my mum and our dog Lassie. Yes, I remember the ice cream place and water fountain. It was a place we always went to and then, when I grew up, I took my boyfriend who later became my husband and then my children went. I also remember playing in the wood with my friends, and the bluebells, and my friend and I had a secret garden in the wood, magic.

Growing up in Great Horton

The Alhambra c1955, Bradford
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I grew up on Kingswood Terrace, Great Horton from 1942 - 1967 and have many memories of good times there. I enjoyed Scouting with the 3rd Bradford South Troop for many years at the old Bell School on Southfield Lane. I remember trying out all the pubs in the area particularly the Kings Arms and the Bull's Head (both of which I later worked in for a while). I spent lots of time at the Great Horton Station trainspotting and later taking short train trips to Clayton and Queensbury. During the Beatles era, I played in bands in many of the local Working Men's Clubs, and later as resident drummer at the Railways Club on Wakefield Road. After I got married in 1967, I moved to Peach Street (now long gone) in West Bowling until we emigrated to Canada in 1970. I have been back to Bradford 3 times since we left and each time I remembered less and less of the town I grew up in - the City Centre is... Read more

Boating on The Lake

Horton Park Bridge 1897, Bradford
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I spent many happy hours in Horton Park in the late 1940's and early 1950's, particularly when the lake had paddle boats on it. During many winters the lake froze over and we went sliding on it. One winter I learned a valuable lesson that the water under the bridge does not freeze. I tried to walk from one side of the lake to the other under the bridge and fell in the water which, fortunately, was not very deep. It was a cold, wet walk home! Summers were often spent fishing for tiddlers with a net and jam jar - happy days. The lake is now long gone.

The Regent With Mac

Manningham Lane c1950, Bradford
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I remember going to the Regent cinema with my first major love, Robert (Mac) McCarthy. We both lived in Baildon. I had always really really liked him and could not believe it when he finished with his girlfriend and asked me out! I used to be so excited and happy when I was with him that I could hardly speak. Lost touch with him and when I mentioned to a friend that I had tried to find him, my friend said 'Did you think he might have died'. No I had not. What has happened to Bradford now is criminal.

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