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Broadway Lido.....My Home

Broadway Lido c1960, Bridgwater
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Yes.....the Broadway Lidi was my home. I am Stuart Smith, my father Gordon Smith was the first manager (well, they called it superintendent then) at the Lido. We moved there when I was about 3 years old, and lived in a detached house adjacent to the Lido.  I recall doing the "Inaugural Plunge" in front of Princess Alexandra......who presented me with a new pair of trunks, for performing the feat.

The Vauxhall car, which you see in the photo (below Lido sign), belonged to Wilf Pine, my father's deputy. Our house was just out of shot, to the right. We often had rugby balls landing in our garden, from Bridgwater & Albion Rugby Club, who played in the adjoining field. My mother, Joan Smith, would often refuse to give the balls back to even the burliest rugby players!!

Originally there was a Main Pool & Teaching Pool, an Intermediate Pool was added later.  In the winter months the pools were drained almost empty, but ice formed readily at times. I also remember being snowed in, was in 1963?, when we had to dig our way out, right across the car park, so as my sister and I could get to school.

I attended Fryern, or was it Friarn, Street School. Best pal was Tim Matthews......wonder what he is doing now ?

We moved to Essex in 1964, then onto the Isle of Man.  I now live back in Essex.

My parents retired from the Isle of Man, to St. Annes in Lancashire. Sadly, my mother died in 1989, with my father passing away in August last year.

We all had happy memories of the 4 and a half years in Bridgwater, where I acquired a very broad accent!!! which has since waned.

Would love to hear from old friends...........Stuart Smith

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A memory of Bridgwater in Somerset shared on Monday, 30th June 2008.

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RE: Broadway Lido.....My Home

I remember spending many a happy summer's day at the Lido, what a fantastic swimming pool it was. It saddens me to now see a giant supermarket in its place. It was the best swimming pool I have ever been to. I am now 39 years of age and have since moved from Bridgwater and am now living in Devon. If the Lido was still there I probably wouldn't have moved, that's how much I loved the place.

Comment from Paul Evett on Friday, 30th April 2010.


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