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Waylett''s Paper Shop Westmoreland Parade

Westmoreland Parade 1956, Bromley
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I lived at 3 Barnfield Wood Close, Park Langley. Waylett's lived just round the corner at Barnfield Wood Road. They had three daughters who I was very interested in, I was between 9 and 18 at the time. The (photo) shows Waylett's papershop. My father had a Lambretta scooter and rode along Westmoreland Road everyday to get the Bromley South Train until he crashed going up Westmoreland Hill - he took the 47 bus after that. Great memory - I went to school with my brother Lawrence to Hawes Down School for Boys in Hawes Lane, West Wickham from 1955 to 1962.

Shops, Red Squirrels And Bad Men

Westmoreland Road 1956, Bromley
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I remember that first row of shops quite well. There was a greengrocer on the right which I was sent to sometimes to buy 3lbs of King Edward's (why did he have potatoes?) My brother and I argued about carrying the shopping bag - he was older and usually ended up dumping it in the road, so I had to take it home. Once I remember seeing a red squirrel in the fenced off woodland on the left of the picture, this was before it was opened as South Hill Park. There was more woodland; out of the right hand side of the picture. More shops were built there soon after this photo was taken. We used to play there, but there was one time when we were banned for a few weeks - a 'bad man' had been hanging out there. I'm not sure if the bad man was caught, we never saw him and we started playing there again. However, fairly soon after that the shops and bank... Read more


High Street c1960, Bromley
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My Mother returned from a visit with her Mother to the Odeon Cinema in Petts Wood at 11 pm on Wednesday 16th April 1941, to find my father extinguishing, with sand from a bucket, an incendiary bomb behind our semi-bungalow at 154 Pickhurst Lane, Hayes. They heard more bombs falling and lay down with buckets over their heads. A 500-kg landmine came down though the head of my bed upstairs (decapitating me if I had been there) and into my parents' bedroom just six feet from where I was lying on a mattress at the foot of their bed. If the bomb had exploded, we would all have died - and if we had all been in our own beds, we would also have died. Suction, caused by the fall of the bomb, lifted the built-in fireplace in my parents' bedroom and slammed it onto their bed. It exploded at 1:30 pm on Friday 18th, leaving nothing of... Read more

Wolf And Hollander

High Street c1960, Bromley
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There were a few sizeable department stores in Bromley, including Harrison Gibson and Wolf and Hollander (whose flag you can see waving on the left).  I am pretty sure it was Wolf and Hollander that suffered an extraordinary fire in the early 1960's - the smoke was visible for miles around.  I was in the crowd watching it from the street itself - a significant operation with many firemen struggling to control the blaze, which lasted for hours.

Simpsons Road

High Street 1968, Bromley
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I used to walk along Simpsons Road to go to school.I remember all the men going to the station wore suits,bowler hats and carried rolled umbrellas and briefcases.There was a dairy shop and a Post Office run by Fred and Doris (I'm pretty sure those were their names) Doris's twin sister was 'Stella' the hairdressers in the High Street.The shoe mender was there too,at the top on the other side of the road.

Coffee Shop in Bromley High Street

High Street c1960, Bromley
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Please can someone help? We run #bromleyhour every Thursday 8-9pm on Twitter, do you have any idea what the name of the fantastic coffee shop was? I'm thinking the Importers but I can't be sure.
The smell of coffee to this day reminds me of walking past and sometimes if my Mum had enough money, we'd go in for a treat.
Who else remembers?

My First Job

Westmoreland Parade 1956, Bromley
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If I remember correctly on the far left was the chemists, then the butchers, then Reekie's the grocery shop, then Wayletts the sweet shop and post office and then on the right a greengrocers. This could all be wrong of course. I had my first Saturday job in Reekie's stacking shelves, tidying the stock shed washing floors and even the pavement outside. I think I got twenty-five shillings for a days work which went up to 30 on my next birthday.

Westmoreland Road Shops

Westmoreland Road 1956, Bromley
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I remember the greengrocers, it was called Cunninghams I think. There was always a smell of cooking beetroot coming from the back of the shop. Then there was Wayletts who had a brilliant sweet counter and a very small supermarket called Reekies who later bought larger premises in the newer shops across the road possibly where the off licence is now. The chemist at the end of the parade was Hamer and Crumpler but I can't remember the shop next to it on the right.
I thought I had seen red squirrels as a child so perhaps it was in those woods nearby.
Does anyone remember Millets being in London Road originally on the right before you reached the Astor cinema? I have visions of a very amusing shop front with models in strange positions wearing very ill fitting wigs and clothes!

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