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Gwynedd memories

Mixed Feelings

I first arrived in Llanegryn at the latter end of 1939 along with my younger sister and a lot of other kids from my school (St Johns)in Birkenhead. I was eight years old at the time and my sister was six. We were all put into the village hall where people of the neighbourhood came and took us to different addresses. A lady from the next street to me in my home town was with us as she had two girls about 5 and 6 and a little boy under 2 years old. They were chosen along with my sister by Mrs Evans of Gessail Farm, but I wasn`t included. My father told me before I left home "don't let them split you up from your sister (Linda). I stood in the centre of the hall and wouldn`t allow my sister to go without me. Mrs Evans said 'ok, you can come too' and away we went to the farm by Bird Rock. I had a wonderful time there... Read more

My Ancestors And me

Village c1940, Llanegryn
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My mother was born here. My family lived here until I was a teenager even though my father was English. I remember all the village as I went to the village school along with my brother and sister until I moved to high school in Tywyn. My grandmother lived in an old stone cottage just down the road from here, and my grandfather was a stone mason to the village squire. I remember the streams, the people, everyone knew everyone else and many were related. I remember the wild flowers that grew along the banks in the summer and my cousin and I used to explore the countryside together. I remember the beautiful singing in the chapels and churches, which is why I am a professional singer even until today. This was a beautiful place which forever remains well embedded in my heart.

Cream Teas

River And Bridge 1932, Dolgoch
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Mum came from Llanegryn- Eileen Jones from Bodegryn. Each summer we used to visit her village and stay in the guest house in the village (it was actually Mum's old house!) I remember they had a fabulous parrot in one of the rooms- I must admit though I was always a bit nervous of it! They had Bri nylon sheets on the bed- wow were they slippy! One of my favourite places to visit was Dolgoch falls- we went on the little train from Tywyn- what a thrill- the steam billowing out and the sound of the wheels on the lines- I can picture it now. Dad always let me sit by the window. Grandad and Mama came too (Mum's parents Thomas and Mabel Jones) After a long walk to the top of the falls we always called into the house near the bottom for a cream tea- yum, lashings of cream on the beautiful scones and a huge pot of tea. I would dearly like to return soon, such... Read more

My Love For Wales

High Street c1965, Tywyn
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I love Tywym (Towyn). I worked at Tynycornel Hotel in 1962 until 1964 and I remember doing my shopping in Towyn, and finishing with a lovely cup of tea or a milkshake at the milk bar in the High Street. My dream is to go and walk its places before I finish. Love to everybody in my Towyn.

Rain or Shine Tywyn is Fine

I was born in Brynhielog TYWYN, in January 1944. My Mother had taken my brother to her sisters house as it was war time. My dad was a a London Bobby based in Commercial Street Spitlefields.
After the war we made the trip back to Tywyn Christmas,Easter and for two weeks in the Summer.We used to catch the Cambrian Coast Express from Paddington, a through train (not like today) The only one who ever had a seat was my Mum it was so packed with service men, we sat on our cases all the way.
All my mums family would be at the station to greet us.
How I loved the open fields, the walks to the beach and into Bryncrug where my cousin lived. As I got older I was allowed to borrow my cousin Beths bike the freedom I felt after the roads of Londons Hackney.
Easter was a great time as the fair would arrive and then a Market on Bank holiday Monday. We would go... Read more

Growing up at Bronprys Farm

I grew up at Bronprys Farm from 1957. Mum, Mrs Joan Jones (nee Bates), had been a State Registered Nurse at The London Hospital and come to Towyn during the war, met my Dad, Charlie Jones, and became a farmer's wife. She was persuaded to start a B&B business by family friend, "Auntie Enid" (Miss Richards, No.3 Marconi Bungalows). The hours were long but being such a people person mum got a lot out of meeting the variety of folk who stayed with us, often year after year like extended family. I used to make little maps for visitors showing nice places to see in the area, I wonder if any hoarders like me have still got one tucked away in old postcards. Who knows! Many of the lovely folk who stayed with us were very kind to "Mrs Jones's little girl". I would be thrilled to see any holiday photos or read any reminiscences people may have about life at Bronprys in the 60's. It was such a wonderful... Read more

Memories of The Village

The Village c1936, Llwyngwril
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Having moved back to Shrewsbury, my family and I spent many holidays in the village in the 1950's and we spent many day trips on Sundays in the village, parking by the Friends burial ground and having a picnic lunch and enjoying the sea air and the lovely beach. I would have my Ian Allan railway spotters book and would write down all the locomotive numbers. This exercise gave me a lifelong love of the Cambrian railways system. More recently I have collected postcards of the village and have a total of 110 out of 159 I have traced. Of course Francis Frith were the most prolific of publishers and I am trying to catologue them but have several gaps. I do hope Friths have their own list of Llwyngwril postcards as they were all individually numbered.

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