Brynmawr, Semtex Factory c.1965

Brynmawr, Semtex Factory c.1965

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Memories of Brynmawr, Semtex Factory c1965


I worked in Semtex on the banbery mixing vinyl for tiles, then left and became transport organiser for black rock haulage before emigrating to Austrailia, but have fond memories of my time there.

A memory of Brynmawr by Donald Fowler

Happy Days

My father (Howard Case) worked on the Vinyl section and was a union rep. His boss was Tom Bailey and the clerks were Betty Powell and Sue. I worked in the Post Room for approx 18 months with Maisie Jones and then transferred to the Shipping Department. My boss was Geoff Bickell until he sadly passed away in his car, in the car park one lunch time. I remained in the Shipping Department until the very sad day when Semtex closed down. They were very happy days. A lot of friendships were made and still remain.

A memory of Brynmawr by Alison Case

Semtex Ltd

I worked in the factory for six months in 1962 as part of a management training programme with Dunlop. The work was mainly the production of vinyl asbestos tiles but there was a unit for making rubber underlay. This was a hell hole where ammonia fumes were rife. For a while there was an attempt at diversification in producing fibre glass rod blanks, suitable for fishing rods. It was a friendly place and I had lodgings with Alf and Doris Sillman, a lovely couple. Geoff Brickell was the Export Manager, with a hobby of wood turning. I still have a bowl he made. The factory had a very good male voice choir. I don't think any of them could read music but they had the Welsh innate sense of harmony. There were two top ...Read full memory

A memory of Brynmawr by David Osborne

Memories of Brynmawr

King Street And Worcester Street.

In 1900 my grandfather WILLIAM HARTSHORN from WORCESTER STREET married HENRIETTA JAMES from KING STREET. I am researching my family and would like to know if there are any relatives still living in Brynmawr or surrounding area.I would be grateful for any info. that you can provide.

A memory of Brynmawr by Judith Tranter

A Deakin Sons

I'd love to hear anyone's memories of the Deakin fairground family based at Alma Street at Brynmawr. I am currently researching for a forthcoming book on the history of the family. Any information/memories/stories/photos would be appreciated. Even more so, the EXACT date when Margaret Deakin (Deakin-Studt) passed away. We know ...Read full memory

A memory of Brynmawr by Bill Treen

'Up The Baths'

I remember being 'taught to swim' here, by the teachers at the board school. We were stood at the poolside, only up to the black line, then summarily being to "Jump!". If that failed, we were helped in by the boot of 'Danny' Davis or 'Joe' Robbins, then expected to 'swim' back to shallow water. The lifeguard was called Gerald. ...Read full memory

A memory of Brynmawr by Michael Evans


It's not an actual memory, but my grandad, Tom Gurney, used to fetch me from the nursery, put me on his shoulders and take back to the house up at Heol Isaf. I have many fond memories from home, I was a bit of a rat bag when younger, but my parents of Neil and Audrey, my uncles and Aunts did a great job. I actually miss home and it ...Read full memory

A memory of Brynmawr by Simon Johannis
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This rubber factory was built between 1947 and 1953; it was thought to be a visionary building, not least for its roof made up of nine rectangular domes with windows on each of their sides. It is a sad fact that the site became derelict after the factory shut in the early 1980s. Despite a campaign to preserve it, the last phase of its demolition began in 2001.

This is an excerpt from Around Alton Photographic Memories, by Tony Cross/Jane Hurst/Martin Morris

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