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Artley Family

My family have strong ties with Burton Fleming and surrounding areas. My 4 x great grandfather, Robert Artley and his wife, Mary (Major) Artley are buried in the churchyard, along with my 3 x great grandfather, Thomas Artley, plus quite a few of their young offspring. Thomas owned a few properties in the village and when he died they were left to his surviving children. I would love to find out which cottages they were, just to put places to people, anyone with any information, please post a memory.

North Humberside memories

Boynton Hall Revisited 1975, by Matthew Strickland Quarles

I visited Boynton Hall during my year long study abroad as an English Speaking Union Scholarship recipient to Wrekin College, in Wellington, Telford, Shropshire, during the academic year 1974/1975.
At that time an architect, Mr Cooke and his wife were the owners of Boynton Hall. I had written to Mr. Cooke prior to my visiting the Hall at the suggestion of my elderly cousin who had visited the home some years previously and made the acquaintance of the Cookes.
At the time of my visit the Hall had been sectioned off in order to maintain a residence as well as a flat or two. Mr. Cooke graciously toured me throughout the house showing me the secret passageway, as well as the upper level bed chamber in which Queen Henrietta Maria - Charles I wife - was reputed to have spent one night on her way to enlist her cousin's - Louis XIV - aid in the defense of Charles's throne from Cromwellian troops. Framed and hanging beside the... Read more

Boynton Hall Yorkshire

Boynton Hall, near Bridlington During the war (1939-1945) the French Convent school, run by Catholic nuns, was evacuated from Hull to Boynton Hall. I remember the day war broke out - my sister was sent to Boynton - she was very happy there. When I was 5, I joined my sister - there was a small number of boys there. It was a very well run school in which the interest of the children came first. There was a picture of Sir Walter Strickland on one of the walls - his eyes followed you around. There is a seasonal stream - the Gypsey Race - I was pushed off a bridge into the Gypsey Race by another of the boys - I was vey cross! The Vicar was a Mr Lawrence. Times were very different to to-day. At the age of six I would be expected to walk into Bridlington (accompanied) over 2 miles away. Happy Days - a Beautiful place. John

Carnaby School

I went to the school in 1951 and so did my brother and sister. My partner was there at the same time, 46 years before we got together. We both lived at RAF Carnaby before moving to Bridlington. Carnaby was a great place to live. Many happy memories. Neil Jackman.

Summer 1937

SS Yorkshireman 1932, Bridlington
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We stayed in a caravan at Thornwick Bay in July 1937. On a visit to Bridlington harbour I saw the SS 'Yorkshireman', which was the biggest sea-going vessel I'd been near to at that time. I thought it was magnficent and it gave such an impression of power and strength to me as an eleven year old. When we returned to school after the holidays, I drew this black and white monster a number of times and our teacher was much impressed by my efforts and its obvious influence on me. After all those years I can still feel the thrill of being on the harbourside, so close to that wonderful ship - especially when its engines pounded as it cast off to reverse away from the harbour wall, its propellor churning the sea like a great cooking pot. A magnificent experience to an eleven year old!

The Yorkshire Belle

The Yorkshire Belle 1955, Bridlington
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I spent many holidays in Bridlington as a child, my aunt and uncle lived here in a prefab near the Priory Church so each summer this is where we came. I have fond memories of the Yorkshire Belle, it seemed much bigger somehow then but perhaps it was me who was much smaller! I have now retired to Bridlington and the Yorkshire Belle still does it's sailings to Flamboro Head and back.

Still There!

Limekiln Lane Camp c1955, Bridlington
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The caravan site on Lime Kiln Lane in Brid is still flourishing - I had no idea it had been there so long!
We are fortunate enough to have a place there for our grandchildren to enjoy the full benefits of the sea-side. Its a very happy place.

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