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King Edward VI School c1955, Bury St Edmunds
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That was a surprise to suddenly see a photo' of the Boarding House I spent my secondary school years in. I actually loved the place - not every day perhaps, but measured over time it was a very formative part of my life. Best years of my life? Dunno, I've been a lucky boy and have enjoyed life one heck of a lot and still do. All the same, adolescence is when the patterns are made, and KEGS was a great place for patterning. Small enough to know everybody who attended, big enough to provide social and cultural reach. Staff were high quality, and while boys are boys, there were really good role models, and some guys I have never forgotten, even though I've never had any contact with them since school years. In addition, a number of really good friends that I'm still in contact with! From a scan of the present school activities, looks like they are still doing it for present generations. A good school ethic, probably even... Read more

Steel's Grocers

The Butter Market c1965, Bury St Edmunds
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In 1861 my Great, Great, Great Grandfather Charles Frederick Whiskin worked for the Steel family in their grocer's shop situated in the Butter Market.  Charles came originally from Black Friars in London and was born in 1832.  He learnt his trade from the Steels and went on to own his own shop in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire which he ran with his wife Susannah.   

Suffolk memories

Grand Parents

With my parents I used to visit my father's parents at Nowton every summer between 1946 to 1950. My grandparents were William and Rose Bradley. My grandfather was always in a 'bath chair', I do not know what his illness was. I remember lovely holidays there with my two cousins (who I have sadly lost touch with) their names were Leonard and Yvonne Jacobs, they lived at 72 Southgate street, Bury St Edmunds, with their parents Mary and Jim Jacobs. My grandparents lived in a lovely cottage with a rabbit warren at the back! Sadly I do not remember the address, I was very young at that time. We, my parents (now deceased) Monica and Henry Charles (Bud) Bradley would travel from Netheravon in Wiltshire by Royal Blue coach to London and then (I think) from Paddington Railway station - very, very noisy, to Bury. The sun always seemed to be shining, I have no memories of the inside of the property at Nowton or at... Read more

So Many Happy Hours

I spent so many happy summer holidays in Great Barton, and in particular Conyers Green where my Aunt Norah Lovelace lived in a cottage next to the old chapel building.  I cycled often to the village store/post office, and to my friend's parent's farm up the lane at the side of the cottage, their name was Rolfe and we had many lovely Sunday lunches there, going to Sunday school afterward.  There was no great television to watch in those days, my aunt only watched the news on her black and white, but it didn't matter as there always seemed to be something to do and living most of the year round in a city the countryside was great, I loved it so much.  My last visit there was in 1980 and although most of the village appeared just the same I was sad to see my aunt's cottage with a fence around it, it had always been open plan with a very pretty garden. I didn't get to see too... Read more

Number 3 The Green

Hi, Although I have no direct memories of Risby, my great-great-great-grandfather Robert was as far as I know born on The Green at Risby in 1801. In the 1881 census he was listed as living at the same address with his daughter Julia (1852) and her husband, a Mr ? Lang. Does anyone know of any Gardiners or Langs still living in the area? A bit of a long shot as my great-great-grandfather Arthur David is listed as being born in the Parish of Thingoe. Any information will be gratefully received. Alan.

Looking For A Lost Friend

Hello, I'm looking for a dear friend, his name was Robert Smith and he had a brother by the name of Peter Smith. I took Bob Smith to Australia in 1973, but I returned in 1975, leaving Bob out there. Later Bob's mum went out there to live with him, can anyone give me the address, or is it possible that someone can remember Bob's middle name as I need that to trace him, or any other information that might help me? Looking forward to hearing from someone. Eric Taylor


The Mayes family of Troston were my ancestors. Henry Mayes, son of Ruth Mayes, was born 1869 and was a gamekeeper locally.

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