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Memories of Cairnie

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Aberdeenshire memories

G Grandmother

My mother used to speak of Tarryblake as her grandmother, Helen Riddoch was born there. I think Mum used to visit an aunt at Tarryblake when she was little. I'd love to have a photo of the house. The Riddoch family were involved in the timber trade way back then too.

Central School, Bridgend

I went to the Central School (by the A97 where the Priests Water burn joins the River Bogie) at Bridgend. Left in mid-1954 when my parents moved from Dunscroft Cottage at Dunscroft Farm, down to Somerset in England. Boy - what a change - scenery, climate and language! The Dominie was Mr Strachan and the teacher a Miss Grant. Mr Strachan lived in a house by the river bridge - from the bridge we used to throw stones at his ducks and usually got strapped as a result - when he could catch us as we ran round the classroom - usually ended up with a few weals on the back of the legs! Vividly remember a flood in, I think 1953 - the water flooded the field between our cottage and the Priest's Water burn and came right up to our doorstep. A 10ft high waterfall which was about halfway between Dunscroft and Bridgend simply vanished in the torrent Took my wife & 3 kids back to show them Dunscroft... Read more

Memories of Brigend School

My brother (Brian Featch) and I attended the above school until we emigrated to Australia in 1958. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers us. I have visited the area over the last 10 years and can't say I like what is happening to our school. I keep in touch with my cousin Hazel, Jean and Dorothy Stuart (who lived in Kirkhill) and spend lots of my time with their mother my Auntie Janet when I return to Huntly. Hopefully I will be able to catch up with Jean Mutch when I go back in October this year as I usually visit her mother and have been told that I have to make myself available to meet Jean - how much we have to catch up on! I love living in Perth, Australia - principally for the climate but also the opportunities for those who would like to advance, however the strings always pull me back. Anyone else who would be availble during late October/early November and who would like... Read more

Lamb Family

My father, David Lamb, had a watchmaker / jewellers shop firstly at 13 Bogie Street and then from 1963 until 1984 at 30 Duke Street, Huntly. From the Royal Oak pub owned by the Yules, there was then Connie and Eric Stephens the newsagents, then Mr Law the fiahmonger, dads shop, then Norman Connel the chemist, then the Huntly Express. I remember Duke Street being renamed Dook street when there were so many pot holes the street comprised of lots of big puddles. I remember when there was a fire in the flat above Frasers drapers and dad, who had just bought the shop in Duke street, let them store alot of the wool in the empty shop. Our house stank of smoke for a long time after, which made a change from the fishy smell which had lingered. 30 Duke street had previously been a fishmongers.

The 'Shakey' Bridge

My mother left Yorkshire with me in 1945 when I was four years old. She worked for a Mrs Curzon at Arrochar house in Rothiemay as a cook and general help. I think the owners were titled people. I remember collecting daisies and dandelions in the garden. There was also agirl of about nine years old named Marion who lived at the adjacent house. She would take me on the bridge and shake it violently. My mother would have to take a boat on the River Deveron for shopping in Aberdeen. I don't think she rowed across herself! One day during a severe winter she slipped on the bridge and her handbag with all her important papers went over the side and was seen no more. She sustained minor cuts and bruises. I still have the photos which were taken of me aged four in Huntley. Mum had to put my long hair in 'rags' hoping I could show off... Read more

Urquharts at Grange, Banffshire, Scotland

Robert (Bob) and Margaret (Maggie) Urquhart left the Parish of Boharm for the Parish of Grange, about 1916. They possibly had more than one address in the Parish, according to what I have learned. The couple's last child Catherine (Kathleen) was born at Garrowood, Grange, 25 June, 1917. This unfortunate child died 31 January, 1918. She was buried in Grange churchyard. I have been told that the Urquharts occupied Sheils Croft, near Knock, during their time in the Parish of Grange. What I do not know is whether this address could be the same as Garrowood, or not? As for the Urquhart children's schooling, I had assumed that some of them would have attended Grange School, given that four of them were born betwen 1903 and 1911. However there is no record of any Urquhart-surnamed pupil on the School Register.
Rob Urquhart.
New Zealand.

Keith Grammar School

While living at Mulben, in the Parish of Boharm, some members of the Urquhart family attended Keith Grammar School, about the time of the First World War. One of those Urquhart boys was Robert William Urquhart. He went on to eventually become Sir Robert. As a distinguished ex-pupil he is remembered by a plaque near the school gates.

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