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Church Hill

St Paul's Church 1907, Camberley
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In 1958 when I was 3 year old, we moved from a small flat on the London Road, near the bank where my father was branch manager (TSB), to Belton Road off Church Hill. I watched our new house being built on a sloping plot of land. My parents lived in that same house until their recent peaceful deaths. The roads around Church Hill became my childhood play places, especially on long summer days - often in large plots of land, now built on. We played hide & seek, climbed trees, made 'camps' in rhododendron bushes, explored private gardens, and played 'dares' like running up long driveways to big houses. The Leafy Lane, joining Park Road with Belton Road and the top of Tekels Drive, was a favourite 'scary' place - a footpath passing a hidden mansion with dog warnings on the gates. Privately owned Tekels Park was a wonderful haunted place of mystery and imagination. We came across a hidden pond there once - delightfully dark and sinister. Years... Read more

1960s And Prior -London Road Haunts

London Road c1955, Camberley
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I was born in Bagshot but moved to Camberley in 1955 when I was 8. I attended York Town Primary School which was, and on checking the maps still appears to be, located on the other side of the London Road, a bit further down from what was once the Odeon cinema. Later on, like Gaynor Henderson (Smith), I went to France Hill School and in 1966 also married a soldier from the RMA. I moved to Australia in early 1973 shortly after my marriage failed and now live on North Stradbroke Island with my new partner. When we talk of our early years I fondly recall my old haunts along the London Road - the Blue Pool and waiting impatiently for opening day on the first of April each year then nearly freezing to death,  the Cambridge Hotel and trad jazz nights in the room out the back, Moss Bros shop where as a child I'd press my nose against the window drooling over the saddlery, the Staff College... Read more

The Golden Farmer

The Jolly Farmer 1906, Camberley
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I used to live in Maultway North - the turning directly to the right of the Jolly Farmer - in the mid 1980's, so I have hazy memories of the pub as a customer. But I remember feeling the place to be cut off from the rest of the world - it was always a challenge crossing the London Road as the pub is smack bang in the middle of a busy roundabout. A million miles away from this tranquil image. The legend of the Golden Farmer (where the pub gets its name) always fascinated me - he was a farmer by day but a highwayman by night who robbed rich travellers on their way to London. Famed for paying all his debts in gold, he was eventually caught and hung from the gibbet which stands outside the pub, where he was left for all to see. His gold was never recovered and is rumored to be buried nearby. My efforts towards finding the treasure remain unrewarded! No longer a pub, The... Read more

The Boat House And Lodge.

London Road c1955, Camberley
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My memories of the boathouse and lodge is of my grandfather, Henry Philip Husted, also know as The Admiral. He coached the Cadets rowing eight teams where they took part in the Regatta's at Henley and Marlowe. My grandmother also used to stay with him during the daytime at the lake. I often used to take walks in the College grounds in the 50's and early 60's. My grandfather is buried in the College Cemetery. I was born in Camberley but now live in Swindon. I would like to know if there are any photographs taken of my grandfather with the cadets rowing eight, or any of him by the boathouse. I visited a few years ago and was quite amazed to see the lodge gone but nice to see the boathouse still in good repair. I have been tracing my family and my grandfather came from a family of boat builders from Windsor and Eton.

Dancing at The Agincourt

Agincourt Ballroom, London Road 2004, Camberley
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It was at this time I was sent to the holt grammar school in Wokingham,as we lived in the academy. The Agincourt was a venue where we all danced in lines, us mods with lots of tacky Miners makeup, asemmtric haircuts too. By the time I was 15/16 I went to a club in Blackwater - can't remember the name of it. Going out to the White Hart, Hartley Whitney, was where I had my first proper grown up meal, with Mateus rose. I got engaged to Robert Love in 1968 and unengaged in 1970. Nearly 40 years on, we met up by the magic of the internet!!! Do you remember driving about on scooters and that frothy coffee in the little cafe on the London road? For a short time I worked at the Clarks shoe shop on the London road too. My mum was the counter senior at Boots, those were the days when you had Timmothy Whites too, and... Read more

Never Looked Like This When Bob Potter Owned It!

Agincourt Ballroom, London Road 2004, Camberley
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Like others I've read here I too, worked at Mac Fisheries, remember the pineapple fritters? After school (France Hill) on Fridays, three hours work, dinner at the Wimpy Bar then off to the Drill Hall to hear the Footprints play Chuck Berry songs. Then a walk along to the garden gate of whomsoever, back along the Portsmouth Road up Gibbet Lane and bed! Such clarity in old memories. As for the Agincourt, well for 1/6d I saw Cream's first tour, from such humble beginnings have legends sprung.


Station 1908, Camberley
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We moved into Uppper Gordon Road a few years ago and have been trying to find some old photos of the street or information about the houses. The house was build c. 1897.

Camberley 1945 -53

The Jolly Farmer 1906, Camberley
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To Andre Goddard. I read with interest your literary piece about Camberley. I also share many of the memories that you evoked. I lived in Obelisk Street for a year or so with my grandfather before moving to Crabtree Road. I was at the grammar school for six years before moving on and away. I have maintained contact with childhood and adolescent friends but my visits to Camberley are filled with sadness at the current urban sprawl that is now Camberley. I too worked at Mr Weston's papershop and wrote out the rounds along with Bob Tindall. My father worked at the RMA and I would spend many hours and days in and around the grounds of the RMA. I vividly remember all the names of the shopkeepers et al mentioned by Andre. Memories of skating on the lake, swimming in the pool, Mickey Mouse at the Odeon, dancing at the Agincourt, playing soccer on the London Road recreation ground, having a season ticket at the Blue Pool etc are... Read more

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