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Mmemories of A Better Cannock

Market Place c1965, Cannock
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The pictures in Francis Frith nostalgic photos, bring to mind the Cannock I remember. Even the pictures from 1955, the year of my birth, show places I recall. I would go with my grandad and John Brogan, in the old open backed van, to Cannock station to collect the newspapers to be delivered to other newsagents and to the shop on St John's Road. My 'Uncle Reg' would sell the papers from the doorway at Fosters corner, just next to the Wolverhampton Road. I recall the secret 'bluebell wood' (which lay between St John's Wood Infants, where I went to school, and the hairdressers where my Nan would go to get her hair done). When I think this was just off the main Wolverhampton Road and pre-dated the building of the Avon Raod which made the Wolverhampton Road so much quieter, this is astonishing! By the time the pictures of 1965 arrive the town is certainly the place I remember. I would walk the long way home from Walhouse school... Read more

Childhood Memories we Never Forget

To anyone reading this; I was born Valerie Harding and lived in Wedges Mills and I remember so many things about my childhood in Cannock. The Maypole dancing at John Woods school, attending Church each Thursday while attending Walhouse, and then walking in a 'crocodile' in twos back to school afterwards. Looking in Withingtons paper shop window to see what new Dinky toys were displayed, going into Salmons grocery shop and seeing the bacon being sliced and butter and sugar being weighed out. There was another grocery shop near Withingtons which always had boxes of broken biscuits outside and you could get quite a lot with your pocket money. Going to live shows at the Danilo; I can remember going to see Cliff Richard, sitting in the 5th row from the front and not hearing a thing because of the screaming fans. My first job was at the Council House in High Green in the Town Clerks Department and then later working for the Medical Officer of Health... Read more

Childhood Cannock

Town Centre c1965, Cannock
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I started school at The Croft in High Green next to WG Smiths. This was near to the Danilo - Queen of Cinemas of the time and fascinating to visit. Later from Walhouse School we spent lunchtimes playing cowboys and Lone Ranger chases on Shoal Hill listening out for the one oclock siren at the Colliery to tell us that it was time to make our way back to school for the afternoon lessons. The walk up New Penkridge Road with its many "conker" trees. The town centre - Daces and Duttons sweet shops, Bob Reynolds the Butchers Linfords amazing shop Beasleys Grocery with its unique cash handling wired system and my school friend Francis Beasley Salmons grocers D W Clarkes best shop in town the large building housing the Coop in Church Street with the Health Office and Fire Station nearby in Queen Square Harry Hughes Toy Shop on Walsall Road and later Wolverhampton Road. Chums Club at the... Read more

Church Street

Church Street c1955, Cannock
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Getting my haircut at Richards Gents hairdressers upstairs in the Coop Building - accessed via a winding staircase and once there a row of Barbers Chairs. The open space of nearby Queens Square with its Fire Station Health Office and the main stopping point for the blue Hednesford to Walsall No 1 Bus Service alonside the Church wall. The Swallow Raincoat factory in one corner..

Wonderful Childhood Memories

Market Place c1965, Cannock
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I lived in Cannock from 1963 to 1970. We lived on the Longford Estate in Leamington Close, we were the first family to live in that house after it was built. I went to Bridgetown Primary School and started year 1 in Calving Hill Comprehensive but we moved back to Scotland before I completed my first year in high school. There was a grammar school next to Calving Hill. I remember there were two cinemas in the town. I also remember lots of good times in Cannock park, I have pics of myself and me little brother playing in the sandpit there. My dad was a member of the British Legion and I remember going to Christmas party there. Dad worked for Stantons bakery and I can remember going to his works xmas party too. We used to walk for miles up a country road called the devils tail to where there were fields of rasberries and you could get a pail from the back of a lorry, fill the... Read more

Memories of Cannock

Market Place c1965, Cannock
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These photographs remind me of Cannock and how it was when I was a child, ten years old in 1965. It's an odd thing to remember and I wonder if anyone else remembers the public toilets that were downstairs beneath the grandstand, at the end of the Bowling Green (opposite end to the large, white Council House). They must have been Victorian and I remember them for the beautiful, glazed wall tiles. They were looked after and always clean. I haven't been to Cannock for a long time, but when I did some years ago, think they'd been closed off. It might sound odd, but I'd have listed them, assuming they hadn't been 'modernised' at some stage. What odd things we remember! It is such an ugly place now. I remember the Christmas lights/display in the town centre each year. We lived outside the town and my dad would drive me and my sister in on a December evening, and do a drive round for us to look at them.... Read more

A Fifties Lad in Cannock

Market Place c1965, Cannock
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The Crown Hotel dating back to the reign of Queen Anne circa 1702. Demolished to make way for hideous 1960s architecture, Dickie Wright's butchers shop and cottage on the corner of Church Street, the bandstand where Bob Simmons stood selling the Express & Star evening newspaper, Watkiss's seed and corn shop, later to become Yates Radio & Television where we bought singles for six and eightpence, and Beasleys Grocery and provisions where as children we were fascinated by the overhead cash system where the takings and change were taken via a container running along cables. Rosa's Ice Cream which was truly delicious and they came around the streets in their Ford E83 delivery vans. Further along we came to Linfords hardware shop where the aroma of the pink parrafin stove greeted you in the winter months, you wouldn't find a wick for the stove in Wilko's today. The New Hall was a place of public entertainment where Amateur Dramatics, Pantomimes and Christmas Bazaars took place, the lucky dip off Father Christmas was... Read more

Journals in The College

Bus Station And Mining College c1965, Cannock
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My grandfather, W. W. Share, was a mining engineer who worked at Walsall Wood Colliery. After he died, his mining engineering journals were transferred to the college.

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