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Memories of Carse

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Argyll memories

Happy Days

I was born Elizabeth McNab in Druid House, Kames on the 27/3 /42. My parents, brother and sister and I went every year on holiday and stayed at the Old Smiddy in Millhouse. Mum's cousin Mary McTaggart ran the post office which is only a shell now but she would cook potatoes on an open fire for us, magic, the smell of wood smoke - there is nothing like it, oh the old days, I wish we could bring them back. Alas, I've only memories to pass on. II remember hot days at Ostell Bay, bitten by midges, ah, riding our bikes, going for walks up the woods with Uncle Malcom Currie. I went back 8 years ago on my 60th birthday and bumped into a long lost friend Catriona Cook. Everything had changed, the Old Smiddy, postoffice - MEMORIES?

The People of Kilfinan

The year my mum and dad got married in Kilfinan Church. My mum was born and brought up in Kilfinan Post Office where my granny, Mrs Maclachlan was the post mistress for many of my childhood years. I don't actually remember the year as I was born in 1962, but still, I feel like I was there. The village from my earliest memories was full of cousins, aunts, great cousins, great aunts and many friends of my mum and indeed my dad who was one of those guys you met and remembered forever. The road in from Otter Ferry wound it's way across the moorland and eventually you came to the first dwelling on the right, which was my aunt Cathy's place, the old mill house. She was a character all right; made her own wine from rhubarb, nettles, brambles, elderflower you name it she made it into wine. Carrying on towards Kilfinan, you will come to the Kilfinan Hotel where 3 generations of MacLachlans signed the book of visitors in... Read more

Re: The People of Kilfinan

It was lovely to see the Ferguson’s mentioned in David Goodman's article. I was born in 1947 and spent many happy summer holidays there, in the 50’s and early 60’s. We got the post van from Tighnabruaich. My father James Murray, was the son of Catherine Ferguson, who lived at Otter Lodge, Kilfinan before marrying Donald Murray. My gran Catherine Ferguson, was the sister of Robin’s mum Jean. Donald Ferguson who was also mentioned in David’s article was my dad’s uncle, and we visited him at the Lodge House which always seemed to be full of cats. Later when we visited him in hospital, as a child I was fascinated by the artificial leg sitting neatly beside his bed. While at Kilfinan, my mum, father, sister and myself stayed at Anfield Cottage. It had been unused for some time and had ink pots with quills in them, and sets of china under dusty glass domes. My father would go out to collect milk in the mornings which, just like David... Read more

Sunday Trips to Kilfinnan

Born and brought up in Glendaruel, we made Sunday trips to Kilfinnan to visit Granny Fitzpatrick and Uncle Willie who stayed at Newlands. My father, Archie, was born in Kilfinnan and my mother Mary Weir born Millhouse. Nice to read David's memories. What I remember about Aunt Queenie's post office was her rocking chair in her sitting room.

Childhood Memories

We moved into Tighnabruaich when I was almost 8 yrs old. Our 1st house was on the Ardmarnock Est between Millhouse and Otter Ferry. We stayed there for around a year before moving into Corra Farm on the Ardlamont Est near Ardlamont House.
I used to go to Tigh. Primary School before moving onto Dunoon Grammar School.
I remember Pamela Briggs, Val, Karen + Sidney Moebeck, The Dillons Neil and Tom. Angela Whyte. Frank + Pamela Coutts who lived along the road from me. As did the McCrae brothers  Donald + Iain just to name a few. I enjoyed the country life the peace and quiet without all the hustle and bustle of city life.
I've been back quite a few times to the old town and the farm either on my own time or as a tour driver with a party of visitors.
I could get very used to being a country gent.
In the immortal words of the song ''If I could turn back time'' I... Read more

Childhood Memories

My maiden name was Margaret Connelly and I was taken to Tigna from birth for holidays up to the age of 13. My aunt had a wee place just at at the back of Corran Cottage in the village just at the side of the burn. My mother, her sister, two cousins and my Aunt Jenny's sister in law and myself all squeezed in to that wee place. There was no electricity, only oil lamps and cooking was done on the open fire. My Aunt Jenny could play the piano and we often visited a neighbour who had one, it was the happiest time of my life. My daughter Linda and I are frequent visitors and on one occasion Linda found out that the owner would let us have a wee look. It was owned by a local business person and used for storage. We could not believe that it had not changed at all! Looking from the door across the burn, there is a gravesone in the... Read more

Some Memories of Tighnabruaich

My father's family had holidayed in Tighnabruaich at the end of the 19th century. My parents, when young, stayed at Stronecarrick (end house next to boatyard) and at Lismore which was home of the Olding family. Peter Olding who was the skipper of a posh yacht, Mrs Olding, and daughters Jessie (who was the postwoman during the last war), Mamie (who had the tearoom in the village) and Lizzie who latterly lived at GlenInnens upper flat. Then, Wellpark was owned by Winnie Beaton and her husband in the thirties until the fifties or maybe later. Mr Lamont of Tigh na Mara hired out a few rowing boats that were moored on trip lines at Port Driseach. Jessie Olding bought Tigh na Mara and lived there around the 1980's.There used to be two cottages up on the hill above the school called Learmount. I wonder of they are still there? My brother, Grahame Cross, taught at Tighnabruaich School. During the war there were ex-admiralty grey painted cabin cruisers moored in the... Read more

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